87/365 by Cassie Charity

I decided to become a photographer because
it offered a means of creative thought and action.
I didn’t rationalize this, I just felt it intuitively
and followed my intuition,
which I have never regretted.“ - Wynn Bullock

I had a concept i was working on and it just didnt work and I was out all day with my parents and little sister and went to the mall and ect. and I was headed to the park but then it was late and my dad said I couldn’t go so I used use another shoot from yesterdays. Also my neighbor who fixed out power said he has tons of friends into photography and one of them is an actual photographer and said he’d talk to him and ask if I could with him. He also has a DarmRoom and will let me help him with it and learn about it and such. I’m so excited. I also reached up to 1000 contacts! (:

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