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…I hate how attracted I am to him

lparrilla Embrace the natural you! I’ve never liked my curly hair for so many reasons. The curls weren’t curling how I’d like, I had too much frizz, my hair is temperamental and never consistent, blah, blah, blah… Today I just said, Embrace it, Lana. Roll with it. Give your hair and face a break! This is the natural me! #nofilter #nomakeup … Show me the natural you! Post away! 💋 (x)

So Danneel posts a picture of their 3 kids…

And two hours later Misha posts a picture of HIS 3 kids…

(x, x)

Coincidence?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know what?

Misha posted this video three days ago and he made internet’s ovaries literaly explode with his smugness and his smile and his words and, well, his shoulders.

Three days ago was also Cas’ Anniversary on the show.

And keep in mind that it was a Tuesday.

Then suddenly two days ago Bert & Ernie were outed as gay by their former writer and Misha published this tweet (clearly hinting at Destiel, we all know it).

Yesterday Jensen supported RandomActs with this tweet and Misha stated “I take back what I said Tuesday. I DO like you.”

Tuesday, you all.


What happened on Tuesday?

Today Misha posted this pic with Maison (I REALLY LOVE THEM) and:

Jensen liked it.

And then:

Jensen posted this selfie, where he shows his sinful lips.

Now, I’m not saying that Misha teased Jensen all week and Jensen only liked Misha and Maison’s pic avoiding his shirtless video…

I’m not absolutely saying that the pic Jensen posted was a tease back for Misha…

I’m not saying anything.

I won’t.

Fuck, they’re flirting online.


And no one will ever convince me otherwise.