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obsessed with your fabulous fictional self ☆ tim riggins

“Ya know, to be honest, I just know you try to sleep with a lot of girls that I’ve previously slept with, so I just left town for a bit to give you a break…7, you lose that virginity yet? I, uh, I apologize to everyone here…and if you can find it within yourselves to let me make it up to you in the showers, I’d appreciate it…”

The knowledge that “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” is something you can learn–that it doesn’t have to be inborn–is the reason we love this show: that we can, in our daily lives, live with this kind of integrity and openness to whatever the world offers us, and not feel ashamed or naive; that it is better to live with an open heart that allows us to believe in the possibility of an impossibly long pass, and the love of two people that endures no matter what; that the love of a show about football in Texas has nothing to do with football or Texas, and is instead about the potential each of us has to be normal, regular, incredible people–that’s what’s been given to us.
—  Duana, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose,” LaineyGossip

this video makes me cry sooooo hard oh my god i just had to put it on my blog so i cant watch it every day ok