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More kisses, sorry not sorry, I just love kisses.

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Andy McNally | “Fite Nite“ 1x03

Gail Peck: It’s just that you and Swarek seem kinda friendly. I’m not saying he’s not adorable, in a sort of bossy rough trade kind of way. Just, just be careful. Okay? That’s all. I mean, he’s your Training Officer and you’re a rookie. It’s kind of a no-no. It’s actually a rule.

Andy McNally: Yeah, well, it doesn’t need to be ‘cause he’s not my type.

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Golly- "I swear, Gail, don't you dare take another step!"

Her words were meant to be angry and loud. They just came out soft and pleading.

Gail took another step, placing herself well within Holly’s space. Holly’s face contorted with tears. “Gail.” She choked out.

Gail could see the boxes all stacked behind Holly, a tangible reminder that she was leaving. She couldn’t take it. The thought of never being with Holly again. It was driving her mad.

She grabbed fistfuls of Holly’s sweater and pulled her close.

“Gail, I love you, but I can’t… I have to go and it’s just easier if we don’t… “Holly choked on her words.

Gail let go of Holly’s sweater and wrapped her arms around the woman she loved. “It’s okay. I know. But I was hoping that… I could come with you?”