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You know I really liked the Anime Death note.

I also really hate when Americans get their greasy mits on things I like.

So yea this new Netflix thing kind of ticks me off. I mean even ignoring the kinda racist casting. (Seriously why the fuck is everyone white except L? You know the only one who was white in the original!)

It just looks like absolute crap,

I mean that derby bastard in the trailer is Light? 

I mean come on Emo Peter Parker  looked more respectable than this!

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And you're’ supposed to think he’s a complete prat in that film!


Dragonball Z x Akira

I’m so done. So fucking done. I couldn’t even understand what some people can’t understand. It’s so simple. It’s like “2+2”. STOP. STOP HARASSING THE ACTORS. How could someone who claims themselves as those actor’s fans treat them like shit. What is wrong with you? They are just kids! For fucks sake! Most of them are under 18. Did you forget that? Don’t you think they are stressed enough for being a teenager? How dare you ask them those nasty things!! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You are hurting them. I swear to God, I am dead serious, if any of them leaves the show just because of fans’ ignorance, I swear to God I’ll hunt those fans.
You’re spoiled so easily. “Oh, look! David is so funny and sweet. He treats fans good so we can harass and ask him or his friends stupid shits” “Oh look! Henrik has such a good heart but he has a girlfriend, I have to harass her”. “ Oh look, Yousef is so funny and he replies people’s snaps. I have to ask stupid questions and bother him” David deactivated his instagram. Henrik deleted his photo with his girlfriend because of all these nasty comments. Yousef made his snapchat private. Only people who he accepts can send him messages now. And what about Tarjei? Those little nasty shits harass his friends. People hacked him and shared his photos. How small your brains are? THIS IS NOT LOVE. THIS IS OBSESSION. IT IS NOT LOVE, IF YOU ARE HURTING THEM. If they start to hate fans, I’ll blame you. Only you. This is not Tarjei’s or others fault. THEY OWE YOU NOTHING. NOT A FUCKING THING. GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP THIS STUPIDNESS.

I really love that the entire Animorphs fandom is like: We recognize that Nickelodeon has made a television series, but given that it is a stupid-ass television series, we have elected to ignore it.

Or just take a fucking bath you numpty, adding tea isn’t gonna do shit and “toxins” are bullshit.

Manylifehacks if you’re a simpleton who doesn’t understand how the world works.

Here’s a lifehack, studies suggest that semen can possibly reduce chances of breast cancer, which sounds ridiculous but at least there have been studies to question validity. God only knows why someone decided to test that. So go suck a dick, you’ll probably see better results than bathing in tea.


Today’s look: the new Potions mistress.