cast appreciation post

i love how about 99.2% of the entire riverdale fandom is actively united with their undying appreciation for the extraordinary™ being that is cole mitchell sprouse

Daily reminder Barry and Iris are still deeply in love.

The only thing that’s changed is that right now the expression of that love is less like this:

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And more like this:

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“The first time we worked together, I came home and I said [to my wife], ‘Whoa, this kid who’s playing my son… he’s got it. He is something special. It’s this kid named Dylan… so talented.’ I could teach someone to have craft, but you can’t teach talent and it’s amazing and it’s such a pleasure to work with him.” - Linden Ashby

things i love about taliesin jaffe
  • his full name is taliesin axelrod jaffe
  • the thing where he drags his hands over his face when he’s nervous or thinking esp hard about something
  • when he goes full Nobility Percy and tilts his head up and looks down his nose at Matt
  • the fact that his professional public fucking twitter handle is executivegoth like. first of all who did he kill to get that.
  • he blushes like a motherfucker whenever he’s complimented
  • the ever-changing hair
  • the golden snitch
  • easily the quickest to catch on to matt’s plans and almost always finds a way to work around them
  • *describes a tinkering idea to matt* *sees the look on matt’s face* “just a simple-”
  • clarota costume. tHE FUCKING CLAROTA COSTUME!!!
  • his roleplaying during the entire briarwood arc was so fucking hot leave my goth ass alone i was so into it
  • his music taste is gothic as fuck, he is goth as fuck, i love goth men so much
  • love him
  • support him
  • protect taliesin jaffe at all costs
Gif appreciation post: The Hobbit Cast.

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Wicked – Brazilian Cast Appreciation post  (2016)

Myra Ruiz as Elphaba
Fabi Bang as Glinda
Jonatas Faro as Fiyero
César Mello as Dr. Dillamond
Bruno Fraga as Boq
Giovanna Moreira as Nessarose
Adriana Quadros as Madame Morrible
Sérgio Rufino as The Wizard of Oz

The Walking Dead beautiful POC cast appreciation post.

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