I make it a point to listen to at least one podcast a day, and these are some of my recommendations !! The ones in italics are the ones to which I have a daily subscription, but I listen to all the casts on this list periodically. The ones with arrows are my personal favorites. I use the app Overcast to manage all my podcasts. Happy listening !!   

News // Politics // Business 

The New Yorker: Politics and More 

NPR Politics Podcast 

The Nice Guys on Business

⇴ The Economist Radio 

Society // General Interest 

This American Life 

What’s The Point 


⇴ Freakonomics Radio

⇴ Strong Opinions Loosely Held 

TED Radio Hour


⇴ On Being with Krista Tippet 

Fresh Air

The Pen Addict - literally made for the studyblr community 

Indiewire: Screen Talk 

All Songs Considered 

Narrative // Story-telling 

⇴ Welcome to Night Vale 

Black Tapes Podcast 

The Leviathan Chronicles 

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Been in a Over The Garden Wall mood lately! and then I thought of this! I just started doodling! I kinda combined Greg into Papyrus AND Frisk. Sans is Wirt (wearing a Freaking ketchup bottle lid! XD) Toby/Annoying dog is the Frog/Jason Funerburker. I might write a fanfic or comic of this at somepoint but I need your guys opnion. Should they go into the original unkown or a undertale theme unkown? The idea i have in mind makes more sence if it is the orginal OTGW cast aside from these three but its fun to imagine who would be who as a full AU. here is a cast list just for fun

Wirt = Sans
Greg = Frisk & Papyrus
Beatrice = Flowey
The woodsman = Asgore
Jason Funderberker the Frog = Toby the annoying Dog
The Beast = Chara
Langtree & Jimmy Bee = Doggyressa and Dogymy
Auntie Whisper & Lorna = Grillby = Grillby & Fuku
Adelade = Muffet
Tavern keeper = Snowdin Bunny shopkeeper
Encoch and Pottsfeild inhabitants = Gaster and his followers
Queen of the Clouds = Toriel
Woodsmans Daughter (son) = Asriel
Ferry Frogs = Temmies
Quicy Endicott & Marguritte Gray = Mettaton and Napstablook

Credit to @fofufofu as insperation for the Idea and Insperation Frisk’s Costume

Fun facts:
o Papyrus is dressed as spaghetti!
o That cassette tape is a Trombone serenade for Tori
o The lanturn is style after the Delta rune
oThe Edlewood trees grow yellow flowers while the victim is still alive as a marker for their HP/Hope

Things you might not know about the production of Sense8

As found in the behind-the-scenes documentary, Sense8: Creating the World

  • All of the scenes were shot in the countries they were shown to be in. So they really did shoot in Mumbai and Seoul and Berlin etc. 
  • They hired local actors and crews for each of the countries, which helped increase the realism of the scenes.
  • Between main, side, and minor characters, there were around 180 speaking roles.
  • When the cast visited each country they wouldn’t break between them. They’d be in one country shooting one day, and then shooting in another in the next. 
  • The scene with Riley and Capheus, and also with Will on the plane to Iceland was literally shot on a plane to Iceland. 
  • The cast described traveling around the world together for 4 months as something that created a family bond between them. They all grew very close and considered the feeling of the few times where they could all be together as ‘electric’.
  • They described being in the different cities as having different vibes and feelings that could only be experienced by really being there, which added a lot to their portrayals and helped them a lot with understanding their characters. 
  • There were scenes that were shot two, three, or even four times due to having to do certain parts in different countries. This often meant that scenes could be changed a little as they had chances to watch over previous takes and see if they could improve it in some way in the new city.
  • The show really shot in the middle of the Gay Pride parade, and the scene where Nomi fell off of the motorbike was in the midst of the ‘Dyke’s on Bikes’ part of the parade.
  • They also had real wide-shots from the Mumbai Ganesh festival, however it would have been impossible to shoot the acting parts because of the vast amount of people that attend.
  • When shooting scenes where the sensates ‘share’, they don’t shoot one character doing the scene, shoot the other, and then put them together through editing. Clever camera shots where the camera pans away for a few seconds meant they would often literally switch places by one doing things like ducking and rolling away on the ground whilst the other jumped in their place.
  • Aml Ameen said that when he played Capheus driving the van, 90% of it was actually him. He got to drive around Nairobi, and was actually pulled over by the police at one point and the crew had to explain what was going on.
  • In Riley’s opening scene that establishes her as a DJ, she was playing to a real audience. She came on between two other real and well known DJ’s, and the audience wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a real DJ.
  • The very first scene Miguel shot as Lito was the sex scene in ‘Demons’.
  • The wrestling match that Lito, Hernando, and Daniela attended was a real match, with a real crowd and fighters.
  • Kala and Rajan’s dance scene was repeatedly shot all in one take rather than in short parts unlike traditional Bollywood movie dance scenes.
  • Brian sustained multiple injuries during the course of the show through Will’s action sequences including hurting his shoulder and his triceps, including an internal bleeding bruise. 
  • Doona Bae was extremely excited about the cast coming to Seoul as that is where she lives, and so she gave them all tours around the city.
  • Similarly, Max Riemelt cooked dinner for his cast mates and showed them around Berlin.
  • Jamie Clayton said that her favorite scene in San Francisco was when Nomi was escaping by bike and decided to try and steal a car to get away before realizing she couldn’t drive, mentioning that she herself doesn’t know how to drive either.

And plenty more. It’s on Netflix. so you guys should definitely watch it if you haven’t already!


We thought about what to put here, but these ten Native American protagonists speak for themselves. For more fun lists and all things YA lit, visit our website, follow us here and on Twitter, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

[EDIT] Thanks to Crystal Brunelle for pointing out that Dragon Castle has a Slovakian protaganist. Our bad! We’ve replaced it with The Lesser Blessed.


the events of the trojan war | political au

achilles - alex pettyfer | odysseus - idris elba | hector - manish dayal | helen - zendaya | clytemnestra - laverne cox | penelope - zoe saldana | patroclus - jack falahee | cassandra - neelam johal | iphigenia - amandla stenburg | deidamia - alexia fast

Theater Struggles #1

The horrible anxiety you get when waiting for a cast list to finally come out. 

And the waiting

The waiting 

The waiting

The Waiting


RHPS Fox Remake

My Rocky Horror Picture Show dream cast list~

Brad Majors: Barry Bostwick

Janet Weiss: Susan Sarandon

Riff Raff: Richard O’BrIEN

Magenta: Patricia QUINN







Your Fav is Problematic : George Blagden
  • ships Enjoltaire more than you
  • can speak French
  • “does France have the same moon?”
  • can’t draw hearts
  • is a menace
  • pls somebody arrest him I need a break