cassie x jake

jakecassie post-war

in a world were jakecassie was canon after 54 and the animorphs stick together… here’s some cute headcanons

  • cassie is seeking recovery for the both of them. because jake already loves dogs (think: homer) and cassie loves animals she applies for a trained therapy dog. 
  • jake’s kinda grumpy about it at first, he doesn’t really see how a dog’s gonna help. he actually really warms up to the idea. dogs are one of the few morphs they didn’t have trauma associated with. 
  • cassie’s day jobs include working with some nonprofits and doing vet stuff. she takes pictures of all the good stuff and hangs them around the house for good memories. 
  • jake works at a firehouse twice a week. the rescue work is fulfilling and also invigorating but he still is having a hard time coping post-war, so he doesn’t work often. during the day he cleans and practices cooking and other tasks at home. he has a meal ready for cassie every evening she comes home. 8/10 times its NOT very good but cassie insists “you’re getting better, i loVE your meals honey i promise” 
  • eventually he’s a pretty darn good cook. jake makes some killer ass lasagna.
  • they eat lunch together almost every day. sometimes jake makes food and sometimes they buy something. but they always eat in one little quiet park. because jake avoids the media people still walk up to him to talk. it’s the best place for their privacy.
  • they spend the nights cuddling and watching as many bad netflix shows and documentaries as possible
  • they mostly talk through them though. there’s a lot to talk about
  • jake is almost always the big spoon because he feels safest when his arms are wrapped around her (he’s protective shhhh)
  • when they gets sleepy jake tells shitty jokes till they finally falls asleep. 
  • they hang out with marco once a week or every two weeks. for about a month all three took kickboxing classes together till marco and jake had a playful fight 
  • jake pretended he was grumpy because he got his ass kicked but cassie knew he loved it because it felt like old times
  • (but don’t ever bring up that jake’s 6 foot ass got whooped by someone barely notching 5 feet. it absolutely didn’t happen.)
  • tobias talks to cassie. jake knows it. he comes with her sometimes but he rarely speaks to tobias.
  • cassie insists that the two should talk sometime.
  • slowly, they exchange words, but it’s never the same.
  • they spend saturdays together doing whatever. sometimes they volunteer. sometimes they stay at home. sometimes they go out. sometimes jake will go out to the local basketball court. sometimes cassie will insist they visit the park. but they always make time to rest, too. some days they need that more than others
  • they do the same thing every sunday. they go to the local community center that used to belong to the sharing. they volunteer. talk to locals. try to bond with former controllers.
  • and in the evening, they visit tom’s and rachel’s memorial. cassie kneels by tom’s memorial and will sometimes hold jake’s hand. he doesn’t say anything, but he rubs his thumb over tom’s name.
  • cassie leans right up against rachel’s memorial. she brings her pictures and talks about everything from the past week. she cries before leaving. jake doesn’t say anything. but he holds on to the edge of the memorial.
  • they go home and try to talk about what happened. but mostly they hold each other and remind each other it’s okay. they remind each other they’re alive. they remind each other that’s a good thing.
  • when jake has a breakdown, it’s either angry or quiet with no inbetween. he tries to hide it but cassie always sees it coming. she stays close to him, not saying much until he’s ready.
  • jake knows immediately when cassie is suffering. everything about her is different. he stays close and lets her open up, holding her when she can’t hold herself.
  • cassie is extremely protective of jake and vice versa. for the most part, they try to live their lives in private. but if there’s one image they try to show to the public its that they stand together.

ok bi!marco was #blessed and confirmed by applegate a few weeks ago i think but it took me time to Deliver (mostly bc i was caught up in Reading Animorphs) 

anyways have marco kissin his mates (that’s ax bottom right, tobias center, jake top right, cassie top left, and rachel bottom left) 

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