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Remember when SvsTFOE was just a “princess go to school” cartoon with a full cast of teenage characters and beat some random bad guys?

Before becoming a heavy focused story with a lot of lore and developed characters, building the foundations to a giant battle between monsters and a magical humanoid race from another dimension? AND the biggest battlefield of Ship Wars for two consecutive years?

Leaving those aforementioned teenage characters as simpleton nobodies used just as filler background characters in not lore-focused episodes, even Star FUCKING OMG…FUNKING SAID THIS:

This is an statement, of how a cartoon that wasn’t suppose to be a big deal, relinquish everything that makes it a formula and advances BEYOND expectations, sacrificing the roots of what made it in the first place…which in this case is a good thing.

the original autor of these beautiful gifs is dazthedazzler check out his stuff is amazing

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" I always feel like people just won’t really be interested in reading fics with random OCs as the villain." don't get me wrong I want you to invest in making an interesting oc villain but just for the record your villain could be a talking toaster and I'd still read 50k words of your writing for the way you write the main characters.

hahaha now I really want to work in a talking toaster somehow

seriously though, I was thinking about this, since all you lovely people have come over to tell me that an OC villain would be great, and I think part of the problem is that it diminishes the mystery. Like, if I put in some random character associating with the pack, in a cast full of characters y’all know are good guys, you’re going to immediately know who the villain is.

I mean, in DWS, it was really obvious Kate was the villain, but DWS was less about solving a “who dunnit” and more about the ongoing effect of what Kate did. In UWM, Deucalion was present from the start but because of his canon presentation, it wasn’t immediately obvious to the reader if he would be a good guy or a bad guy. Same with Jennifer in TWB. My goal (and I hope I succeeded) was to leave some mystery around whether or not they would turn out to be antagonists, at least for a little while (longer with Deucalion than with Jennifer).

What I’ve been trying to do with TSC4 is set up the mystery around Malia - who killed her adoptive parents and why, and who her biological parents are. But those are mysteries that are 4 and 8 years old, respectively, and people who are unrelated to the Hales in the present …

hold the phone, I’m having a thought

In the original 9K I wrote, Peter and Tom went to a group home/orphanage type thing and chose Malia because she was sullen and growly and therefore Peter automatically connected with her, but maybe I could rework that so some as-of-yet-uninvented character was like “Hey, I know you guys have been looking to adopt and we just found this feral werecoyote girl in the woods and we don’t know what to do with her”

have her purposefully *placed* in the Hale pack by said uninvented OC

hooooooooooooooold the phone, I’m having thoughts

like a Trojan horse of some kind! I don’t know what kind, don’t badger me with details! I have to go think about this in depth now. Bye. <3

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Broadway: probably Peggy (who's awesome) from Hamilton TV: Parker (who's also awesome) or Sophie (again awesome) from Leverage Movie: That's a tough one... I'd like to say Lucy from Narnia, but like from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where she's a cinnamon roll but a sassy badass one, instead of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, where she's just a cinnamon roll (and just as awesome as all the others)

Oh! I almost forgot to cast you as a book character! (I’m the person who cast you as Peggy, Parker, Sophie and Lucy) I think you’d be Leo Valdez from HoO

Oh, Lucy <3 I love her so much. I also love Peggy. 

I haven’t seen Leverage or read Heroes of Olympus, but I’m adding both to my list of things to get into! Thank you!

'Mary Poppins Returns' Not Only Casted Your Fave Characters, but Some New Ones, Too

The magical nanny is coming back for one more round with the Banks children.

In with the old and new

Source: sheknows

Emily Blunt

Into the Woods actress Emily Blunt willtackle the titular character first performed by Julie Andrews.

Source: sheknows

Karen Dotrice And Emily Mortimer

Karen Dotrice’s Jane Banksis now an adult and played byThe Newsroom’s Emily Mortimer.

Source: sheknows

Matthew Garber And Ben Whishaw

James Bond actor Ben Whishaw will play grown-up Michael Banks, a role originated by Matthew Garber.

Source: sheknows

Ben Whishaw And Dick Van Dyke

Although van Dyke played chimneysweep Bert in the original, this timehe’s Mr. Dawes, Jr., abank boardmember.

Source: sheknows

Meryl Streep

MerylStreep will play Topsy, Mary Poppins’ cousin. The role will reportedly call for Streep to sing, which, yes.

Source: sheknows

Colin Firth

Firth will playWilliam Weatherall Wilkins, president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. No word on if he’ll sing, but here’s hoping.

Source: sheknows

Angela Lansbury

Broadway legend Angela Lansbury will play the Balloon Lady, a character from the P.L. Travers book series.

Source: sheknows

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Best known forIn the Heights andHamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda plays an “optimistic lamplighter” named Jack.

Source: sheknows

Julie Walters

Julie Walters, best known as Mrs. Weasley from theHarry Potter franchise, will play Ellen, the Banks’ maid.

Source: sheknows

Jeremy Swift

Downton Abbey actor Jeremy Swiftwill be playing therole of Gooding in Mary Poppins Returns.

Source: sheknows

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Holdbrook-Smith will play the roles of Frye and Weasel though it hasn’t been released what that entails.

Source: sheknows

Craig Stein

Best known for his role as Sam inSoft Lad, Craig Stein will play the new role of Angus.

Source: sheknows

CHAPTER 1 - Page 3

Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a coming of age comic about monster teenagers in the 1980′s. The tumblr mirror shall update every day until completion of current pages. The comic features a diverse cast of LGBT+ characters and characters of color that will develop as the story progresses. Follow the “Monster Crowd” while they deal with the threats of hunters and high school!

Hamilton Characters as Troubled Birds

After much debate with a lot of good friends, I am proud to present, Hamilton Characters as

Aaron Burr:

Alexander Hamilton:

John Laurens:

Marquis de Lafayette:

Hercules Mulligan:

George Washington:

King George:

Samuel Seabury:

Charles Lee:



And Peggy!:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Maria Reynolds:

James Reynolds:

Philip Hamilton: 

George Eacker:


Viktuuri Wedding redrawing ‘cause I saID I WAS GONNA DO IT

Original post idea by @miyukiz


emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)


~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot


Part 1 of The Legend of Korra dream cast I want but won’t get, that I spent three days straight working on.

Part 2 HERE.


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