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I should have bought the gem irons! Apparently they are pretty well unobtainable now, which I didn’t realise when I took this shot outside a junk shop in Ponsonby. I’m not much of a baker, but I’d have a go at recreating ginger gems, a favourite from my childhood, even if though the recipe website I found says “difficulty hard”. I probably liked them especially because we didn’t have them at home. My mum apparently thought a piece of hefty hardware for making one single kind of cake was OTT.

What Can an Adolescent Vegan Eat to Increase Iron Intake?

The teen years are the time when numerous budding young adults choose to go vegan– and eliminate any and all animal products from their diet, normally for reliable or environmental reasons. There’s nothing inherently harmful or inadvisable about going vegan, but moms and dads might be rightly worried about growing adolescents getting sufficient amounts of specific nutrients that are typically provided by means of consuming meat. Iron is high on the list of fears. Teen children ages 14 to 18 ought to get 11 milligrams of iron every day, while teen women should try for 15 mg a day. Thankfully, there are lots of iron-rich plant foods dedicated vegans can contribute to their day-to-day diet plan to ensure against conditions such as iron-deficiency anemia. Two suggestions: food preparation in cast iron pans helps enhance iron consumption, therefore does eating foods high in vitamin C.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy eco-friendlies such as spinach, kale and Swiss chard are loaded with iron. One cup of cooked spinach has 6.4 mg of iron and one cup of prepared chard has 4.0 milligrams of iron. Environment-friendlies are extremely functional, too. Teenagers can prepare themselves a big spinach salad, layer prepared environment-friendlies in a lasagna or use as a pizza topping. Other ideas: things them into a burrito or make a green smoothie mix with soy or almond milk and plenty of berries.


The iron content of hummus originates from 2 sources– the pureed chickpeas that form the base of the dish, plus its second primary ingredient, the tahini, or sesame seed sauce. Hummus is also high in protein, another nutrient that vegans have to keep an eye on. Keeping a tub of hummus in the fridge for lunches and treats, in addition to pita chips and sliced veggies for dipping such as cucumbers or carrot spears. Hummus likewise makes an outstanding sandwich spread.


Edamame is the Japanese term for entire boiled soybeans sprinkled with salt– a popular treat to go along with sushi. Soybeans and soy items are a wonderful source of iron. One cup of cooked soybeans supplies 8.8 mg of iron. You can discover bags of frozen edamame in the supermarket. Cook according to the package directions and consume as a side dish or snack


Tofu is made from soybeans and so it, too, is high in iron. Four ounces of tofu consist of 6.4 milligrams of iron. Your teenager can consume it stir-fried, cubed in miso soup or as part of a coconut milk curry. Try it, too, as a replacement for eggs in quiches and frittata-style dishes.

White Beans

One cup of cooked white beans includes 7.8 milligrams of iron, making them a helpful source for this certain nutrient. Your teen can consume them in the form of a bean puree or dip, as bean soup, sauteed with environment-friendlies over polenta or combineded with pasta as pasta fagioli. They make a wonderful stuffing for a wrap sandwich, too.

Black and Pinto Beans

Black beans and pinto beans aren’t as high in iron as their white bean cozs, however a cup of these beans still brings 3.6 milligrams of iron. Use them to make a vegan chili or as the filling for a burrito or taco. Refried beans make a great topping for vegan nachos too.

Fortified Breads and Cereals

Cold morning meal cereals and whole-grain breads made with fortified flour frequently have extra iron added to them. You’ll need to examine the label to see exactly just how much iron you are getting. Cold cereal is not really good only for morning meal, it makes an outstanding snack too. And improved bread can be utilized as the basis for all types of vegan sandwiches for a teen’s lunchbox.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds vary in their particular iron material, but all have the tendency to be good sources of this needed nutrient. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios and cashews are especially high in iron. Let your teen toss together some customized trail mix to eat as a snack or top that spinach salad with a handful of sunflower seeds. Always remember almond butter on sandwiches or toast, either.


I use my cast iron pans a lot. They heat up well, are really easy to maintain (once you know how) and are incredibly multi-use (stove top, oven, campfire, serving).
Having discovered Reinink Family Farm’s organic eggs at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, it’s almost all I cook in these pans these days, eggs also being as versatile.There is something significantly tastier about farm fresh eggs. They cook up better too, and damn those yolks are just so bright!
I recently found myself a small 8 inch pan at Value Village, which I promptly cleaned and re-seasoned for use. The first meal I cooked in it is on the left. It’s an approximation of a dish served at Wilf and Ada’s in Centretown. Eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with lots of Parmesan cheese and arugula. I actually liked my version a little better and soon found myself making other eggy topped things in that little pan.
The dish on the right is simply a potato hash with spinach and topped with eggs and lots of fresh herbs. Butter was used aggressively for this one.
I really like that for both of those meals, I was able to cook on the stove, throw the whole thing in the oven and then serve, all in the same pan, without missing a beat. Oh and let’s not forget that these pans last basically FOREVER! So yay, to the cast iron pan! And yay, to farm fresh eggs!
The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

There’s a mysterious, myth-packed lore when it comes to cast iron pans. On the one hand there’s the folks who claim you’ve got to treat your cast iron cookware like a delicate little flower. On the other, there’s the macho types who chime in with their my cast iron is hella non-stick or goddam, does my pan heat evenly! In the world of cast iron, there are unfounded, untested claims left right and center. It’s time to put a few of those myths to rest.\n


How to clean your cast iron. It’s really not that difficult, just don’t put cast iron in the dishwasher. I rub mine with oil and keep them in my oven where the pilot light stays lit.

Mexican Cornbread


2 cup yellow cornmeal

1 cup flour

4 tablespoons white sugar

4 tablespoons baking powder

1 ½ teaspoon minced garlic

1 2/3 cup milk

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon white salt

2/3 cup vegetable oil

2 cans of green chilies and tomatoes (I used rotel or…

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Random pics from the afternoon.
We just bought this cast iron cornbread pan earlier this week and finally got to use it.
How adorable are those cornbread wedges?!?
Mike made beans and they were delish.
I’m just a simple girl.
What can I say?
Made a few hair ties from some cute elastic I found.
Pretty much I just didn’t know what to do with myself when all my chores and shopping were done by 3 pm lol.
Maybe I’ll color now or write some cards to send out.
Who knows?!?
All I know, is that tonight is Food Network night 😁

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Clint likes watching silent movies bc he can watch them without hearing aids in and Bruce just likes the movies bc they're calming and funnier than modern movies

They always make a big production of it.

They make popcorn by hand on the stove. Bruce has to pick up the heavy cast iron pan carefully and shake it to distribute the kernels as they explode. Clint melts butter and they try out different kinds of salt. Fancy imported kinds–pink and white and black–that only come from a friendship with billionaire Tony Stark. They share a bowl and wrap up under blankets with Clint resting his head on Bruce’s shoulder.

As the movies play Clint can feel Bruce’s laughter vibrating through him, and that alone would be enough to make him smile.


outside the cabin details. it was appropriate we drink maine made beer while in maine- sea dog blueberry is one of our favorite summer beers, so thats what we went with. this cabin didn’t have a firepit, so we made stovetop s’mores..which was just our cast iron pan filled with a layer of chocolate chips and marshmallows, then we dipped graham crackers in; it was cooked over the hot pan in the kitchenette. our days were just spend out on the porch, reading, drinking, talking, relaxing. it was perfect. 

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Your blog aesthetic would be the deep, clear clarity of tea in a perfectly round teacup, a tiny cottage in the woods --- but a deciduous, temperate wood --- with smooth, crisp paint and wallpaper chosen in calming colors like greens and blues, vintage bookshelves lining the walls, a kettle whistling on the stove, muffins cooling in a cast iron pan, a soft black cat with long hair, and a whitewashed shabby chic fireplace with a fire crackling late into the evening.

Well, thanks, but that post I reblogged wasn’t asking. I mean, I love getting these because it makes me so warm and fuzzy, but that was not my intention with reblogging that post.