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Can you recommend me any good spy-themed podcasts? Think Tom and Janine in ZR but not necessarily during the apocalypse. Female protagonist is preferable. Thank you!

@lizstanton, all I can say is Shame on me. I failed. I’m not as good at finding podcasts as I thought I was …

Despite listening to so many podcasts, I could barely scrape a few together that kinda sorta fit what you’re looking for. There seem to be not many female led spy themed podcasts out there. (There is a lot of sci fy, but not much spy stuff.)

Maybe we can bribe Six to Start into writing an audio drama about Janine and/or Sara Smith?

Anyways, here are a few that might be at least close to what you’re looking for. And I really really hope our dear followers can add to this short list:


Espionage, sci fi, and time travel; with a great and diverse cast, a female lead, and if you like solving puzzles, there are mysterious numbers at the end of each episode …

The Penumbra

Part short story anthology, part ongoing adventures of PI Juno Steel. He’s a PI, not a spy, and it’s more film noir than thriller, but there is investigating and a conspiracy so maybe that counts? Not a female protagonist, but has many great female characters!


Not an audio drama but non-fiction stories about real spies, interviews with intelligence officers, etc. (I haven’t listened to it yet, so I can’t say much about its quality)

There are one or two more that are unfinished but haven’t updated for years so I decided not to put them on the list. Because who wants to start listening to a thrilling spy adventure - and then never learn how it ends?

Also I assume you’re already familiar with Six to Start’s The Walk, right? Cause it fits your description very well!

Alright, followers, fellow podcast enthusiasts, podcastinators (?), do you know of any any podcasts @lizstanton should check out?

Love Love, Peace Peace

PS: Now I really want to write fanfic about Janine DeLuca and Sara Smith doing amazing spy stuff …

A ‘Hamilton’ Star Is to Replace Josh Groban in ‘Great Comet’ (NYT) [x]:

[…] Okieriete Onaodowan, who played Hercules Mulligan and James Madison in the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton,” will succeed the pop singer Josh Groban as Pierre this summer in the musical “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812.”

The casting choice is striking. It reflects a bet by Broadway that “Hamilton” alumni have ongoing, bankable box-office appeal (another member of the original “Hamilton” cast, Phillipa Soo, will star in an adaptation of “Amélie” opening in April). And it is the rare instance in which two black actors are leading the cast of a show that is not about black characters: Mr. Onaodowan will star opposite Denée Benton as Natasha.

Mr. Onaodowan, a son of Nigerian immigrants who was raised in New Jersey and took up acting when an injury ended his high school football career, will assume the role on July 3, the day after Mr. Groban’s departure, and has committed to staying until Sept. 4. The musical, set in 19th-century Russia, is adapted from a section of “War and Peace” in which Pierre is a wealthy but dejected member of the Moscow elite. […]
'Star Trek: Discovery' casts 'Walking Dead' actress as star — EXCLUSIVE
Huge news, Star Trek fans: The first new Trek series in a decade has found its star. Sonequa Martin-Green, well known to genre fans from her role...

Huge news, Star Trek fans: The first new Trek series in a decade has found its star.  Sonequa Martin-Green, well known to genre fans from her role on AMC’s mega-hit The Walking Dead, has been cast as the lead of Star Trek: Discovery, sources tell EW.  The casting ends meticulous search to find the ideal actress to anchor the eagerly anticipated new CBS All Access drama. Martin-Green will play a lieutenant commander on the Discovery.

I am So Done with these criticisms I keep seeing like “It was good and all but Diego Luna didn’t work for me casting-wise, he was too wiry and soft-spoken, not action-movie enough” and I’m like??? SPY???? That’s the point???? Honestly people need to stop forcing the Hypermasculine Jason Statham Aesthetic bullshit irrelevantly onto characters that bear literally no comparison.

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here’s the thing: I liked la la land. It was a cute movie. the dancing was fun. cinematography wise? breathtaking

but you know what really, really bothered me while I was watching it?

all of the diversity in the background

they’re in LA. there’s men and women of every color dancing and singing in the opening number. it really reflects how diverse and wonderful LA really is!

and then the story begins and we zoom in on… two white people falling in love

one of whom is obsessed with preserving Jazz as a musical genre

look me in the eyes and TELL ME WHY a white actor had to play that role

Jazz has DISTINCTLY black roots

we could have had an interracial couple

HELL, we could have had a struggling black musician and a struggling black actress trying to get her big break

and it sucks because while I DO love Gosling and Stone and they did a great job

all I can do is look at the movie and feel the POTENTIAL that it had, had they casted their leads differently

so yeah it bothers me when they act like la la land was “such a feat” and they were “worried it wouldn’t have an audience” when like… come on. two well known white leads falling in love. gimme a break.


Chloe Grace Moretz and Sasha Lane Starring in ‘Miseducation of Cameron Post’

Chloe Grace Moretz and Sasha Lane are starring in the independent drama “The Miseducation of Cameron Post.” 

Desiree Akhavan, the writer, director, and star of “Appropriate Behavior,” is directing “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” from a script she co-wrote with Cecilia Frugiuele. 

The story is based on Emily Danforth’s coming-of-age novel of the same name with the film is set in 1993 and centered on a girl forced into a gay conversion therapy center after getting caught with the prom queen. Moretz is cast as the lead, an orphan who’s taken in by her ultra-conservative aunt. Lane plays her friend and fellow “disciple” at the conversion therapy clinic to which they are sent.

  • Reasons you didn’t get the role:
    • You don’t have enough experience.
    • You didn’t fit their vision of the role vocally.
    • You didn’t fit their vision of the role physically.
    • Someone else was a closer fit.
    • The role was precast.  
    • You are not the right age for the role.
    • They don’t know enough about you as a performer.
    • They only cast people as leads who have worked for them before.
    • You need to pay your dues.
    • It’s a union production.
    • Your school plays favorites.
    • You don’t fit the costume.
    • You look too much like the person they cast in the other leading role.
  • NOT reasons you didn’t get the role:
    • You have no potential.
    • You have no talent.
    • You aren’t worthwhile.
    • They don’t believe you could’ve done it.
    • In fact you should just give up now.

Don’t let that nonsense bog you down.  Don’t get stuck on any one casting or any singular show.  Keep it all perspective.  Keep going.  Keep growing.  Never stop moving forward.

Who the fuck is Oscar

I’m not sure how many of my followers are RWBY fans but the latest episode got my theory sense tingling so I thought it’s high time I made a RWBY theory.

The subject of today’s theory is Oscar, a farm boy who begins hearing the voice of professor Ozpin. He is otherwise unknown, unmentioned and has never encountered or interacted with any other member of the RWBY cast, leading some to wonder “Who the fuck is this”

Who is Oscar? How is he related to the story? Why is he hearing Ozpin’s voice? Well as it turns out, all those questions have the same fucking answer

Oscar is Ozpin!

Let’s dive right in with a few minor hints. For starters, let’s look at the world Oscar inhabits, the setting he lives in back home on the range. For starters, none of the main characters are present in it, raising the question of what makes him so special, but what stands out about the world isn’t the people, but the technology. It looks like a boring, early 20th century farm house, a far fucking cry from Remnant’s world of airships, robots and transparent cellphones. This hints tell us that what we are looking at could easily be the past, and as a result we should be looking at adult characters.

Ozpin the the most likely, being one of the most important and oldest figures in the series. He’s this Remnant’s Dumbledore, so naturally he’d be the one in focus. What makes me think Oscar is Ozpin isn’t his significance though, and it’s not his dashing emerald eyes either

No, what stands out to me about Oscar is his name:

Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. The full name of the Wizard of Oz

Oh, is that not enough? Let’s also deal with the facts that we only know Oscar’s first name, and Ozpin’s last name. there is no overlap here. And when did Oscar start hearing Ozpin’s voice? When he was looking in the mirror!

We never did get confirmation of Ozpin’s semblance. We never knew what made him the chessmaster he was, the headmaster of Beacon and the confidante of General Ironwood himself

Ozpin is strong, we know that, but strong doesn’t make you a leader and strategist. That power goes to those with information: the greatest weapon any leader could hold. Trust me, it’s no coincidence that the first thing Oscar heard from Ozpin was his introduction from episode 1. Ozpin became the man he is today, because his semblance allows him to send messages to himself back through time.

and THAT is where Ozpin gets his clockwork symbolism from. Clock work, listening through time. In the end, he knows what he’s doing, because he’s already heard everything play out

this has been said before and I have no problem saying it again: if you’re talking about black people, say black. not “poc”. black isn’t a dirty word, and not all experiences are interchangeable.

if you’re discussing a movie with a black cast or a black lead actor, say black.

if you’re discussing the black lives matter movement, say black people.

and on and on and on. our experiences are not interchangeable and it’s dehumanizing to both black people and other people of color to act like they are.


“David Lynch plucked me from obscurity. He cast me as the lead in ‘Dune’ and 'Blue Velvet,’ and people have seen me as this boy-next-door-cooking-up-something-weird-in-the-basement ever since. I was 23 when I first met him, in his bungalow on the Universal lot, and could never have predicted we would have such an enduring relationship.”

jared is top fucking billing and sam is the first to appear and one of two CO MAIN STARS on the god damn show is it really too much to give him his own character centered episodes and some development