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Sometimes, I wished they would have given Danny at least one activity where he is better than Steve. Imagine Steve would come to the pool and sees Danny on a skateboard doing the wildest tricks. Scott is a helluva skater!

McDanno can be canon!!!

Honestly after looking at the tumblr tags before deciding if I was gonna watch Hawaii Five-0 I got interested in the relationship of McDanno I was worried that it would be another hopeless m/m couple that would never be canon …

But then I started watching this show

And oh my god the way they are with each other and the longing looks and the stolen touches and the love that they express only with each other especially compared to other characters. It is not just made up. They behave in a manner that indicates more than just friendship.

And this show recognizes it! They acknowledge it and build on it and make it happen on screen. They don’t deny this relationship or the fact that there is a huge fan base of their relationship! They accept that men can be bisexual that they can have relationships with women and still love each other romantically. This show has built the platform so that this relationship could actually happen.

And that makes me so fucking happy!!!! I am so happy that they allow for this to hopefully become canon and I hope that it does!


“He will definitely drive you crazy.  Frustrate you.  But, if you’re with him, there is nobody out there you’d rather have, having your back, than him.  You know it’s very difficult to find someone you can count on.  A good friend.  That’s the difference between Steve and the rest of the planet earth.  He will be there for you, no matter what.” - Danny Williams