You know, I was thinking about the speech that you gave earlier. And in light of all the current events that are going on, it just seems like we’re living in [a] really, really divided times. And it really hurts, you know? And I wrote this piece 10 years ago, and every year, I keep hoping it will become irrelevant, but it seems to become more and more relevant, sadly. It’s my attempt to try to get behind the headlines and work out where all of this extremism is coming from.


I know this scene is meant to be ironic and that’s it, but you know me. I overthink everything.

The wording here is odd. Lancer’s deduction is so specific, and Jazz says “you still have no proof” as if she’s admitting he has a point but is still trying to argue.

I like to think Mr. Lancer knows, Jazz knows he knows, and he knows she knows he knows. Confusing, but anyway. It’s just something they silently agreed not to speak about unless it becomes necessary.

At least, if I were writing the series, that’s how I would’ve been looking at this scene.

I’ve put it off long enough. If I want to get through this episode, I’m gonna have to address the elephant in the room at some point. So here I go. Finally talking about Dan.

I strongly recommend reading this post first, because this is technically a part 2. I’m just talking about Danny’s ghost half this time. Some things might not make sense if you start here.

With that said, here we go.

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anonymous asked:

nah, not even megstiel.. actually rachel and misha.. in real life.. like cockles. (uh.. what's a good miner/collins ship name..? millins? no.. racsha? yeah, I think i'm gonna go with that. pronounced "ray-sha". i hereby declare it to be A Thing.)

That was… a joke I made. I understood what you meant. Rachel’s whole campaign is based off of a Megstiel reference in canon - Meg’s nickname for Castiel is “Clarence,” and the fact that Rachel is so attached to the concept of Megstiel should suggest to you that Rachel/Misha is a real thing and/or that other people (including Rachel) ship it.