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things i love about taliesin jaffe
  • his full name is taliesin axelrod jaffe
  • the thing where he drags his hands over his face when he’s nervous or thinking esp hard about something
  • when he goes full Nobility Percy and tilts his head up and looks down his nose at Matt
  • the fact that his professional public fucking twitter handle is executivegoth like. first of all who did he kill to get that.
  • he blushes like a motherfucker whenever he’s complimented
  • the ever-changing hair
  • the golden snitch
  • easily the quickest to catch on to matt’s plans and almost always finds a way to work around them
  • *describes a tinkering idea to matt* *sees the look on matt’s face* “just a simple-”
  • clarota costume. tHE FUCKING CLAROTA COSTUME!!!
  • his roleplaying during the entire briarwood arc was so fucking hot leave my goth ass alone i was so into it
  • his music taste is gothic as fuck, he is goth as fuck, i love goth men so much
  • love him
  • support him
  • protect taliesin jaffe at all costs

Daily reminder Barry and Iris are still deeply in love.

The only thing that’s changed is that right now the expression of that love is less like this:

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And more like this:

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The 100 Cast Appreciation Post 💖


Wicked – Brazilian Cast Appreciation post  (2016)

Myra Ruiz as Elphaba
Fabi Bang as Glinda
Jonatas Faro as Fiyero
César Mello as Dr. Dillamond
Bruno Fraga as Boq
Giovanna Moreira as Nessarose
Adriana Quadros as Madame Morrible
Sérgio Rufino as The Wizard of Oz

How does Gotham find THE EXACT PERFECT PERSON to play each character EVERY DAMN TIME?

Aka Gotham casting appreciation post.

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THE HUNGER GAMES CAST Appreciation Post 

 “You couldn’t ask for better people to work with, Jen & Josh are both amazingly talented and working with them is a blessing and so much fun. We’ve now all known each other for a few years and together we’ve experienced a lot of pivotal points in our lives.” — Liam Hemsworth
“i met my best friends in the world on this movie. we love each other. they’re as close to me as my family, and in some ways they are my family.” — Jennifer Lawrence
“the bond is pretty song” “i mean, i definitely have a maternal feeling towards josh and jen. and woody harrelson definitely has a paternal feeling. i like to throw in [liam hemsworth] there too because i like him a lot.” — Elizabeth Banks
“It kind of pains me everyday, a little bit when I wake up. That we’re not filming these movies anymore. It was like an incredible experience. We shot the last two Mockingjays together. It was like nine months or ten months of filming, so that was like really tiring. But we were so sad to see it end. And it’s a little sad yeah, for sure. I’m gonna miss everybody” — Josh Hutcherson
“I just want/need to express my many thanks to everyone (cast, crew & fans) who have worked so hard for so long to make The Hunger Games experience what it is. But for also trusting me enough to let me be part of it. I feel privileged, honoured and so very lucky to have shared this opportunity with so many passionate & talented people.” — Sam Claflin
“It was like herding puppies(about josh, jen and liam).Once the work going, they were great. But sort of before and after, it was always like herding puppies. Just getting them all together, getting them to all be quiet for a minute. But, as soon as you call rolling in action, they were on top of it.”  — Francis Lawrence

Tyler Posey Appreciation Post

So, the panel basically broke my heart but let’s just take a minute to appreciate Tyler Posey.

We know he’s always been the most passionate about the show but yesterday I can say he just gave the best of himself; there wasn’t a second during the whole panel when he didn’t remind to all of us how much he loved the fans and the people who support this incredibly project and that then turned into a big family. How many shows can actually boast to have an amazing human being as leader like Tyler? He seems like all he wants is to spread love and to inspire people, professionally and morally, and he really does! He never failed to make me smile and laugh, but he also inspired me a lot, he helped me being stronger and more passionate about what I do, that doesn’t necessarily concern filming or acting.
We’ve been so lucky to have him in the show and plus have him with this big leading role of Scott McCall. Tyler is the best leader we could’ve asked for on set and off set.
These, of course, are all things you already thought and knew but I needed to share this because, among the whole cast, he was absolutely the one who felt the most the ending coming, he was clearly broken and even though he felt that way he tried to make us smile all the time, and I can’t but be honored and happy to be fan of a show with such wonderful and amazing people like Tyler posey.