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‘I think the fact that I can act a little younger than I am, something that comes across a little more open and softer, I think that comes from Nebraska.When I grew up in Nebraska, you’d talk to anyone. There’s a sense that everyone’s connected. In New York, maybe people are a little more protective of themselves. I think that openness, from Nebraska, comes across in my work.’


‘Your career and path is different than everyone else’s so don’t compare. You can learn from other’s careers and work, but your path is unlike anyone else’s so what you can give and how fast or slow things will progress is totally unique to you. To keep getting better, you also have to keep making mistakes and trying new things and doing things that you’ve never done before.’

Kinney will play Tess Thompson, the paralegal for the Unit team who is extremely bright, but a bit naive and occasionally, an underlying dark sadness emerges. Tess used to work for the Innocence Project, but decided to work for CIU because she thinks she can make a bigger impact working more cases from inside the system. She is a true believer in the cause of wrongful convictions — for reasons that she keeps secret.
—  About Emily’s role as Tess Thompson in ABC’s Conviction