The chain of videos that started the Daddy war on twitter amongst the Riverdale cast hahaha…. they’re all at Coachella for Day 3 and this is what happened after KJ started the war on his instagram stories. xD This cast, seriously. Casey commented and then Cole started with a poll, Lili continued and Ross and KJ joined in lol. The only one who didn’t join in is Camila, when she’s the one who started this Daddy discourse and all last year on set hahaha

This cast is a riot and I love them for it. xD But let’s hope this war ends now cos this Daddy thing needs to go to sleep now haha…

emiliede_ravinDear #oncers. I wanted to tell you guys myself, but it seems the news was already released :/ … I won’t be returning to #onceuponatime for Season 7. While I would have loved to continue exploring Belle’s journey, the show has decided to move in a different creative direction.

Massive thank you to all the fans for your incredible love & support towards me & this character over the past 6 yrs. It’s been an honor & a privilege to bring Belle to life :) Congrats to Adam & Eddy & the returning cast & crew!! I wish you all a wonderful 7th Season!! Much love 💙  xo [x]