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Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses hip-hop song forms in Hamilton

I studied musicals a lot, but I also, you know, as you can tell I’m a huge hip-hop fan. So I love hip-hop that tells stories, but I also like lots of different kinds of hip-hop (x)

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The Flash Iris West-Allen? I like Candice. But this bio is unnecessary. Wa shippers love, I understand. SB also love when DP talks about Barry and Caitlin. Shippers do not care about right and wrong, they want to see the ship have some sort of validation. Patton said something good about women and shipping and put WA in your bio is a bit contradictory.

Imma have to stop you right there suspect-ass-anon. “Iris West…Allen?” is literally fucking CANON. That’s LITERALLY a line that was said in the show in episode 1x20. It LITERALLY aired. Then it was LITERALLY made canon in full effect on E2.  It is not a crack ship that was made up in the minds of people who can’t find a way to self-insert with Iris so instead are determined to ship Barry with literally ANYONE but her. 

Candice’s bio isn’t about shipping, that’s who her character fucking IS. 

Please do not come into my inbox with some bullshit like this ever again. 

Wait, Hook DID Put a Spell on Emma!

Back in the first season, when Regina cast the curse, it didn’t just change people’s memories, it changed their personalities. People, like Archie, who would have once stood up to Regina or anyone else who told them to do something unethical, kowtowed to her every wish. One of the signs the curse was weakening was when they began to stand up to her.

Hook cast the same curse.

Yes, he was trying to get back to Storybrooke (apparently, because it took him five minutes as Dark One to cave into opening the doorway to the Underworld and sending Emma’s family there while he unleashed generations of dead Dark Ones on the world). He didn’t alter memories–but did he alter personalities?

Think about it. The curse obviously doesn’t need the person casting it to come up with detailed bios for everyone. It does that on its own, creating a world that fits the caster.

Since coming back, Hook has been in a world where everyone thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas, where anything bad he’s done leads people to go off on sad speeches about how all those nasty meanies overwhelmed poor Killy-Willy with too much temptation when they KNOW that’s the only thing he ALWAYS gives in to.

But, the big give away is Emma. When Emma finds out Gold has become the Dark One again, she immediately gets mad at him for ruining Killy-Willy’s sacrifice. Poor Killy-Willy died to end the curse. Thanks to Gold, Killy-Willy’s death was MEANINGLESS.

Now, anyone who had watched everything that happened in that episode ahead of Emma’s little rant knows that Hook’s death saved her family from being killed and sent to the Underworld. It also saved Storybrooke and possibly the whole world from Dark One Armageddon. Most people would consider this at least moderately worthwhile. Only someone who really did see Hook as the center of the universe around which all other objects orbit would see that as unimportant and meaningless.

But, Killian uses almost the exact same speech on Gold when he meets up with him. 

It’s almost like Emma was reading from a script in his mind.

Meanwhile, no one has blinked at Emma’s plan to split her heart with Killian, even though Regina warned Snow it could be fatal when she did it–and we’ve seen what happens when incompatible hearts wind up in people. Love doesn’t make people the same (ask Belle and Rumple). 

No one blinks at leaving two babies and one five year old behind while they trot off on what may be a suicide mission to the Underworld. No one blinks at taking thirteen year old Henry. No one thinks twice about Emma, supposedly just shaking off a lot of dark influences on her thought process, blackmails someone she knows was tortured in the Underworld to take them all back there.

But, this all makes sense once we realize Hook has turned Storybrooke (and possibly some related corners of the Underworld) into Stepford-brooke.

(OK, I’d be as surprised as anyone of the show went that way. But, it explains SO MUCH. We can even blame Belle’s bizarre break-up with Gold at the well on it).