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some kuwei headcanons (not necessarily modern):

- david and genya adopt him the moment he sets foot on ravkan soil, that’s not even a question
- nikolai, the ultimate sexy dad, announces kuwei is his favourite kid and he really is bc he’s an orphan like him and he’s been neglected like him so long story short he shares custody with david and genya
- which doesn’t mean kuwei is spoiled or privileged in ANY way or shape, it just means he’s appreciated and seen
- however, he wants to pursue science and chemistry and all that jazz so nikolai enrolls him into the best school and david is his private tutor and his dad DID create jurda parem so needless to say the kid is a walking prodigy in maths and physics
- in a modern setting, kuwei is comfortable enough to use grindr and stuff and all he ever knows is acceptance and love and he’s never ever shamed for wanting to express his sexuality
- best friends with nadia!!! since she’s a bit of an underdog herself (she’s always been a part of the team but guess what? she’s also always been slept on just like kuwei) and i honestly don’t see her ~click~ with zoya or the other girls at the palace so they could both use a friend
- kuwei is THE HOTTEST thing in ravka
- kuwei juggles two casual boyfriends bc he’s not looking for anything serious and neither are they but then he meets nadia and adrik is there
- one week and three clumsy kisses in the dark later they start dating bc kuwei deserves a soft boy who’d worship the ground he walks on and have heart eyes for him 24/7 and that’s adrik 10000% (i headcanon adrik as yet another bi icon btw)
- alina pops over for tea every once in awhile and she’s like “you remind me of someone”
- (i’m crying, you’re crying, baghra is crying from the other side)
- but then she looks at his eyes and sees they’re gold not silver and she smiles to herself, “nevermind”
- and she LOVES kuwei like she’s fiercely protective of this nice, quiet orphan kid who just wanted an actual home and maybe a new family
- and now he has two bc the dregs still visit him everytime inej has business in ravka with her ship and nina’s there like all the time so!!
- speaking of nina, she probably feeds kuwei waffles bc it’s ~food for the soul~ and she just wants kuwei to finally be happy where he is
- kuwei is quiet, almost shy, (like david) but his ears are always turned in the newest gossip’s direction (like genya)
- he always Knows Things™
- but he’s smart enough to only say them when it would benefit him/his situation, otherwise he’s actually very good at keeping secrets
- that’s actually it, he’s hella smart and it throws people off bc they’re like “hahahaha well he doesn’t even talk that much!!” and then kuwei smiles at them, plots a quick, bloodless revenge in his head and five minutes later they’re being exiled on grounds of discrimination and treachery, bitch you thought™
- even kaz admits he’d like to take him on one of his kruge hunts but nikolai is like brekker pls this is my son we’re talking about
- kuwei in the background: technically, i’m not your-
- idk why but i feel like he’d grow out his hair?? and maybe keep it in a fancy ponytail?? and it’d look so good on him

Q&A film rights, etc

cordeliaheronstairsx said:Hi Cassie! I️ was wondering if there will be any film or tv adaptations for tid or tda?

I don’t know about TID. I know the producers would like to adapt it, but historical is always a more complicated issue to produce. As for TDA, the film/TV rights have never been sold because I have not wanted to sell them. If that ever changes, I’ll let you guys know. But as for now, the only works of mine that can be adapted are TMI and TID. I have kept the rights to everything else.

rorochan92 said:Hi, Cassie! <333 People on Twitter are pretty confused, so I was wondering if you knew if the TV!characters share the book!characters’ birthday. I guess they don’t, since the show is set in 2016 and (I think) it doesn’t start in August–also, isn’t TV!Magnus thousands of years older than book!Magnus? No way they can share the same birthday. :/

No, they don’t have the same birthdays. As you’ve said, they aren’t the same ages — sometimes to the extent of thousands of years — and when the show characters were created, Decter had no information about any of their birthdays, so he made up separate birthdays for them. Clary’s birthday on the show, for instance, has already taken place not in August. So if you want to celebrate the show characters’ birthdays, I would ask the showrunners what their birthdays are.

bios teen wolf

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  1. [ mom’s voice ] fiquei 9 meses com essa criatura na barriga, ela vai cresce e vira sterek shipper.

  2. ew, sai daqui você shippa allisaac.

  3. [ stiles voice ] scott, you are my brother

  4. “you know, there are so many– there are so many other girls in the sea.” “fish in the sea.” “fish? Why you talking about fish? I’m talking about girls.”

  5. sua mãe sabe que você shippa sterek?

  6. “dude, I mean, yeah, you got dumped, and it’s supposed to suck.”

  7. pareço legal mas assisto teen wolf.

  8. se você acha que eu gosto de passar meu tempo vendo série de lobisomen gay, você tá certo.

  9. pareço legal mas shippo sterek.

  10. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧selo anti-allisaac shipper*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  11. esse tal de dylan o'brien só fodeu com a minha vida

  12. esse tal de tyler hoechlin só fodeu com a minha vida

  13. esse tal de tyler posey só fodeu com a minha vida

  14. esse tal de daniel sharman só fodeu com a minha vida

  15. sarcasm is my only defense

  16. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧como assim você é allisaac shipper? sua destruidora de amizade*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Headcanons for the Animorphs on social media:

  • Jake runs about fifty different tumblr blogs, mostly vaporwave aesthetic and shitposting and memes. Probably went to dashcon
  • Rachel’s a popular beauty/lifestyle/vlog youtuber. Does meetups. Also really popular on Snapchat for her A+ selfie game
  • Marco is a popular viner, like Thomas Sanders famous. Would dab on request. Makes Cassie into a meme by randomly throwing her into almost all his vines.
  • Cassie isn’t that much into social media but she uses Instagram and Snapchat to be cute about animals. Occasionally takes over Jake’s tumblr blogs to make callouts to SeaWorld and companies that treat animals unethically or ruin the environment.
  • Ax would run a twitter via prompting from Marco and Rachel. It’d be filled with memes + his human sense of humor.
  • Tobias would be all over the art side of the internet. He’d have a YouTube for speedpaints, a wattpad, Ao3 account, deviantart, and multimedia Tumblr art blog.

(credit @jubileegrimm for some of this !!)