cast: the hobbit

so i was thinking about the new bilbo poster and his pose in it:

then it hit me that his pose is pretty similar to the ones of the dwarf statues right outside erebor protecting it:

bilbo is kneeling like the one on the right –> bilbo is the dwarves right hand man (hobbit)??


The Hobbit | Modern Bagginshield!AU

Bilbo Baggins is the owner and operator of Bag End Tea Garden - it is not a cafe, thank you very much - which his parents left to him after their deaths. Although his days are full of good food, (mostly) pleasant company, and relaxing landscapes, he just can’t help but feel like something’s missing.

Thorin Oakenshield is the president of Erebor Jewelers, a company that has been in his family for generations. Sometimes he wishes it wasn’t such a family affair, particularly after his sister Dis books a very important showcase of their spring jewelry line at a local tea garden.

He has to admit, the gardens are very lovely - if you like that sort of thing - and the tea is perfectly brewed - although he prefers coffee - but there’s just something about the owner that drives Thorin mad.

And yet, Thorin can’t stop himself from returning for another cup of tea. And Bilbo can’t help but anticipate his most frustrating customer ever.