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The fun just don’t stop at the Scholar Shop, it seems. I get into Stone Vigil, with a party of DRK/BLM/SMN, and the DRK is out of the gate before I’ve had a chance to cast Protect. Thankfully he twigs before running out of range, and I catch him. But then the first pull really sells just how much of a trip I was in for - no Grit, cooldowns were thin across the ground, then when I finally got him to put Grit on, he responds with “yes babe” - not something I’d expect when playing a character called Reginald, but what-the-hell-ever.

The first big hall was where things went bad first. We wipe because I can’t keep my heals apace with the inbound damage, and the DRK affirms that he’s still learning. I look at his classes - 22GLA, 15MRD, 43DRK. Mained ranged DPS classes. Thankfully, the BLM was a mentor that was willing to help, and we manage to get it into the guy’s head that cooldowns are good and Grit/Darkside are good things to have active.

We keep on keeping on, clearing the first boss without too much difficulty. It’s at this point, in the light of the sun, that I realise the SMN looks off - they have Lv52, but they look like a damn pauper. So I take a quick peek - they’re wearing primarily crafter/gatherer gear. I ask, and after a pull, they change their clothes and apologise - they’d apparently forgotten to change.

More pulls with barely a chance to DPS, and we end up at the second boss. I Galvanize everyone, and we start. The BLM has aggro. Almost all the time. Isgebind is harassing us, the DRK can’t maintain aggro, the BLM dies, and I’m frantically smashing buttons to keep everyone alive. Somehow, we get through, and the BLM chides the DRK for not having Grit on again. Which explains a lot.

Final run, and this is where things got hairy the last time I did Stone Vigil - lo and behold, the DRK pulls the Ice Sprites and both Aevis, almost dies again, but shielding and a poked Eos manages to keep everyone up and running. As we’re moving to the final boss, I’m still in a state of near-panic because this DRK just cannot hold aggro. Quelle surprise, the BLM has aggro on Isgebind. And maintains an iron god-damn grip on Isgebind. Because once again, the DRK doesn’t Grit until he’s told to do so. BLM dies again, but after much suffering and panicked MP regens, we pull out a clear.

DRK says “thanks for putting up with me”, at which point I hit the /playdead emote. It’s all too much for me to handle.

(still got 2 commends though - BLM got mine for talking some sense into the fool’s head)

(submitted by smeghenegham)

quick update: my boss put on Civil War, so now we’re watching marvel and discussing that universe + the netflix shows and spider-man’s part in the world.

Me: -so when Sony realized they weren’t making enough money, they let Marvel half-hold the rights to Spider-Man again.

Boss: And what happened to the Tobey Maguire movies?

Me: They don’t exist in canon anymore, but there’s always hope for a Spider-Verse film!

Boss: That sounds confusing. Why couldn’t they just keep Tobey?

Me, internally: Spider-Man 3 was an abomination before our lord and savior, Peter Parker. It was too goofy, too dark, and they cast a twitchy, neurotic twig to play all-american fullback and journalism brute: Eddie Brock.

Me, externally: Sony’s always looking to make more money?

Boss: Hmph. Was he a good spider-man? (I explained to her my being a good Bruce Wayne doesn’t equal being a Good Batman logic)

Me: Ye- Uh? He was a great Parker! Garfield was a better Spider-Man. Holland’s doing great at both though!

Boss: Hmph. I think he’s too young, isn’t he supposed to be in college? I don’t understand what’s happening with all these timelines.

Me: It’s- Oh look! Black Panther’s here, I love his scenes let’s watch t h a t.