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1. RRC 433/1, 54 BCE. bust of libertas / l. junius brutus cos 509 with some lictors. brutus minted this coin and spelt lībertas the usual way.
2. RRC 501/1, 43–42 BCE. bust of libertas / lyre and laurel branch. brutus put his name as caepio brutus (!!!) and spelt lībertas as leibertas!
3. RRC 500/4, 43–42 BCE. bust of libertas / a jug and a lituus. cassius minted this one. lībertas is spelt leibertas again!! it’s spelt leibertas on all the cassius coins i could find!!!
4. RRC 505/3, 43–42 BCE. bust of libertas / crab and design symbolising capture of rhodes (i don’t really understand how). what is usually c. cassī imp is spelt as c. cassei imp which is COOL


Cassius tonight vs yesterday vs him at the store

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What were some of your favorite moments that your actors did during Julius Caesar?

Golly. Great question. Part of the problem here is that some of my favorite choices are things that my co-director and I directed them to do… ya see? But just a few things that stand out to me:

Our Cassius was kind of a ‘big’ character, lots of big gestures and loud voice, but some of the subtle things that she did were so moving. Like, she said “Goodnight, my lord” to Brutus and started to walk away, and Brutus said, “Goodnight… good brother,” and Cassius turned around and sort of scrunched-up her shoulders and tucked her hair out of her face and half smiled and exited and it was super cute.

I was so PROUD of our Casca for developing a great character (I’ve worked with him since he was a young teen). He was really funny and snarky in the beginning of the show, but we altered the script a little so that Casca did everything that Titinius was written to do in the original play, and it created this really strong, interesting friendship with Cassius. Throughout the play, Casca and Brutus distrusted each other but both were pals with Cassius, in different ways. After finding the dead body of Cassius, right before committing suicide, Casca said one of the most devastating lines: “Brutus! Come apace, and see how *I* regarded Caius Cassius.” Like, he made it sound like a dig at Brutus– “Look how much Cassius meant to me! You would never make a sacrifice like this for her.” It was a really powerful scene and made him so much more than sassy comic relief.

Our Calpurnia’s 500% done facial expressions during Decius’ whole spiel with Caesar were hilarious, coupled with the fact that there was a pause before ‘how foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia?’ when Decius looked super terrified, and then Caesar burst out laughing, so he did, too.

Our actress who played Julius Caesar appeared as the mysterious soldier who helps Brutus commit suicide. There was a weird moment of recognition between the two right before the moment of death, and Brutus said the line, “Caesar, now be still/ I killed not thee with half so good a will” to her as she was dying. The actress who had played Caesar tenderly folded Brutus’ arms and closed her eyes and was genuinely crying when Octavius’ army arrived.

Our Brutus was super great at keeping Brutus’ anxiety and inner turmoil restrained whenever she was around other people- just little touches like not letting Messala help her up after she’s speaking over Cassius’ body or what have you– but letting the audience see how much she’s going through when she’s alone. It was actually kind of exhausting to watch her because her emotions went through so much. There is this moment where she says, “No man bears sorrow better–” then half-looks at Cassius and barely manages to squeeze out the words, “Portia is dead.” Cassius says, “Huh? Portia?” and Brutus just breaks down crying and covers her face in her hands and manages to say through her sobs, “She is dead!” And it’s super intense because you never see Brutus lose it like that.

Inspired by the Donmar Warehouse production, I added in a little ‘dream sequence’ with Brutus and Portia after that scene, right before the ghost of Caesar appears. They danced together to a cover of “Born to Die” that our Portia, who is an audio engineer and a very talented musician, created for the show, and both of their faces were so heartbreaking. I really loved the scenes with them.

There was so much more, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

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Which would you say is the most annoying infestation to get rid of: Orks, Tyranids, or Nurglites? My guess is you and Ortan Cassius might argue over this for a while.


Tyranids can be exterminated, Nurgle deamons leave when there is no energy to sustain them… but Orks? Thank to their spores you could be fighting them for centuries.”

“Alright, so what can I get for you? I have dozens of beers depending on a particular taste, jack and coke, tequila, and my personal favorite,” Cassius flipped a dishtowel over his shoulder and grinned. “The slippery purple nurple.”

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"I... cannot say I've had to investigate in lands that are home to anthropomorphic animals before..." Kyoko said slowly. Her face was neutral, but her eyes thinly veiled a deep confusion. (seek-thetruth, bc your old friend can't stop making rp blogs >.<)

“So, you’ve never seen any sightings of our type before or your experiences are different?” Cassius crosses his arms over his chest before shifting his eyes over to Jin. 

“We promise we don’t bite.” Jin chuckles a little. 

( Mun: “You’re all good, my friend. It’s alright, we all have our passions, dear.” ^.^ )

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Kyle hands her over to her father and picks up his own daughter, letting her sit on his lap and hugs her tight, kissing the top of her head.

Mark took a deep breath and moved his head slightly, frowning in his sleep before he started opening his eyes.

“Hello..”, Kyle whispered and kisses his brother’s cheek, “I heard you were so brave..”

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For the headcanon prompt meme if you want to (hopefully you haven't done all of this already): 1, 11, 12, 21, 23 and 42 for Brutus!

1. Love

He used to make crowns of pomegranate flowers for Porcia.

11. Best Friend

The conflict with Cassius over urban praetorship was feigned.

12. Worst Enemy

Octavian highkey reminds him of young Pompey.

21. Autumn

About the Vettius Affair, because it was ~September (59 bce). The conspiracy as initially told by Vettius was real, i. e. yes, Brutus was intending to kill Pompey.

23. Romance

He has on multiple occasions compared Cassius to the sun.

42. Loss

Porcia is not among his losses. Just as Valerius says, she died after Philippi.

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↓ (@alice Bennette)

(@alice-bennette) Cassius sighs, looking over at the girl as he puts out his cigarette. “What do you want?” He demands, looking her over, not bothering to move from his spot against the wall. He grabs the almost empty bottle next to him, quickly draining it. “And don’t fucking say ‘to talk’, because that’s bullshit.” He growls.

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Hey! ^^ how are you guys doing?

“Hello there. We’re doing alright so far… aside from me being constantly frustrated with this current situation with that insolent imbecile Valence.” Cassius crosses his arms over his chest and sighs sharply. “However, I’m grateful my family is safe.”

“Hello! I’m doing good so far, just been concerned about Cassius’s and Iaso’s situation with that guy, but Leila and I are doing great.”