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The original High School Musical is the most consistent in terms of plot, characters, and story structure.

High School Musical 2 is the most fun to watch with the best overall soundtrack (even if its existence adds nothing to the overall trilogy).

High School Musical 3 is the most polished with the best production design and the best choreography of the trilogy thanks to a better budget.

All 3 films have their strengths and weaknesses, and honestly??? What an iconic trilogy???? Also, all 3 films pass the Bechdel test and have a diverse cast. Lord of the Rings who?????


LOTR Reunion: “Second breakfast?”

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I am SO freaked out from the news of a possible Lord of the Rings TV show. It’s not only the plot that would be messed up, not only the way the Amazon is going to portray the story, not only the probability of sexualizing it, etc. (All of them are making me say “NO” to the show already)

Let’s start from the simplest, though not so important. The cast.

Could you imagine our majesty Aragorn being played by someone but Viggo Mortensen? Could you just picture someone else playing our big blue eyed Frodo, not Elijah Wood? Even not the most significant character, such as Rosie Cotton to be portrayed by an actress other than Sarah McLeod? 

How do you feel about it?

It truly makes me feel so uneasy and wrong. If they switch even one actor, even the most insignificant, I am so done. 

However, I am very curious about it. Who knows, it could be a great adaptation, though you can’t make perfect even more perfect. Better make the Silmarillion.


Orlando Bloom shares his personal on-set photos of the filming of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring to mark the 15th Anniversary of its cinematic release 


“Liv Tyler, when I first arrived on set I thought, “That’s Liv Tyler, she’s pretty famous.” I’m the sort of person that doesn’t move forward to people and be like, “Hey, I’m your new best friend!” I’m not like that, give them their space, they’re famous, they must be sick of people who want to get close to them all the time. But she came straight over to me, which is sort of quite un-actress type behavior and she gave me a huge hug and said, “I’m so glad you’re here! There’s another woman here now! It’s all been men! We can do things together! We can paint nails!”

Miranda Otto on meeting Liv Tyler for the first time