cast: hg

I actually really liked Shailene Woodley before she started dissing other people to promote her movie and acting like she’s above every other actress in one of those movies for choosing Divergent (PS: she fucking auditioned for THG, yet now she and her cast mates shit on the whole movie?). Not to mention almost every time she opens her mouth she comes off as feeling she’s better than everyone else.
Also, did anyone see her reaction to the tagline for the TFIOS movie? She barely tried to hide that she hated it.
I still want to give her a chance because I loved Descendants and The Spectacular Now, but she’s making it hard.

I Have a Confession to Make

Y’see the reason I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter is because I’m also a demigod and I didn’t get my satyr because I’m also Blood of the Pharaohs and I’m not at Brooklyn House because I’m also a vampire and I’m not chillin’ with Raphael or fearing the Volturi because I’m also a werewolf and I’m not part of Luke’s pack because I’m also a faerie and I’m not with the Seelie Court because I’m also a warlock and I don’t do magic because I’m also a Shadowhunter and I’m not associated with a Clave/Enclave because I’m also in Group B and I don’t have the Flare because I’m also a Nurturer and I refuse to Release babies because I’m also Divergent and I’m not dead yet because I’m also Nephilim and I haven’t sworn fealty because I’m also a Caster and I don’t use my powers because I’m also an Alternate and I haven’t Completed because I’m also a Pokemon trainer and I haven’t gone on my journey because I’m also a Testing candidate and I still have my memories because I’m also part of the Flock and you can’t see my wings because I’m also a Grisha and I wasn’t tested because I’m also from District 9 and I haven’t been reaped because I’m also a Commander and I’m sympathetic to the buggers’ plight because I’m also a Soul…… Basically I should have slain a dragon by now, but my awesomeness is just very off putting.