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@LizGillies: I’m pretty sure if our real-life cast were left alone to make a short film, it would’ve turned out exactly like this.

@meganegz said:

yo, witch-girl sam would be hella. Danny’s got the ghost thing, Tucker’s got tech; while Sam already has a lot in the way of advantages and physical skills, it’d be nice if she had a technical skill that was unique to her. In fact, they could all use that; Valerie, Jazz, and Dani should have these things, too. Although, Jazz is already a pretty decent profiler, at least with human perps. I feel like the popular fanon of Dani hanging out with Cujo could be evolved into her being good with critters of all sorts, especially the ghost variety, and naturally with Cujo (who is a pretty friendly doggo anyways, at least where Danny is concerned- I feel like he’d like her a lot, too, tho).

All the kids have their skills and ways they contribute. Tucker’s a technological genius and entrepreneur, Jazz has her affinity for psychology and logical thinking, Valerie’s a ninth-degree black belt, and adding that to her arsenal, she’s not someone to be messed with. As for Dani, even without a talent with critters, she’s likely gained a lot of knowledge from her constant travels. She’s probably good at finding her way around and improvising hiding places and such.

Sam’s smart and good at thinking on her feet, and of course she’s rich af and has some book smarts, but adding witchcraft to that would be so cool. It’d add more of an explanation to her knowledge about mythology and such, and give her a passion outside of just her social justice stuff.

Not that that’s a bad passion, but like, Danny loves space, Tucker loves tech, Jazz loves psychology, Valerie loves ghost hunting, Dani seems to love traveling, and Sam loves goth stuff and protests.

Maybe it’s my love for seeing people nerd out, but gimme something that brings out the nerd in Sam! We see a bit of that side of her in season 3 with plants, but that’s season 3. The only other things we get are little snippets. Sam likes to go to the Skulk and Lurk and get some old books like the one about the Fright Knight and Greek Mythology, and she seems to be well-read when it comes to the legal system and such, but books are never her passion. Imagine her as a spooky goth witch who offers to hex Dash every time he picks on Danny. Despite the fact that they frequently fight ghosts, Tucker and Danny aren’t convinced her witchcraft is legit, but her knowledge of the occult is crucial to defeating ghosts time and time again.

I’m kinda just rambling, but just gimme goth witch of justice Sam Manson!


Hair: The Musical performed at the 1969 Tony Awards, was introduced by Harry Belafonte, and mentioned by Zero Mostel!

i have so many fanart ideas i can’t handle myself so i’m just gonna contain them all here for my personal reference (bc lawd knows i’m gonna draw every last one of them) so just ignore me!!

  • derek as a tattoo artist with a nose ring and two full sleeves and a fade haircut who does all of stiles’ ink and who stiles is obviously crushing on… and of course there will be some post-tattooing touchy feely action because what better way to take away the pain than to kiss it better
  • a long day at the skate park for stiles and scott where they get all bruised and cut up but it’s still fun, and then they get high and eat popsicles by the ocean
  • lydia and allison and kira and malia vegging out and eating sushi on kira’s bedroom floor in their pjs/underwear/thigh highs bc i don’t draw enough sexy ladies
  • a red-cheeked lazy makeout sesh between stiles and derek at a grimy basement party
  • lydia and allison as witchy crystal-loving spell-casting weed-smoking hippie-dippie babes who may or may not like to snuggle and kiss esp. when they’re faded (guys i really just like drawing smoke i can’t help it)
  • derek and stiles as wild-eyed delinquents who get off on breaking shit and lighting things on fire, and after doing so can’t keep their hands off of each other
  • nogitsune/void stiles with bloodshot eyes and a snapback with a nice smoldering spliff in hand (this one was actually a request, which normally i don’t take buuuut how do i pass that up, also see note above: i really like drawing smoke)
  • scott and stiles as a cute ass dj duo who play at small venues and have the time of their lives and party all night after their set
  • a wild night out for derek and stiles where they get shwastey at the club and grind all up on each other and then go home and fuck, because duh
  • probably some sort of 1d fanart sorry not sorry i blame wendigay
  • and of course all the teen wolf stoner au art you can dream of

i’m just bursting at the seams! there’s not enough time in the world for me to draw all of this but i’m gonna do it anyway, so prepare yourselves.

** also hoping to be able to have prints for you guys to buy soon so that i can maybe kinda fund my own art and be able to keep making it more frequently!! i can’t express how grateful i am that you guys care about my silly fanart and i love all of you and hope you’re excited for what’s in store (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。


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