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Les Mis has such a special place in my heart, is2g even if the fandom collapses 10 years from now, I’ll still think fondly about Courferre, I’ll never seen red and green side by side he same way. All the inside jokes, all the love and passion, I just know it’s the sort of stuff I’ll carry around with me for years to come, and there’s something comforting about that

He had at that moment a powder train of friends scattered all over Paris. He composed, in his own mind, with Combeferre’s philosophical and penetrating eloquence, Feuilly’s cosmopolitan enthusiasm, Courfeyrac’s dash, Bahorel’s smile, Jean Prouvaire’s melancholy, Joly’s science, Bossuet’s sarcasms, a sort of electric spark which took fire nearly everywhere at once.
—  Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Saint-Denis Book First Ch. VI, Hapgood translation

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I Want to Know everything about our Special Boy ♥

It’s so funny to me when you want things about our Special Boy because, like. He’s our Special Boy. You know about him. I don’t know what I could teach you about him, but also it gives me a chance to just. Spill how much I love him.

I’m stuck on that Greek Gods AU stuff, so. I just. Let me tell you the semi-abbreviated story of Antoine and the first few months of his life and also a couple extra tidbits in there.

  • “But Azura! In the original fic, Jehan said they aren’t interested in sex! How did they have a kid?”
  • He fell out of a tree
  • Like, the tree, the one Jehan and Montparnasse grew together, the pomegranate tree in the garden
  • He looked like he was maybe four or five, and he just, kinda, showed up. The tree had a big split in the bark, and he was sitting in front of it in the garden, and Parnasse remembered that tree nymphs were born from trees like that, so? Maybe he’s a nymph?
  • He knew who Montparnasse and Jehan were right off, like, identified them by name, but he wasn’t quite sure who he was at the beginning
  • He’s not a nymph, he’s the God of Balance, and he’s super calming to be around
  • And he always smells faintly of pomegranates, it’s nice
  • The first few months are amazing, like. He gets to play games with his father’s lieutenants and go on walks and swimming with his parents, and they have the biggest dog ever, ah, he loves dogs!
  • But Jehan has to leave eventually. And Montparnasse can’t keep their sweet little sprout from the sun, he deserves the world. Jehan has to at least try to take him with them.
  • Surprisingly, Antoine can cross between the realms even though the only ones who should be able to do that are Gavroche and Jehan (but only on the equinox), but Antoine is something totally new, so he apparently gets around the locked Gate
  • His first day out of the Underworld was… hard. Jehan has a lot of friends who all wanted to meet the little Prince of the Underworld basically at the same time, and a lot of them don’t like his father, and even though Jehan explained that Montparnasse couldn’t come with them, Antoine thought they would be going home at the end of the day and didn’t understand why he had to stay on Olympus
  • He fell asleep in Jehan’s bed and woke up in his own, at home, in the Underworld, and thought maybe the whole thing had been some kind of weird dream, but Montparnasse looked confused to see him and Jehan isn’t there, so…
  • He curled up with Parnasse anyway, and Montparnasse is starting to think maybe their son has more abilities than they thought when Gav busts in to frantically tell him Antoine’s gone missing, but… he’s right there… how???
  • Well, the “how” can wait, actually, because Jehan thinks someone kidnapped him and is ready to tear the world apart to find him
    • “Well, I don’t know how he got here, but he’s safe. Can you go tell them?”
    • “I’m… pretty sure just telling isn’t going to work. They’re, um…. Terrifying.”
  • Antoine trusts Gavroche, and Montparnasse makes it very clear that he has to go back before something bad happens to Jehan, so they both show up in the middle of a very angered Flower Deity ready to tear Olympus down if someone doesn’t return their son immediately
  • They don’t even see Antoine at first, Bahorel is trying to keep them distracted and maybe fight them if he has to, so Antoine can come up behind them and take their hand
  • When they realize that he’s there, Jehan falls to the ground and hugs him so tight, he’s such a tiny blossom, they were so worried that something horrible had happened to him! What if someone had hurt him?
    • “I’m sorry, Han, I went to see Papa on accident, I didn’t mean to.”
    • “As long as you’re safe, my dove. As long as you’re safe.”
  • He has to practice it with Gavroche a while, but Antoine gets to be just as good at traveling between the surface and the Underworld as Gav is
  • He brings Montparnasse presents all the time, all sorts of things. Mostly flowers when Jehan makes a new one, letters, whatever he and Jehan think Parnasse might like
  • He also learns to sketch and likes to draw the stars. He’s helping Montparnasse set stars in the ceiling so that the residents of the Underworld can enjoy them. They don’t really twinkle the same way, and they don’t move, but they’re still pretty
  • He likes to sit with souls that died traumatically and talk them through things, help them know things might not have been okay before, but they’re going to be okay now. He’s very hands-on and doesn’t like to see people cry
  • His laugh is like sunshine. Parnasse calls him “sunbeam” because he lights up the whole Underworld every time he shows up
  • He really, really loves his parents a lot, like. He never gets too old to hug them. He loves to cuddle all the time. Winter is his favorite time because his whole family can be together, and he doesn’t have to keep flitting between the two worlds

This got really long, but the point is: I love him

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Okay but just a thought right, Enjolras and Grantaire dating and obviously they're both super big on the whole consent before anything deal. So right before their first kiss Grantaire stops and asks "permets-tu?", and Enjolras closes the distance with a smile.

“Permets-tu” becomes a sort of inside joke between them. They use it all the time. When Grantaire pulls a chair for Enjolras? Permets-tu. When Enjolras offers to pay for dinner? Permets-tu. When they have to pause a movie to go pee? Permets-tu.

The others catch up quickly and keep the joke going, you know “Maybe Permets-tu will be our always” kind of way. It becomes that very mundane, usual saying within the group.

But sometimes it’s more than an inside joke. When Grantaire whispers it gently against Enjolras’ skin. When it’s breathed during intimate moments. When it’s a really question, and they truly ask for permission and consent. Yes, maybe Permets-tu is their always, and maybe it’s cheesy. But three syllables have never sounded so sweet.


I’m kind of loving this video right now! ❤

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fun things to do during a car ride
  • put on your broadway playlist of all your fave tunes from all your favourite shows and *perform* along
  • add unnecessary badly-executed vibrato to every song you can
  • sing songs with the voice of the wrong character (ex: you and me (but mostly me) from the book of mormon as javert is a personal favourite)
  • if you’re going out just put out tonight from rent on loop
  • forget to sing some parts because the singer is doing that™ and you’re transcending your earthly body (mildly unsafe if you’re driving)
The ultimate list of musicals for new theatre fans

1. Hamilton
A rap musical about Founding father Alexander Hamilton nuff said

2. Les Miserables
A bunch of good looking French revolutionaries a escaped prisoner and a inspector that will emotionally destroy you

3. Next to Normal
a rock musical about a dysfunctional Family with a mentally ill mother it will make you cry

4. The Phantom of the Opera
A disfigured lonely genius falls for a Beautiful young opera chorus girl with deathly consequences you will cry

5. Little Shop of Horrors
A Love story and a alien murderous plant that feeds on human blood is funny and horrible

6. Natasha, Pierre the great of 1812
A modernish take on War and Peace and it’s great

7. Dracula (West end)
A very gothic musical about Dracula very true to the book (make sure you listen to the west end version)

8. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
A gothic tale about a vengeful Barber with bloody, gore and cannibalistic outcomes

9. Dear Evan Hansen
A teenager with severe social anxiety gets caught in a web of lies involving his crush and the death of her brother you might cry

10. The Hunchback of Notre dame
A outcast unattractive nice guy gets abused by his guardian falls in love with a beautiful gypsy with tragic consequences

11. Into the woods
All your favourite fairy tales mixed up with death

12. Aladdin
If you’ve never watched the Disney film what are you doing with your life?

13. Evita
The life and death of beloved first lady of Argentina Eva Perón you’ll probably cry tbh

14. Wicked
what happened between the Witches in Oz before Dorothy arrived

15. In the Heights
The life of a Latino small business owner in New York

16. Something Rotten
if Shakespeare was a rockstar with EGGS

17. Jesus Christ Superstar
A rock Musical about Jesus’s crucifixion and it’s amazing

18. My Fair Lady
A sweet musical about a uneducated pretty young girl being educated and brought into high society

19. Singing in the rain
A Handsome actor meets and falls in love with a talented young singer in the hollywood golden age

20. The Secret Garden
a bittersweet story about learning to deal with and live life after loosing a loved one with a pretty garden involved

21. The Lion King
Again if you’ve never watched the Disney movie what are you doing? It’s basically Hamlet with Lions

22. Pippin
A young performer trying to find his place in the world

23. American Idiot
yes it’s the greenday Album made into a musical and it’s great damn it

24. you’re a good man Charlie Brown
The Peanuts characters in a sweet musical about what it means to grow up

25. A man of no importance
Love life of a Irish theatre troupe director with Oscar Wilde

26. be More Chill
A Scifi high school musical for nerds with Mountain Dew and super computer chips it’s amazing

27. Avenue Q
Basically Sesame Street for adults it’s weird but great

28. The Rocky Horror picture show
A crazy Alien Transexual scientist seduces a lost young couple with pleasure leading to pain

29. Newsies
19th Century Paperboys revolt with consequences people may cry

30. Heathers
Imagine every teen high School story… now add murder, bombs and sarcasm

Feel free to add more

I hear people all the time criticizing musicals by saying “why can’t they just say what they mean instead of singing and dancing about it?” and for years the only answer I’ve had was a smile and a shrug, but I finally just figured it out.

It’s because the words by themselves aren’t enough.

Outside the song, there would be almost no moving passion in Javert’s words “This I swear by the stars.” How would He Had It Comin’ be anywhere near as dangerous and vengeful without the lighting and the dance routine? The reprise of Wouldn’t It Be Luvverly is essential to underlining just how much Henry Higgins has changed and damaged Eliza Doolittle. The Mary Poppins chimney sweeps would just be weird guys off the roof if they didn’t have their whole zany song and choreography to make them a funny and interesting group. And there aren’t any words in any language to describe the complete change in Leslie Odom Jr.’s voice as the music cuts off and he solos “I…wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens.”

The reason we have musicals–and the reason we have music in general–is because words aren’t enough.