cast iron art

Prom Headcannons

So I saw somebody post a little one liner about a pjo prom (I can’t track it down? If anyone finds in shoot me a message) and I had to.


It’s actually Piper’s idea, which shocks everyone. She brings it up at a head councilor meeting after Annabeth mentions to her in passing that she’s never been to a prom

It’s kind of hard to enjoy big school events when your the new kid every year

Chiron is a little skeptical but surprisingly its Dionysus who pushes the idea through

The prom committee is formed by Drew, who deserved more character development

Malcolm volunteers as a strategist

The committee is rounded out by Will solace (you know he eats that shit up don’t even lie)

No one really knows what Will contributes but his puppy dog eyes are damn good

Everyone from camp Jupiter is invited, obvs

The theme of the prom is “a night in the stars” (because my babies deserve their cliche romance)

Castor and the Demeter kids reroute the nymphs/plants so they can host on location in the forest

Aries sets up a rotating border to control monster activity

Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Hecate collaborate on decorations

They string fairy lights through the trees, enchanted to shimmer gold but not black out the starlight

Hazel puts together a kind of mosaic dance floor using the gems under the clearing

The tables are beautiful cast iron works of art provided by Nyssa “it’s a hobby”, and painted a soft cream by Rachel

Aphrodite provides antique lace table cloths (because why the fuck not)

Nico and Will, along with the girl from Nyx pull a little light manipulation shot so it gets dark early enough to start at a reasonable hour

Frank is really nervous about dancing, but he wants to surprise hazel with something from the 40s

He goes to Michelle for lessons but Mitchell’s like nope. Go find Nico.

Frank isn’t optimistic but he asks Nico anyway

He’s so shocked when Nico agrees right away he turns into an elephant

Nico is very patient with Frank (mostly because he needs to brush up on his own moves for a certain son of Apollo)

Prom rolls around

Frank requests the music for his dance and Kayla is confused but chill (you know she’s the dj don’t lie to yourself)

When the song comes on Hazel is so surprised at hearing something from her childhood she doesn’t notice Frank leading her out onto the dance floor

It’s clumsy and perfect and everyone circles around them

Then Nico pulls Will in, and that blonde son of a bitch has no idea what he’s doing but you know he loves it

Percy and Annabeth squeeze their way in and suddenly everyone is dancing and tripping and maybe crying a little

Just…camp half blood prom guys.