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Cassie Hack is in my top ten comic book characters of ALL TIME!

But what is it about, ramma?

This is what it’s about.

In short.

She kills killers (known as slashers).

Sometimes they are just normal dudes.

Sometimes they are actual evil monsters.

She is accompanied by Vlad who is her BFF. They met when she thought he was a slasher (a killer) and tried to kill him. They have the greatest friendship in comics ever tbh. It’s a thing of beauty.

There’s 2 volumes and a mixture of one shots and limited series. 

Hack/Slash has crossovers with some iconic movie characters.. Re-animator, Chucky, and most recently, Army of Darkness.

The majority of Vol 2 is fantastic. Vol 1 does have some crap in it but whatever.. you have to take the rough with the smooth.

If you’re a fan of horror comics you should check this out.

If you’re a fan of badass female characters you should check this out.

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I did a fancast which is right here.

They need to make a tv show tbh. A film would be great but there’s enough source material and potential for a tv series.

Other comics you should read before you expire can be found right


Scream Queen Saturday: Cassie Hack

On today’s Scream Queen Saturday we will be staying within the world of graphic novels as we delve into the bloody world of monster serial killers and the undisputed queen of taking them down.  She’s known as the “Slasher of Slashers,” and she puts the “Grr” into Grindhouse.  She is Cassie Hack.

Name: Cassandra “Cassie” Hack

Best Known For: Hack/Slash (2004, 2007 onwards) by Tim Seeley.

Look: Black hair, bad attitude, gothic makeup, skimpy Riot Grrl-type attire, trademark “Kiss it” nail bat.

Cassie Hack was the typical mild-mannered, timid outsider at school.  Plain, unassuming and unattractive, Cassie was often bullied by the other kids.  But that was all to change one day when her mother Delilah, the school’s lunch lady could take no more of her daughter’s abuse and went on a bloody killing spree before taking her own life, with Cassie witnessing her mother’s suicide.  With her father long gone away, Cassie was placed into a foster home and sent to a new school.  Two years later children started to disappear, only for it to be revealed that it was Delilah Hack – reborn as a vengeful “slasher” behind it all.  Cassie confronted her mother and shot her dead before leaving to live a life on the road.  Her mission?  Make sure to bring an end to all the other slashers in the world.

Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash series has become a bit of a sleeper hit.  Published by the relatively small Devil’s Due Publishing, the comics have gone from a set of one-offs to a full-blown series, with the lead character becoming a star in her own right.  And for good reason too – Hack/Slash is an unashamed tribute to every slasher flick you’ve ever loved.  It’s fair to say that Wes Craven’s Scream exposed the slasher flick rulebook and deconstructed a genre which has never quite been the same since.  But Hack/Slash gleefully takes those same rules and turns them upside down, with our heroine Cassie being the most lethal killer of them all.

And let’s face it, Cassie is the reason we love Hack/Slash.  She is one dangerous, sexy vixen.  In a world full of exploitation such as horror, Cassie fits right in with her gothic beauty, sheer tops and bottom-skimming miniskirt.  Gratuitous?  Of course, but that’s the point.  Slasher movies are all about gratuity – whether it’s the “obligatory titty-flash,” premarital sex scene or gory money shot.  Our leading lady is totally self-aware of the rules so famously established in Scream, and uses them to bring down her prey in as brutal a way as possible.

The other part of the comics’ appeal is the frequent appearance of some of the most famous movie slashers in history.  Cassie has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of The Re-Animator’s Dr. Herbert West and Child’s Play’s evil doll Chucky, as well as the legendary Elizabeth Bathory and a deranged Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  And like the others before them, Cassie and her partner Vlad have put them back down into the ground.

Cassie has also appeared in a theatre production of Hack/Slash in 2005 where she was played by Stefani Bishop and the rights for a movie adaptation were secured in 2006 by Rogue Pictures (Limitless, Doomsday) where news on its production has been quiet ever since.  Cassie also has the honour of becoming the world’s first and only (to my knowledge) fictional member of the Suicide Girls, a collective of alternative models.  Not bad for a schlocky horror pinup.

Hack/Slash has since moved home to Image Comics and new releases have been quiet since 2011.  However Cassie herself continues to be fondly remembered and much like the monsters she slays, I’m sure she will come back stronger and more lethal than ever before.  Mindless fun, yet clever at the same time, Cassie Hack is a reminder that horror is very much its own unique beast and is a celebration of the genre’s rich and bloody history.

And if you don’t like it, KISS IT.

joehhh asked:

What is Hack/Slash about?

Let me explain you a thing

This is Cassie Hack

These are bullies

This is her mother

This what her mother does to bullies

This is what her mother does instead of going to jail

She then went into foster care and went to a new school. But then her mother came back as a slasher (super evil psycho killers.. sometimes they are .. not natural) and killed some kids.

So Cassie shot her dead and buried her body. This was the start of Cassie’s career as a killer of killers.

She hears about some strange killings in Chicago and goes off to find this killer known as The Meatman

And what she finds is a giant deformed human wearing a gas mask.

She attacks him but it turns out he wasn’t the killer. They team up and take down the real killer and so begins the greatest friendship in ALL of comicdom.

Like really. Nobody else comes close. The love these two have for each other is amazing.

They travel the country together hunting out slashers. Along the way they pick up new friends and make powerful enemies.

There’s crossovers with horror icons like Chucky and Re-animator and recently there was a crossover with Army of Darkness.

You should read it because it’s one of my favourite comics starring two of my fave characters. If you like horror it’s a definite must read.