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NCIS answers: Where do you think Ziva is in terms of her religious beliefs?

Asked by Cassie 

I will first start by offering a little disclaimer: My knowledge of the Jewish religion is confined to things I’ve learned from NCIS, things I learned in 7th grade religion, things I learned in fanfiction, and things I learned from the few Jewish friends I have, my intent is not to offend anyone or the religion in general. 

I also have not practiced any religion since 7th grade. 

As I sit down with the lonely grape smirnoff that’s been sitting in my fridge for far too long, I will attempt to answer this question. 

I will start by saying that I truly believe that Ziva’s religion is important to her, it is and will always be a part of her identity.  If not for the religious aspect, at least as part of her culture and how she chooses to navigate her world.  Ziva David is an Israeli Jew.  She is not ashamed of her identity, choosing to wear the Star of David pendant much like one wear’s a cross in the Christian religion. She does not take it off, stating she would rather die then remove the necklace. I think the act of removing the necklace carries with it the connotation that it also would be removing part of who she is as a person, hence why the scene in Aliyah is so powerful.  And why it’s presence again in Faith (some said Flesh and Blood) was one of those things about this show that spoke to me.  She’s back. She’s getting there and she starting to have faith in her identity again. 

Ziva uses Jewish practices/traditions in times of great stress and unrest but also to have peace, and a foundation for what she does. Singing the hymn after Ari’s death is one example.  Showing respect in a Muslim church is another.  

Right now, I think we will continue to see hints about her religion and how it fits into her new life. I do not think we will ever see her give that up.  It will always be rooted in her life, something that connects her life in Israel to her life in America.  I will go as far to say that when Ziva has children, they will be raised at least half Jewish, and I say that with conviction. 

I hope this makes some sort of sense. I struggled. I will tell you that much. This probably took me ten times longer than any other analysis. 

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(Warning - Swearing)

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