This polaroid was taken right after we finished our set on 2/10/09 (4 years and 1 day ago) in Metz, France.  While we were playing “Tell The World”, the promoter surprised us by lowering a bunch of fake plastic bats from the ceiling and bobbing them around, like in the music video.  It was amazing.  The bottle in the front of the picture was a bottle of Tequila that we (and the crowd) finished during the set.  

There was a guy at this show who had a black leather jacket with a white drawing of a giant vagina on the back.  During a break between songs, I spoke a little french to the crowd (“I never wear socks” and “You swim like a fish”) and he yelled out “YOUR FRENCH SUUUUCKS” and he was right.  No one laughed at all.  It was awkward yet I remember it fondly.  

This picture ended up being the cover art for the “Moped Girls” single.