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I am STILL laughing like three hours later at Mulder asking Scully to... participate, in a big way, yet initially refusing to give her half. What a cheap fuck. That is so him.

TRUE STORY: The beer pong table and the “distraction” rules are based off of my days in college theater.  Most of the people at my school were there for some variety of engineering, and of course, this meant that the beer pong table the guys constructed for use during cast parties was quite impressive.  And the rules were that one team could use any tactics they wanted to distract the other, as long as nobody touched the table, anything on it, or the player taking his or her shot.  As a result, there was a good deal of flashing, lots of surprise penises, lots of mooning, and many sudden three- or four- or five-person makeout sessions.

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An Oni and his Club

K so uh…

Today was the cast party… (tomorrow is their final day of performances)

And uh… Tatsunari and Kenta showed up in their matching costumes…

Early on the series, Kageyama and Hinata’s combination used to called “an oni and his club.”  Kenma makes that comparison in the Revival show, and when he does, Tatsunari does pick Kenta up and swing him around (like a swing dance maneuver).  So the two got… oni… and… club… costumes…

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We have a house rule that Bards need to actually sing or perform if they cast spells. Our party came across a skeleton near a puzzle. The puzzle knocks it into a pit.

Bard: Can I play a—a funeral dirge for this skeleton?

DM: Go for it.

Bard: *begins calmly fiddling in their bag OOC*

DM: Dude, do it or—

Bard: *takes forth and begins playing a kazoo*

The house rule no longer applies to that Bard.

111516 – last week was rough. in light of the election: stay safe, keep your head up, look out for yourself & your people. remember difficulty is finite.
good things that happened last week: the shows were a big success, made some wonderful new friends, & the ice cream shop i work at has pistachio toffee again. good things coming up: seeing my family for thanksgiving break, getting the book club up & running, reading more discworld.


So the cast of RFA Party PH’s RFA Cafe has taken over my life and ruined my work schedule but I have no regrets because I love them all… and they inspire me, okay??? Thank you guys for making our days brighter long after the end of event! I drew their out of costume group photo as their characters cause I thought it’d be cute~ and aren’t they just as gorgeous out of costume? haha again… Thank you guys for what you do for us. ♥