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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

While it’s true of almost all the W3 and Sif, that we get these little moments of showing their awesomeness, Fandral’s comes at a time that’s easiest to talk about, in some ways.  What I like about what this says is that he took care of those Einherjar guards really quickly, they barely seemed to stand a chance against him.

He was also part of the team sent to take care of the Marauders, which seemed to be a very important thing to Asgard, so I can believe they’d want to put their best people on it.  We also see him talking with Odin just after the Dark Elves’ attack, which I assume is partly because they didn’t want to cast yet more actors when they could just use an already established one, but it makes me think that it’s not just that Fandral (and the others) is Thor’s friend so much as that Fandral is really, really good at what he does, that he’s one of the best Asgard has to offer.

That he became friends with Thor because he was someone who stood out at what he did, that all of them were some of the best that Asgard had to offer, so they tended to end up together (on quests, on missions Asgard needed taking care of, in training, etc.) and became friendly with each other, rather than that they were turned to because they were Thor’s friends.

I will FIGHT YOU if you say Sif isn’t one of the best warriors in all of Asgard, like, I am ready to get into an internet fight about this, maybe not everyone can be Thor (I will also FIGHT YOU if you think that Thor isn’t Asgard’s greatest champion, like, yes, part of it is because he’s such a good person and always willing to fight to protect it, no matter the cost, but also HOLY SHIT THAT DUDE IS A FUCKING TANK), but she will knock everyone else’s ass into the dirt.

And I like the idea that Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg are all similar, that they’re all really good at what they do, that’s how they got to know Thor and then they just really got along.  The way Fandral doesn’t even break a sweat taking out those trained Einherjar guards leads me to think that it makes a lot of sense in the canon!