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So my mum checked 123movies on the laptop and it wasn’t showing. So I decided to check on my phone and when I tapped onto the home page it wasn’t showing up saying browser cannot open. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. HELP ME FIND A NEW ONLINE WEBSITE, SO I CAN WATCH TEEN WOLF, THE ORIGINALS AND THE WALKING DEAD😩😩😩

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Hey, @mariamirallegro, remember when
you asked if Nico’s photo at a skate park meant he was filming something about skateboarding and I said I though it was just him and his mates?

Well, it looks like you were on the right track! Nico *was* filming! The director, Paul Andrew Williams, has put a few pics up of his current production (Nico isn’t visible in any of them). There are scenes at a skate park, a hospital, a club, a hospital, and Old Trafford (Man Utd)… but I can’t find a name for it!

All I can glean from his tweets (and their IMDb pages, and Nico’s agent’s page, and Googling) is that it’s for BBC One / BBC Three. We’ll have to put our deerstalkers on!!! 🔎🔎🔎



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