cast: 1314

On this date, 18 March 1314, Knights Templar Jacques de Molay (Grand Master) and Geoffroi de Charney (Preceptor of Normandy) were burned at the stake in Paris.

“The cardinals dallied with their duty until 18 March 1314, when, on a scaffold in front of Notre Dame, Jacques de Molay, Templar Grand Master, Geoffroi de Goneville, Master of Normandy, Hugues de Peraud, Visitor of France, and Godefroi de Gonneville, Master of Aquitaine, were brought forth from the jail in which for nearly seven years they had lain, to receive the sentence agreed upon by the cardinals, in conjunction with the Archbishop of Sens and some other prelates whom they had called in. Considering the offenses which the culprits had confessed and confirmed, the penance imposed was in accordance with rule—that of perpetual imprisonment. The affair was supposed to be concluded when, to the dismay of the prelates and wonderment of the assembled crowd, de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney arose. They had been guilty, they said, not of the crimes imputed to them, but of basely betraying their Order to save their own lives. It was pure and holy; the charges were fictitious and the confessions false. Hastily the cardinals delivered them to the Prevot of Paris, and retired to deliberate on this unexpected contingency, but they were saved all trouble. When the news was carried to Philippe he was furious. A short consultation with his council only was required. The canons pronounced that a relapsed heretic was to be burned without a hearing; the facts were notorious and no formal judgment by the papal commission need be waited for. That same day, by sunset, a pile was erected on a small island in the Seine, the Isle des Juifs, near the palace garden. There de Molay and de Charney were slowly burned to death, refusing all offers of pardon for retraction, and bearing their torment with a composure which won for them the reputation of martyrs among the people, who reverently collected their ashes as relics.”


A compilation of One Day More to celebrate 29 years of Les Mis

“I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us,
someday I will be strong enough to lift not one

but both of us…”

I was listening to Julia Sheer’s cover of Both of Us (BoB ft Taylor Swift) and those lyrics made me suddenly thought of them.

so I made a quick doodle while I’m still in the mood. :)

X: you owe me one (ice cream)
R: I owe you nothing
X: why?
R: I’m carrying your bag
X: that doesn’t count (you do it everyday)
R: yes it does (‘cuz it’s heavy. :P)
X: jerk
R: love you too <3 

I want to draw different characters today XD
aww I miss high school. T.T