gave more detail to the lovely lee and cassiopeia some of yall may recall. lee’s a skinny ol trans girl who just wants That Sweet GF but struggles…so one night she wishes on a star, and whoops, gets cassiopeia, the very star she wished on.

cassie heard her wish and thought to herself 1) lee is cute 2) how hard can being a gf be? so she came down as the answer to lee’s wish. hijinks ensue as they properly fall in love while faking already dating and struggling to keep cassie’s star identity a secret


Several thousand Native Americans and their supporters continued to camp out near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota on Thanksgiving Day. 

Citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation set up the Sacred Stone Camp in April to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they say would threaten nearby burial sites and the Sioux water supply.

Thousands of people have passed through the camp and more have pledged support. Numbers swell in the camp on weekends; some estimate that the population has doubled with the holiday.

After a violent clash with police less than a week ago, in which dozens were injured, rumors of police raids traveled through the camp on Thursday, but none actually occurred.

Protesters Mark A Solemn Thanksgiving Day At Standing Rock

Photos: Cassi Alexandra for NPR

Editor’s note: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notified the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday that the public will not be allowed in areas being used to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

it’s the opening scene of 6b. Something’s going on in Beacon Hills, the younger pack members are together and calling the seniors freaking out. Scott and Malia answer right away, and once they meet Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey, they realize Stiles and Lydia are nowhere to be seen. 

“Neither of them will pick up.” 

“We’ve been calling for half an hour.”

We cut to a phone buzzing on a bedside table, Mason’s contact picture on the screen, along with “15 missed calls”.

Stiles rolls over, hair disheveled, groggily stretching, reaching for his phone.

“Ignore it.” A quiet, sleepy voice says from the other side of the bed. We see a small hand reach up and pull on Stiles’ shoulder.

“They’ve called 15 times.” Stiles replies.

Lydia sits up, groaning. “I swear if this is another false alarm, I’m gonna kill someone.”

Cut to title sequence. 

people calling Cassandra Cain “Cassie” confuses the heck out of me because in my brain Cassandra Cain=Cass and Cassandra Sandsmark=Cassie and nobody ever calls Cassie S “Cass” but everyone calls Cass Cain “Cassie” and I’m always so confused because people are like “Bruce and Cassie” and I’m like “o…kay?” but then it’s like “do something father/daughter” and I’m like “o it’s Cass Cain” and I just….I like the idea of Bruce calling her Cassie but when real, actual people refer to her as Cassie? me:confused


“that thing with Cassandra and Jenkins came out of nowhere!!”

are u sure

I hope this isn’t seen as confrontational. I think shipping wars are silly, ship what you want to ship! This show has always been wonderful about making any and all ships probable. I don’t ship things often and, of the things I do ship, this was probably the one I thought was least likely to be acknowledged. But they did!! I was shocked and delighted! Just as I was delighted that they fully acknowledged Cassie being non-hetero.

Cassandra has always been the one to notice when something is bothering Jenkins. Being the caretaker, Jenkins notices when any of them are upset, but it’s hard to deny he has a soft spot for Cassie. He’s comfortable enough to be silly with her (”you know what this makes me want to do? It makes me want to go ‘hmmm…’”). Cassandra is always first to jump at the opportunity to help him and is incredibly eager to do so. (That scene where Jenkins was tossing books down to the boys from the balcony and she was running about trying to catch them first, then Jenkins walked down and handed her one.) They have a great deal of mutual respect and make an excellent team.

I just wanted to point out that this ship is just as valid as the others and, in fact, has had just as much subtext as the others. They handled the situation perfectly, and Jenkins reacted exactly as I’d expected him to. He feels it would be improper, all but saying he’d feel he was taking advantage, but he let her down without being condescending (knowing Cassie is more than capable of handling herself) or dismissive of her feelings.

I hope the subject is brought up again, I hope they talk about it more. Though no matter what happens I hope Cassandra is happy, because sometimes the way people in the fandom pull her back and forth with everyone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Ship all the things, but remember Cassandra is her own person and not a vehicle for a ship! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Okay but imagine if Ezekiel gets hit by some magic thing and the cure Jenkins drums up makes him slightly tipsy and turns of his normal filters.

And instead of the sarcasm everyone is expecting, they suddenly have a really cute and super physically affectionate Aussie thief on their hands who has:

  • Given everyone cheek kisses
  • Styled Eve’s hair and insists on calling her a warrior queen
  • Keeps playing with and braiding Cassandra’s hair
  • Walked up to Jenkins more than seven or eight times with the biggest grin and booped him on the nose
  • Keeps cuddling and giggling with Cassandra
  • Built a pillow and blanket fort with Cassandra
  • Made Flynn flower crowns “because you’re marrying our warrior queen so you should look like it”
  • Flynn if punching you wouldn’t make Eve sad I would do it because you keep leaving and making her sad”
  • “but here you can have another flower crown”
  • Keeps asking Jake if he can pet his hair because it looks soft but also because Jake is their other grumpy cat
  • Convinced Eve to join Cassie’s and his pillow fort
  • Keeps kissing Jake’s nose because he blushes red every time but also smiles at Ezekiel really cutely afterwards
  • Has dragged Jake into the pillow fort which is stocked with some of Jake’s favourite poetry books so that he won’t get bored