She is literally my new favorite person. I appreciate her.

INCASE any of you were discouraged, just keep promoting, watching live, dvring, asking anyone to watch, buying the episodes/season if you can, tweeting the cast, Adi, Jennifer, USA Network, using #eyewitness #wewanteyewitnessseason2 and @usa_network

We still have two more episodes. We can do this.


Carrie Fisher tweeted out a lovely picture of Gary today, and confirming along the way that Space Bear is the codename for Episode VIII. We first heard of the bear way back in September 2014. If anyone can translate that tweet, go right ahead, as I can’t read emoji. (I’ll never make it in the Resistance.)


‘Hamilton’ cast does a modern version of 'Wait For It’ tied to current political injustice

“…The Hamilton cast went way, way off book with a performance of the musical’s popular number “Wait For It,” remixed by Kurt Crowley and choreographed by Stephanie Klemons.

Klemons took the show’s modern-day political symbolism and made it literal, beginning with posing the cast in images of struggle and resistance, including the now-famous “Hands up don’t shoot” pose popularized after the shooting of Michael Brown last year in Ferguson, Missouri. The result is a haunting a cappella performance, which the Hamilton cast dedicated “To all we have lost.”

In the show, “Wait For It” is a significant number because it ironically represents historical figure Aaron Burr as a symbol of respectability politics—an ideology of working within an unjust social system rather than rebelling, or refusing to wait for it. In this modern context, the new choreography underscores the hopelessness of marginalized voices who have been waiting far too long for equality…”