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"Whenever I’m having a bad day I remember that sexually submissive Dean Winchester is canon and that makes me smile" How is it canon?

(I can’t make gifs on this computer so I’ll have to do this with text)

In Route 666 the sex scene went like this: Cassie forcefully kissed Dean twice, Cassie pushed him onto the bed and Dean lay there submissively while she kissed and explored, Dean rolls them over to start the actual sex but keeps looking to her and taking her lead, she pushes him up for a different position. Seriously, that sex scene is over a minute long and Cassie is in control the entire time while Dean looks at her adoringly and does what she wants.

Later they had this exchange
Dean: Don’t leave the house. 
Cassie: Don’t go getting all authoritative on me. I hate it. 
Dean: (meekly) Don’t leave the house please? 

The Slice Girls 7.13 Lydia pulls Dean through the door, kissing him forcefully and pulling off his jacket. He follows her lead. She gets distracted by tearing off his tie so Dean gives her sweet little kisses until she goes back to the forceful kissing. She pushes him against her bedroom doors, tears open his shirt, pushes him so the doors open and he’s in the bedroom, pushes him onto the bed, pins one of his arms, rolls him around the bed and has sex. The whole time Dean is pliant and eager to follow her lead.

Most recently we had Girls, Girls, Girls 10.07 which had this lovely exchange

Shaylene: We still need to discuss my terms.
Dean: Oh, like, rules? (with an excited smirk) Like, sexy rules?

He was so happy when he thought his hookup was going to give him sexy rules to follow.

The nails in the canon coffin are that in Devil May Care 9.02 Dean was told

Abaddon: You’re the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.

Later in the episode Crowley said that Kevin is Abaddon’s type because he’s submissive. Abaddon clearly stated that Dean was also her type so the same can be applied to him.

There was also a sex scene in Heaven and Hell 4.10. Dean wasn’t submissive but he wasn’t dominant either, it was very vanilla. He doesn’t have to be submissive with all of his sexual partners but I don’t recall him ever being sexually dominant.

While we’re on the subject, I’ve seen a few people say “Dean can’t be submissive, he’s always in control!” 

He’s in control when it comes to hunting because he worries about his loved ones getting hurt and feels it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe. Many people who have jobs where they need to be in control find it very enjoyable to give up control during sex. It’s a situation where they can let go for a while, not have to worry about being responsible for everything. It can be very freeing to let someone else be in control in the bedroom so you don’t have to worry about what they want, they’ll show/tell you what they want which also means you know exactly how to please them. Considering Dean’s self-worth issues, having a partner that takes control is perfect for him because it means he doesn’t have to worry if he’s making them happy, they’ll tell/show him how to make them happy. In a full d/s scene it would be taken to a place where he wouldn’t even have to follow their lead, they’d tell him explicitly what they want and all he has to do is obey. He’d know that he’s making them happy every time he follows an order. See why he got so excited by the prospect of sexy rules?

For top!Dean shippers, when it comes to m/m relationships not all submissives are bottoms. In m/f relationships a man can be submissive and still be the one doing the penetrating during sex, same thing goes for m/m relationships. sub!Dean works with top!Dean, bottom!Dean, or a Dean who likes to do both.

The Five Times Ray Palmer Thought He Might Be The Love of Felicity Smoak's Life and The One Time He Realized He Wasn't

This was commissioned by the lovely and amazing imperialimpala.

Title: The Five Times Ray Palmer Thought He Might Be The Love of Felicity Smoak’s Life and The One Time He Realized He Wasn’t

Words: 3353

Pairings: Atomic Smoak/ Olicity

The first time was the moment she told him would come back to work at QC.  Especially considering just earlier that day she’d yelled at him and told him under no uncertain terms that she would never work for him.  Subtlety had never been a strong suit of his.  Money had always gotten him what he wanted in the past, be it friends, women, companies– whatever.  He hadn’t expected Felicity to be so vehemently against him at the board meeting.  Although truth be told, he hadn’t really expected her to be there in the first place.  But still, he thought she’d be impressed if nothing else.

When him taking over the company failed to impress her, he thought he could certainly win her over later that night, when he pinged her cell and tracked her down.  Ray had to admit, finding a formidable opponent in the hacking field was a rarity and clearly Felicity had been worked up about the situation with the company board.  But porcupine flatulence was going a bit far, wasn’t it?  He almost found it endearing.  Almost.

But when he’d found her that night, she was at the hospital and their conversation left something to be desired.  Clearly she would be harder to win over than he initially anticipated.  So Ray Palmer did what he always did– he used his money to get what he wanted.  He had big plans for Queen Consolidated and his research on Felicity made him positive that he needed her as part of his team.

So he bought the company she worked for.

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t his smartest move, not once he’d seen how she’d reacted to his previous advances.  But she was clearly adamant about not working for him, so he figured leaving her no options was his best shot.

She came to see him when she found out.  He knew that she would.  She was angry and yelling and close to tears and she quit.  None of which he’d been expecting.  But he also knew it went deeper than just what was going on with him.  He thought that her disappearing into the elevator would be the last time she would intentionally come into QC, but she’d surprised him again.

Felicity had walked straight up to him, told him that she’d changed her mind because she wanted more out of life and he knew.  He knew right then and there that he might be the love of her life.  It wasn’t because he’d worn her down or because he’d won her over.  It was because she had made a rational decision in a clearly emotional moment in her life.  And if Ray Palmer knew anything about anything– he knew about that.

The second time was when she genuinely laughed at one of his jokes for the first time.  

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