cast out for days


Guys. I haven’t been able to tell y'all this but, I finally got fucking cast at my university! I am in 5 Lesbians eating a quiche. I play Wren Robin, and I’m so fucking happy. I cried when I found out I got cast. We had our first off book day yesterday and it wasn’t as rough as we thought it would be. These are pictures of my in my mock up and the rendering of the final costume. Designs made by Margaret Mitchell.

jin in the jungle
  • cast: damn its so dark out here
  • jin: *whips out ARMY bomb* well wud u look at tHAT?? i got JUSt the thing
  • cast: what day is it?
  • jin: *whips out BTS wall calendar* carry one of these babies around and you'll always kno :-)
  • cast: i think we're lost
  • jin: *whips out BTS markers* worry not my friend, we can use these to track our steps!!!
  • cast: wait, where are we?
  • jin: *whips out BTS notebooks* we can draw out a map if u want
  • cast: i'm so hungry
  • jin: *whips out 7 BTS dolls* here, eat these, i'd recommend the jungkook one he's got the most muscle
omfg guys, this is sulu’s husband in star trek:

There was no way a baby could be left alone without company. HC that Naruto lived with some anbu members until he was five, and then he was sent away to his tiny apartment. Imagine the fear, the screams, and the tears on the day of separation. (More angst: In the end, they casted a jutsu on him to wipe out memories of his early childhood days, so as to cut off all parent-child ties.)

An Observation about "Stay Close To Me" (In Light of Episode 10)

I was rewatching the first episode today (for the first time since watching episode 10), and it caught my attention that we don’t actually see Viktor skate “Stay Close To Me” during the Sochi Grand Prix. I think this is important. Until he met Yuuri at the banquet, I don’t think Viktor had ever had someone that he’d wanted to stay close to him. Yuuri is the one who truly opened up that part of him.

That’s what made his later performance at the World Championships so moving. He suddenly had a motivation beyond just skating to win. A personal connection to his program. At Worlds, more than anything, he was skating for Yuuri. For this man who’d seduced him, asked him to coach him, and then cast him aside the very next day. Viktor was reaching out to Yuuri with his skating. Long after the Grand Prix and the banquet, Viktor couldn’t get over him. Yuuri became the heart and soul - the inspiration - for Viktor’s skating.

So it’s no surprise that, when Viktor saw the video of Yuuri skating Stay Close To Me himself, he dropped everything, uprooted his entire life in a single day, and moved to Japan to become his coach.

Because Viktor’s program was a reaching out; a call. And this was Yuuri’s (however unknowing) response to that call. And that response - that confirmation - changed Viktor’s life.

crowley used to be a great villain, during which, in the previous of seasons of spn, he has killed hundreds if not thousands of people, turned them into demons, stolen their souls, killed sarah blake to prove a point, blew kevin’s gf/friend into a million tiny pieces in front of him and cut off kevin’s hand, forcibly possessed kevin’s mom, linda tran, who was traumatized by the whole event, and burned off her tattoo, and countless other things im sure im forgetting, all while being an all around conniving asshole and making sam and dean’s life a living hell but now he’s just a pain in the ass pointless character whom the writers use for comedic effect that often times falls flat and as a convenient plot device to cause drama for the winchesters

but yes sure im the heartless monster for wanting him dead bc he has a hamster lmao bye


Hey folks,

So tomorrow is the big day here in the US where our next Presidential candidate is elected. This election is a confusing and frustrating one for many of us, but that should not cause us sit on the sidelines and let someone else choose for us. 

Please do your part tomorrow and take some time out of your day to cast your vote! If you have not registered to vote yet, many states offer either a grace-period registration at certain locations or registration at your designated election polling place.