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Danganronpa Character Relationships I Look Forward To

These are the character interactions I find most interesting and are ones I hope/think will get development in Danganronpa V3:

  • Kaede and Saihara-I think this pair will get lots of development in V3. Saihara is the first Ultimate Kaede meets after waking up in Gifted Inmates Academy and, based on promos, appears to be to be her partner. During the promos for the chapter one class trial, Saihara encourages Kaede to lie to other students, and Kaede lies to protect Saihara, hinting she trusts him. Saihara is someone with low self-esteem and Kaede is the one who tries to boost his confidence. They’re also a good pair with Kaede being the confident, manipulative voice of reason and Saihara being the logical detective to aide Kaede. On the surface they seem to have a healthy relationship. The demo kind of hints a ship teasing between Kaede and Saihara as well. For the question, “Who was in that room at the time?”, if you answer “Kaede and Saihara”, classmates start wondering about their romantic relationship. Their relationship could develop into a very close bond or could end in heartbreak. Either one would be impactful.
  • Kaede and Amami-Amami seems to be a very logical character who is very good at reading the situation. He’d probably be a big asset to Kaede at some point. Kaede seems to be both intrigued and wary of Amami. Amami seems to understand Kaede and will probably influence her because of his insight. Plus, Amami’s birthday is October 3rd. According to Hanakotoba, this is the birth flower of maple, which is Kaede in Japanese. Maple means important memories, hinting that Kaede and Amami may have a past together, such as a family relationship or childhood friends. This might be a coincidence or it might mean they have a deeper relationship. If Amami is going to play a huge role in the game since he’s such a mysterious character, then he will have some sort of interesting dynamic with Kaede.
  • Iruma and Kaito-They have quite a bit in common. Both characters are loud, arrogant, rude, and not very good at class trials. They’re both prone to getting emotional. What makes their dynamic amusing is when they both lose their tempers, Kaito tends to scare a hot headed Iruma into fright. The talents of both characters also should make them both book smart since both talents require a lot of knowledge in math, science, and engineering. They may work together when it comes to anything related to STEM subjects. Since their personalities and talents are so similar, I can imagine these two characters bonding.
  • Kiibo and Ouma-The game appears to be setting up their relationship from the start. I think there’s more to the duo than it being comic relief and Ouma just bullying the poor robot. Every time the two characters are in the same room (the warehouse and the class trial room so far) Ouma mentions Kiibo, implying the robot is on his mind. Even though Ouma does bully him, the supreme ruler seems to like Kiibo. He says wants to be friends with the robot, wants to touch him, and asks questions about him. While he does insult Kiibo, none of the insults seem to be out of malice. Ouma just has no filter and seems to like Kiibo’s reaction to statements. Even though he doesn’t consider Kiibo a person, he doesn’t seem to think of Kiibo as a lesser being, just different. I don’t think he’d want to be friends with Kiibo or be so interested in him if he does think the robot is inferior. As the game goes on, I can easily see these two characters learning from their differences and bonding as they live through the killing game events.
  • Tenko and Yumeno-During the demo, Tenko having tea in the cafeteria with Yumeno when one of the kitchen knives is stolen reminds me of Asahina and Sakura. I find it adorable that Tenko is so interested in Yumeno’s explanation about the difference between magic and witchcraft. While characters probably won’t take Yumeno seriously when she explains her magic, I can imagine Tenko being fully invested in Yumeno’s magic and having conversations about her powers. She may even be the first to defend Yumeno when anyone accuses Yumeno of not being magical.

Other relationships that I think will be interesting are Kaede and Maki, Kaede and Iruma, Kaede and everyone else, Iruma and Kiibo, Shirogane and Yumeno, and Tenko and all the boys. 

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Yesterday i posted about new pins and prints in the shop, today I want to introduce to you to a new thing I made. 

Professor Pam’s beetle Bones Casting Cloth

As I think it’s been established, I’m pretty fascinated by fortune telling and prediction. I made this mat after doing a lot of fun research on how people all over the world have their very unique versions of throwing bones. 

I include a guide to the symbols and a way you can use it. Honestly I’ve been using mine as a scarf so every way to use it is cool with me.

Inside the pack I’ve included three objects to use as throwing items. I’ve randomized it, thinking that would make your kit a little more special. You might get stones, crystals, keys, hand forged iron nails (thanks to my boyfriend,) hand carved wooden skulls that I had fun doing, beads, beach glass, painted stones, etc. All sorts of cool things and you get three of them!

They’re in the shop now and I should have them at upcoming shows! I hope you like it!

heiyue  asked:

*jumps onto the benevolent demigod bandwagon cause fuck it* The storm that hit stardew valley three days ago was not the worst Robin had experienced but it definitely left more holes in roofs and collapsed walls in the town. More holes than building supplies she could fit in her warehouse. Which was a problem. Maybe she should have ordered more wood last week but prices were high, higher than usual so she wanted to wait it out. Too bad the storm was bigger than what the weather cast predicted.

So here she was, pacing back and forth outside her house phoning every wood supplier she knew to find someone who could make an express delivery in two days when the farmer walked up the hill. Putting her phone away and beginning to say what she has repeated to the last three townsmen that had shown up today looking for a repair job. “I’m sorry farmer, we are currently not accepting any orders. Our supply warehouse are currently empty-”    

Only for the farmer to raise their hand and shake their head no. They put their backpack onto the ground, opened it and began to take some wood. Only some wood became more wood. Became piles of wood. Bigger piles of wood. And Robin could feel her eyes and mouth slowly widen in awe and disbelief as she stood there and watched the farmer’s pile of wood became taller than her. Taller than her garage. Taller than the roof of her house. Somewhere in her ringing ,blank mind she could hear           

a voice weakly saying that this is why Demetrius can only handle being around the farmer once a week. When the farmer stopped bringing out towers of wood the sun was beginning to set. Robin relaxed her shoulders that she didn’t know she was tensing. Her fists were still clenched, some corner of her dazed mind realized and heer knees were locked in place and weak. She knew her mouth were still hanging open and out of the corner of her right eye she could see Demetrius with his eyes clenched        

shut in an feeble attempt to reject the impossible reality happening before him. Her jaw muscles were still stiff but she managed to close her mouth without trouble. She wondered if her jaw could handle the stress from hanging open if this was going to be a regular occurrence around the farmer. And the farmer themselves was standing in front the towering piles of wood. Those towering piles of wood that she was still to wrap her head around. How much wood was there anyway? She hesitated to ask

out of fear for the answer. Giving herself a mental shake because cowardice was not something Robin would tolerate in herself, she opened her mouth to ask the farmer. “Farmer, can you, um, tell me how wood is there?”. There held up three fingers. “Three hundred?” A shake of their head? “T-three thousand?!” A nod. Robin could faintly feel her hands shaking as she tried to calculate how much that would cost. And then the farmer raised two more fingers and gestured to the slightly smaller towering      

pile of- was that hardwood?! Her knees were faintly shaking was the last thing she as she fell backwards into a dead. When Robin woke up in her bed, hours later, with a fluffy sheep blanket that was definitely not her’s, medicine on next to her bed and a note from the farmer stuck to her forehead saying that  the wood was repayment to the town for them welcoming and  helping the farmer when they first arrived and the medicine was for Robin’s sickness because why else would she faint.                  

Robin wondered if she should follow Demetrius’ example and cut down her contact with the farmer to once a week for her health          

A few days after Robin upgraded the farmer’s house and added a kitchen, the farmer gifted her a chocolate cake. Touched by the gesture, Robin accepted the gift. Mistake number one. With nobody in the house, Robin cut out a big slice of the giant cake and dug in. Mistake number two. When Robin woke up two days later, there was a wobbling avanti garde tower of wood she had no recollection of building. All the trees within 2 kilometres have been chopped down and there was a new slightly wonky            


PP3 Prediction

I’m writing this down now just in case it does happen and no one believes me when I said I predicted it.

I think it would start off with Beca as a Music Producer. But The problem is that she works at a shitty studio with a shittier boss. So she tries to start her own company but her boss Blacklisted her so she can’t find anyone to work with. Then she gets an invitation to a reunion at Barden University the class of 2015. She doesn’t really want to go until she gets a message from Chloe asking her if she’s coming. Now Beca didn’t necessarily fall out with any other Bellas but as a music producer she was always busy and met new people, eventually losing touch with the rest of the Bellas. After getting that message she decides to go. Emily would be there because she’s with Benji and so you still have the original cast. Chloe would probably bring Aubrey because they still hadn’t lost touch (if they were bring Camp back). Then there’s a moment when Chloe gets a little mad, along with the Bellas of why she lost touch. Then they get in a fight as Beca attempts to defend herself and she walks off. Before she leaves though she gets all the girls together to apologise and this time do things a little differently. As they sing some song Beca get the idea that the Bellas would be the perfect start to her record company and she could actually save it from crashing and burning. They record an album and make it big. Beca’s company is saved and the Bellas are back together once again making music. The End.

Why was Hope Side so happy.

Now I understand, it all makes sense now. Danganronpa V3′ll so messed up that they just had to do that. I predict DRPV3 cast being the most likeble of all games, so them we can freak the fuck out when they die one after another. And they will make sure that all our favorites die a horrible death. First is gonna be the emo detective, then doctor octopus, then the hot maid, then alola asahina, then hitler, then harry potter, then ahogetron, then twintails bae and finally, our main love interest, fuckboy!

Everyone is just so naively happy now, but when V3 comes out….oh yeah, it’s gonna be a true bloodbath.


That previous night, Will had barely slept. Abigail had been right in her assessment. With his mind trapped in the constant whirlwind of the present, future events hadn’t even begun to press through the fragile folds of his mind. And who could blame him? At this point, he was an utter joke. There was no sense in denying his transgressions, because they’d happened – he’d held Abigail beneath him and ravaged her mouth with his lips, drinking her in and committing her every curve and contour to memory.

Though his misdeeds didn’t end there. After there disagreeable discussion, Will had locked himself in the bathroom, started up a shower, and curled a hand between his legs for some semblance of comfort. But there was no comfort in that sordid act – no solace in picturing a young, troubled girl with a broken smile that deserved to be far, far away from him.

Bleary-eyed and sour, Will shuffled into the kitchen and started up a pot of coffee. His dogs eagerly skittered around his feet, and when he heard what sounded to be Abigail in the entryway, he mumbled a soft, “Morning,” and continued to search the cabinets for some cream and sugar. He was determined to keep things relatively normal. As easily as Abigail had predicted how their morning would go, he wouldn’t allow it to spiral.

With the desired objects in hand, Will glanced over his shoulder and said, “I talked to the people at the hospital. They said if I can come in for a brief interview and some paperwork, I can take you away as soon as this evening. That is…if you still want to go on a mini retreat.”

Okay so current predictions…

Merlin cast the curse- The hooded figure watching them from the lake during their GotG moment and the fact that anyone who leaves… well… leaves (if you’ll excuse the tree pun)

It’s not that Emma won’t tell them what happened, she actually can’t- The look she gave Killian in her house and the fact that she didn’t know the rules about Excalibur in her basement.

The price for pulling the sword from the stone is a life- The rules and lore surrounding the Fury weren’t just throwaways to be used this episode and forgotten. Repairing Excalibur is going to cost a life and Emma is going to pay that price.

Which sets us up for a trip through the Underworld in 5b- This parts just a hunch right now, but I have a feeling as we reveal DO mythology, it will become clear that the basis for it is Greek Mythology. If we assume that this was always their plan for Emma (and I think we can), then it’s no coincidence that they’ve scattered things like sirens and chimeras as little nods to those stories being a real part of their world.

So we’ve already figured out that episode 20 is gonna be called “Crossroads”. No surprise on that front but when I went onto IMBD, I found that Drew and Ralph will be back for this episode 😱.

I’m pretty sure we all know Drew means no bueno in regards to Waige shippers and Paige and Ralph staying in LA…

I know there have been a lot of speculations out there… Maybe this will pave the way for something big seeing that we’re getting pretty close to the season finale…