cast of pitch perfect

So Saturday during the finale performance shoot, Rebel decided to do a Q&A in between takes since it was taking a while to set up the cameras and this happened:

Fan: “If you could be any other Bella, who would you be, and why?”

Rebel: “Probably Chloe, because she’s got that weird thing with Beca”

I swear to god, everyone in the audience lost their mind. We died. Rebel is the biggest bechloe shipper on the planet and I love her for it.

If this isn’t the perfect representation of their personalities, idk what is


The Cast of Pitch Perfect 3 LIVE Q&A On Lesbian Kisses, Anna Camp & Skylar Astin Wedding and Filming

For Bechloe/Sendrick

3:25 - “There is no secret”, “We are…we’re whatever.”                               

8:40 - “Kendrick and Brittany will share a room”

11:00 - “Are you talking to Kendrick?”

17:50 - “Celebrity crush?”