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Theseus Scamander casting is NOT official confirmation, only a RUMORED casting choice

Can I just please point out to everyone that the Variety exclusive about the casting of Theseus Scamander is only RUMOR??

It said that he is reportedly “in talks” to play the role, it did not say he was confirmed 100% to take on the role. There has been no official confirmation from the studio or JK Rowling herself.

I know news headlines likes to exaggerate but he is not yet playing the role.

An actor “in talks” is just what it is, he’s “in talks” - talks fall through all the time, especially when it comes to casting actors, and it’s more than likely he is one of many that a studio may be in talks with. This would not be the first time an actor is supposedly “in talks” and official casting comes and it’s actually someone else.

Yes he could very well be officially announced as Theseus, but that hasn’t happened yet so let’s not get ourselves into a frenzy just because an actor is RUMORED and “in talks” for a part.

Someone “in talks” is not confirmation, news sites should know better to run with headlines that make it seem so.

This is not a casting confirmation announced, THIS IS A REPORTED RUMOR.

Callum Turner is “in talks” to play Theseus, he is NOT CONFIRMED to be Theseus yet, not officially.


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hey, could you tell me the name of the cast that you used to do the insagram aesthetic of acomaf ? Cause they all are so perfect, and i want to obsess over them some more lol.

Hey! So from my Court of Dreams Instagram edit, my cast choice are:

Rhys as Sean O’Pry

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Feyre as Barbara Palvin

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Amren as any babe who has short black hair, and light eyes (I didn’t have anyone specific for my Instagram edits!)

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Cassian as Renan Pacheco

Mor as Margot Robbie

Azriel as Corentin Huard

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