cassie where are you

Dean wiped the table with a scowl, nearly knocking over a glass with his elbow before catching it and plunking it down loudly. His cheeks turned red as he spied a few women in sundresses giggling in a corner booth.

“Be right there,” he said, picking up the last of the plates and taking them back to the kitchen. The bus boy hadn’t shown up and since Dean was the manager at the seashell grill, the task fell to him along with his job as a server. In fact, tonight had been all around pretty bad if you included the fender bender he’d gotten into on his way to work and the three missed phone calls from his ex, Lisa, trying to get back together with him. Again.

Dean sighed, wishing he were anywhere but at work. It took a moment, but finally, flustered and flushed from the heat of the kitchen—even with the lazy ceiling fans that swirled above in quiet circles, he made it to the table.

“Sorry about that, ladies,” he said with a wink, turning up the side of his lip in typical beach-boy charm for the customers, even if he didn’t feel it.

A tall brunette leaned forward, ordering a pineapple drink right off the bat, a pink sparkly crown on her head. Dean smirked, noticing the glaze in her eyes.

“Bachelorette party?” he guessed, watching the blonde across from her, discreetly play footsie with a redhead—Charlie, he heard the blonde say.

“Yes!” yelled Charlie enthusiastically, throwing her arms in the air. “Anna is getting married next week,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.

All three girls seemed incredibly tipsy and Dean couldn’t help but smile because as shitty as this night had started out, at least he would probably be tipped fairly well at the end of it.

Anna leaned forward, eyes roaming Dean’s fit form. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes when barely, under her breath, she muttered something about still needing a stripper for the night.

“Alright,” he said too loudly, cutting her off. “Three Blue Hawaii’s coming up.”

“Wait,” said Charlie, her voice almost humorously serious. “We should probably wait for the maid of honor, don’t you think?”

Anna smiled and got out her phone, holding up a hand for Dean to wait, then dialed a number, scowling as one of the other girls kicked her accidentally under the table.

Dean resisted the urge to sigh, wishing tonight weren’t so empty in the restaurant, then maybe he could excuse himself from the haze of pink giggles to help another customer.

“Cassie!” Anna practically yelled into the phone at her friend. “Where are you?”

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Write It Out

Request: *chanting* LONGER FICS, LONGER FICS (just cause i never want ur fics to end, they’re so cute) also since requests are open - can we get writer!reader who has writer’s block & is struggling to write a romantic scene. peter tries to help her get creative & fluff ensues!

Word Count: 1,269

A/N: hello hello! I’m sorry for the delay with this one, my summer has been a bit insane so far with camps and moving and things like that but I was so eager to return to this writing. Hope you enjoy!! -Claire xx

Originally posted by koenigreus

You sighed, pressing the palm of your hand into your cheek. The coffee shop bustled with life around you, but somehow you still managed to feel like you were in the middle of a dead zone, like you were in the most drab and boring place imaginable- all because of some writer’s block.

You knew you had to get out of your bedroom after several hours of pounding away at the keyboard and finding nothing to write besides the gibberish that resulted, finally packing up your laptop and notes and heading to a nearby coffee shop for fresher surroundings.

You sighed, deleting yet another failed sentence. You were more frustrated with this piece than you could remember being with any other. But this scene was also more important than any other- your protagonist was falling desperately in love with the tall boy with the magic dimples and the quick laugh and this was the moment, the moment in which she looked at him while they were sitting on the roof at midnight, or swinging on a playground that was far too small for them, or driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, the moment in which she realized she was falling for him.

Your only issue was figuring out how it happened; you had run through every option you could think of.

At first, they had been sitting in her basement and he had swung his head into her lap and her hand fell into his hair and it was the way he smiled at her- wrong.

Then, you had tried to write about the bonfire party in the neighborhood, as she watched from afar while he swung little kids by their shoulders and played as if he was a child too- nope.

The next attempt had involved something about a state fair and the top of a Ferris wheel, but you’d deleted it before it could go too far.

You were jolted from your reverie by the scraping of the chair in front of you sliding away from the table. “Mind if I join you?”

Your eyes trailed upwards, soon lighting on a familiar face.

“Peter!” You sat up, your smile instantaneous. “Hi, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me.” You sighed, thinking guiltily about your powered off phone at the bottom of your bag.

“Sorry for not texting you back, I’m having some really bad writer’s block right now.”

“Writer’s block? I am the ultimate writer’s block crusher!” His boyish smile seemed as if it could light up the room. “Let me be your muse, dahling.” His face took on a serious charm as he started drawling out his words, looking up at you from beneath his eyelashes.

Despite your feelings of dread about writing, this was enough to crack through a little. “I don’t think that’s how this works.”
His expression dropped. “Well, have you ever tried it?”
You pinched your mouth to the side. “I guess not.”
You barely had time to move your fingers away from the keyboard before he was pressing the lid to your laptop down. Grabbing your coffee and his, he grinned at you. “We’re doing this then. Gather your things, chop chop.”

It took you a minute to reconnect with him outside, where he had his phone out for directions. “You’re coming with me.” His voice retained a joking huskiness as he handed you your coffee.

The path he set out for took you through many familiar streets, although you had no idea where he could be taking you. When you asked, he had just laughed and looped his arm through yours, clearly not willing to say a peep.

You ended up in front of a building you had looked at many a time but never actually entered- one of the only literary centers in New York. “When the words won’t come to you, you come to the words,” Peter told you.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to get lost amongst the shelves, joking around and pulling out the most amusing titles you could find. You almost lost it with laughter when Peter somehow discovered a book called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”

At some point in your expedition, his hand found yours, tentatively curling his fingers around yours until you flipped your hand and fully intertwined them, offering him a reassuring smile at the contact.

By the time the two of you left the literary center, it was almost dinnertime. You decided to split a milkshake at the closest burger joint.

“So, what are you trying to write exactly?” Peter asked, swirling a fry in ketchup.

“It’s supposed to be this grand romantic scene, with, like, the whole shebang. You know, fireworks and sparks and lovey dovey stuff like that. Cassie’s going to realize she’s in love with Trevor. Trevor’s going to realize he’s in love with Cassie. My only issue is finding out where exactly you go to find love with someone.”
You looked up and find Peter staring at you more intently than you expected. “Well, isn’t that an easy one?”

You frowned. “Obviously not, considering it’s taken me days to figure it out. I have to have it finished by this weekend and I have nothing.”

Peter’s smile began to grow. “What about a burger place?”

Your stomach dropped as your eyes fixed on his. “What kind of burger place?”

He looked around. “The kind of burger place where two kids can go to split a milkshake and some fries and maybe one of them will get the nerve to kiss the other one.”
Your heart was beating faster and faster. Peter looked unfairly calm. “Well, this sounds like your story now. Does he ever get up the nerve?”
“I’ll let you know,” he smiled, that same earth-shattering smile that drove you crazy.

Your own smile began to grow like crazy as you felt yourself flush.

It could have been just your imagination, but the conversation felt like a live wire all through the rest of the milkshake, and paying the bill, and the walk back to your house. You had almost forgotten all about your writing deadline until your eyes fixed on your front door.

“Now it’s time to actually buckle down and write something.” You smiled softly, brushing your knuckles against his like Morse code. “Thank you for today. You were a great muse.”
His smile was like a wildfire. “What about one last piece of inspiration?” Suddenly he was close, so close, too close, as his hand pressed flat along your spine. You felt like your eyelashes should be tangling with his at this distance.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to one lasting image.”

When he kissed you, it was like every late night drive, every trip to the fair, every roof at midnight, every shared milkshake rolled into one. It was everything you could have wanted. It was everything you could have imagined.

You kissed and kissed until you felt senseless, until you were pressed against the front door.

“Peter,” you paused, pressing your hands against his toned shoulders.
“I know, you have to write.” He pressed a few more kisses to your cheeks and even one chaste one to your neck before he backed away. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“I’ll call you the second I finish,” you promised. He pressed one last kiss to your waiting smile before you fumbled to open the door, feeling like you were seconds from exploding. You dashed up the stairs and to your desk, opening your laptop immediately.

You began to type immediately, finding that you have all too much to say.



Right or Wrong? (Chapter Two)

Summary: Your friends help you realize your feelings for Misha. When you avoid him for a few days, things are just as intense as ever when he walks in on you watching Supernatural.
A/N: I wasn’t sure I was going to get this part done today but I did! So yay!!
Pairing: Misha x Reader (Eventual)
Warnings: language, Self… uncertainty? (sure we’ll use that word)
Word Count: 2,549


-Feedback is encouraged! It’s what keeps me going.


“So, tell us what’s up.” Lacey said as she practically threw herself down in the chair in your room. She was always the most comfortable… everywhere. She would just walk in and make herself right at home.

“Nothing good…” you trailed off, but the look on your face probably gave you away.. You knew that your face was still red, and as you sat on your bed, crossing your legs as you avoided eye contact with either of your friends, you were well aware that the truth was going to come out sooner rather than later.

“We know better than that, Y/N.” Cassie said from where she sat next to you on your bed.

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imthetruealphathatwearinblack  asked:

@cassieclare Cassie when will you announce where and what special editions of LOS we can pre-order? I really want to pre-order all of them! I really loved LM and I can't wait to see what will happen, but I'm also scared.

Don’t be scared! ;) Here’s a guide to the special content that will be available in various first editions in the US and UK:


1. Target – Map of Alicante

2. Barnes and Noble – An exclusive scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge in which they discuss Will, Tessa and Jem

3. Costco – Julian’s portrait of Emma, described in Lady Midnight and just posted here



1.  W.H. Smiths and Easons—Trade Paperback special edition including interior cover printing of Shadowhunter runes 

2. Waterstones—Trade Paperback special edition featuring sprayed colour edges and scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge.

3. Hardback special limited edition (matching the UK Lady Midnight special edition hardback) featuring scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge and Map of Alicante.

I don’t give a Flying Fuck about ant-man or whatever. I want Wasp! Where is she Marvel!!! She’s a founding avenger and we’ve only seen an unfinished suit!! y'all are one sexist demon!!! Or better yet, where is Cassie with her team of Young Avengers???! why do you hate good things marvel? why.

Breathe Disaster

ao3 |

Summary: Dick’s been shot, Wally feels guilty, and Cassandra sheds some insight on why Dick fights.

Based on @haunt-the-stars‘s birdflash post. It did not turn out the way I thought it was going to at all, but I hope you enjoy! Title comes from Marianas Trench’s song Ever After.

“Come on, Dick,” Wally murmurs, head lowered as he sits in the chair next to Dick’s bed side (or should he say cot side, since they’re in the Batcave’s medbay. Maybe he would have, but even his mind, the joke falls flat). He has his hands clasped in front of him, and he hates this feeling of waiting. It’s too slow. It helps him feel better to talk to Dick, though. To mutter, “Come on, Dick. Wake up soon, or else Batman’s gonna fillet me.”

He won’t. Batman’s always been through here more times in the past three hours than Wally can count, and Wally doesn’t doubt that Batman’s too worried about Dick to do much more than grunt in Wally’s general direction.

Unfortunately, Wally hasn’t known Batman—Bruce Wayne—long enough to translate Bat-speak, so he’s at a loss for what that particular grunt means. He hopes it means that he’s not going to kill Wally. But without Dick there to translate, and with Tim being uncooperative and not speaking to either Bruce or Wally, it means that Wally is out of luck.

“You know,” someone says, and Wally looks up to see a girl about Tim’s age—Cassandra, Wally remembers—next to him, looking down at him. He doesn’t know her very well, but she’s always shied away from his exuberance.

“Don’t take it personally,” Dick had told him after one too many times she’d disappeared on them in the manor. “She doesn’t know you well, and you’re probably just too loud and obnoxious.”

“So are you!” Wally had claimed.

Dick had just shrugged with an easygoing grin. “Yeah, well, I’m her brother. She has to like me.”

That conversation had dissolved into wrestling pretty quickly, and Wally thinks that they’d broken one of Alfred’s weird vases. They’d scrambled to clean up the shards, both reminiscing about the times they’d done this before when they were kids. Wally is pretty sure he’d seen a shadow watching them that day, and he wonders now if it was Cassandra.

“You’re not going to wake him up by staring at him,” Cassandra says, eyes flickering over to where Dick is lying unconscious on the cot. She looks sad. “But he’s not in any danger, so it should be okay to rest and eat something.”

“I’m not hungry,” Wally says at once, even though it’s a lie.

He’s starving. Not to mention exhausted. But all he can see when he closes his eyes is turning around to see the bullet piercing through Dick’s suit. Dick falling. Wally had barely been fast enough to catch Dick and flash him away somewhere safe. The stricken looks of his family when Wally had brought him to the Batcave.

Cassandra hums, but it doesn’t seem like she believes him. “I know how your abilities work.”

“I don’t think I can leave him.”

“Alfred can make you something,” Cassandra offers, her eyes soft and her voice gentle, but there’s something powerful about her that Wally can’t quite place. But then she looks back over at Dick, and she hunches in on herself, and all that power turns to fragile hurt. She’s sad. This is her big brother, Wally realizes, and she probably hurts just as much as Wally does to see Dick like this, but she’s torn herself away from him to take care of herself. Probably because that’s what Dick would want.

But Dick is Wally’s best friend. And he was there when Dick was shot. He’d had to watch as Dick fell like a puppet with its strings cut. And he sits here and he doesn’t think he can tear himself away until he knows for sure that Dick’s eyes will open again.

Cassandra seems to understand, because she sits down on the empty chair and pulls her knees up. “It sounds bad,” she says quietly, “but we’re all used to this. It’s the price of being…human, I guess.”

“I’m human,” Wally croaks. “I’m human, and this doesn’t happen to me. I can dodge bullets at super speed and I have accelerated healing, and sometimes—sometimes I forget that Dick isn’t me. He can’t take the hits I do and keep on going.”

“Maybe,” and Cassandra sighs. “But Dick’s one of the best when it comes to this, and there’s a reason.”

“Yeah?” Wally snorts. “And what’s that?”

Cassandra smiles. “Friends. Family. The people he loves, and the ones who love him.”

Wally runs a hand down his face. “That’s not going to help him dodge a bullet when it’s aimed straight at him.”

“Maybe not. But it gives him something to fight for.” Cassandra hesitates, and then she stares at Dick again. She seems almost—reluctant. “Dick…is different. Bruce fights for the city, but Dick fights for love. Family. Friendship.”

“Shhh,” Dick moans, his eyes still closed and his face pale, but his hands twitches towards where Cassandra is sitting. “‘M tryna sleep over here, Cassie. You, too, Walls. Love ya, but shuttup.”

Wally blinks, a little startled as he looks over at his best friend, but from the corner of his eye he sees Cassandra bite back a small smile.

“Dick?” Wally asks, almost in disbelief, that guilt threatening to overwhelm him again. He hadn’t realized that Cassandra had been distracting him from it until Dick’s blue, blue eyes open and catch his green, and they just look at each other. Until Wally feels something hitch in his chest and has to wrap his fingers around Dick’s weak hand. “Thank God.”

Dick huffs an amused breath, his eyes hazy with pain killers, but he squeezes back as much as he can. “Come here often?”

“Shut the hell up, Dick,” Wally says, but something loosens and Wally is crying tears of relief. “God, you scared me half to death.”

“Jason’s the one who does the death jokes around here,” Dick half slurs, a loopy grin across his face. “He’s not gonna be happy you’re taking ‘em over.”

Wally laughs wetly, and he has to take a couple of deep breaths before he can speak again. But before he can, he looks around in bewilderment, because—

“Where did your sister go?”

“T’get Bruce,” Dick says.

“I didn’t even see her leave.”

“She’s sneakier than a ninja.”

“Why is she getting your dad?”

“He’s a worrywart.”

“You got shot.”

“So’re you.”

“It nicked a lung.”

Dick huffs another laugh, but he grimaces this time and shifts. “I think the pain meds are starting to wear off.”

It’s less guilt this time around and more worry that makes Wally lean forward and squeeze Dick’s hand just a bit tighter. “Are you alright?”

Dick hums and closes his eyes. “Ask me again in a couple hours.”

“Dick,” Wally says, and Dick opens his eyes up again. He looks exhausted, but he meets Wally’s eyes, and looks slightly more coherent than before. He waits patiently, giving Wally a I’mlistening look, and Wally swallows. “I’m sorry I wasn’t fast enough.”

“And if I say I’m the one who’s sorry?” Dick says, his tone sharp all of the sudden. “Are you gonna let me take the blame for this one? Or are you gonna pull a Bruce and take all of the guilt?”

“Why would you be—”

“Because I jumped in front of it, Wally,” Dick says, his voice solemn, and Wally feels something sink his in stomach at the serious look in Dick’s eyes. At Dick’s words. “It was heading straight towards you, and I knew you wouldn’t have been able to get out of the way in time, eve with your speed. So, I jumped.”

Wally lets go of Dick’s hand and stands up, staring at his best friend. Dick looks—resigned. Like he’s expecting Wally to leave and not come back. But—that’s not—

“I can heal faster,” Wally says. “You shouldn’t have—”

“You can still die, Wally,” Dick says, and his voice is hoarse and there’s pain in his face that Wally thinks is from something other than the bullet wound in his chest. “Not even you can outrun a shot through the heart.”

Wally knows that his expression is showing all of the disbelief and pain and fear at the fact that his best friend jumped in front of a bullet that had been meant for Wally. “Dick—”

“I saw him pull the trigger and my body just moved,” Dick tells him. “And honestly? I’d do it again. I’ll be fine in a few weeks, but I don’t know if you’d be. There’s no way to know that if I hadn’t taken that bullet you wouldn’t be six feet under the ground.”

Wally sits back down and runs both hands through his hair, taking that in. He’s not—happy about it. But he’s not angry. He knows Dick. He knows that Dick is the kind of person to put someone above himself.

Dick fights for love, Cassandra had said, and yeah. Wally can’t believe how true that is. That Dick had taken a bullet for a speedster. For someone, if they’d just been facing the right direction and making a rookie mistake, that could just run away from it without a scratch.

But Dick had jumped in front. Had watched his back.

“Thank you,” Wally says, wrapping his hand around Dick’s again. “For saving my life.”

Dick shoots him a tired smile. “Anytime, Wally.”

noaor  asked:

Hi Cassie! I remember seeing a post a while ago where you said that after lord of shadows was released, you could tell us who would be the main characters in the wicked powers, and I was wondering if that time had come! Also I wanted to say that lord of shadows was absolutely amazing and I have no idea how I'm going to wait for to years for the next book to be released

Not QUITE yet, because I do think it’s actually spoilery. In a few weeks, I promise!

I Love You

A/N: @baerrylll gave me my first prompt request and I hope it’s deemed well! It came easier to me than I thought. Y’all were quick with the requests which is MAGICAL. The other ones will be up shortly! It completely obliterated my indents so bare with that. This is unbeta’d (THANK YOU GRAMMARLY!!) 

Prompts #11 -His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at me. “You have no idea who I am, do you?” and #27- You love her don’t you?” “Is it that obvious?”

   When Spencer called, two and a half weeks after meeting you, signs weren’t exactly pointing towards a date. Sure, you guys hit it off when you were introduced but then it was radio silence. You weren’t totally offended but it also wasn’t the best feeling. He was cute and sweet and the conversation was wholly different from anything else you’ve ever experienced.

   Maybe that was it? Maybe the conversation wasn’t fulfilling to him. You knew right off the bat that he was a force to be reckoned with, intellectually. He could have spent the entire group dinner talking about theories and psychologists but when you spoke? His eyes never left you.  Maybe it wasn’t the conversation.

   Maybe it was the job difference. Your best friend Rachel had mentioned something about her favorite cousin being a federal agent, FBI you later deduced, and you were not. You were a DSS and proud of it.  You weren’t out there chasing bad guys or investigating murders, but your work was hard and fulfilling. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

   When the first date turned into a second date, which turned quickly into a third and a fourth and half of a fifth (weather, man.), you came to the conclusion that this could be it. He could be it, The One. At least you had hoped. It took some work but you got along with his team and you knew better than to ask about case specifics. He, in turn, knew better than to ask about your residents. He understood HIPAA and the other laws that permitted you to discuss the finer details about your exact work life.

   Formal dates turned into casual get-togethers with his team, or your friends/ co-workers, or just the two of you. You both were at your happiest when sweats and movies were involved. Although, when he would read his favorite poetry to you it was pretty incredible. Likewise for when you would convince him to do some volunteer work at the local cat shelter. The way he looked at you, you just knew.

   The home you worked for prided itself on being someplace safe for not only it’s residents but also it’s co-workers, after all, everyone was family. So when it came time for a “family party” (monthly staff meeting that involved you getting your paycheck a few days early) it wasn’t a complete surprise when the conversation turned itself on you. Everyone was still arriving when Cassie, she was 7 months your work senior, sat next to you on the living room sofa with a mug of s’more flavored coffee. She looked a little tired but that’s what happened when you worked full-time, went to school, and had a 3-year-old.

   “Heard you had a date last night. What’s that make your total this month? 4?” She asked as she ran her hand through her short chocolate hair as she got comfortable.

   You faintly blushed and gave a soft smile. “Yeah. Something like that.”

   Melanie, Cassie’s best friend, and fellow 3rd-shifter sat on the sofa, putting Cassie in the middle. “Ooh. Do tell. Where did you guys go this time? Or did you stay in? Hmmm?”

   You giggled at your friend’s shenanigans. “No, we went out. His co-workers had told him about this hibachi and he wanted to try it out. So we did. It wasn’t planned. We just really wanted sushi and steak.”

   “Look at you guys going on random dates. Going somewhere just because. It’s like Y'all are married or something.” Cassie sipped from her drink.

   “Almost.” Melanie winked.

   The conversation died down, and the meeting started, but your mind had a hard time straying from what the girls had said, insinuated. You hadn’t even told him you loved him yet, but you couldn’t figure out why. What was stopping you?

   You made it home safely from the meeting and decided to settle in for a nap. You’d eventually realize why you had a hard time saying things to Spencer that would make him stay absolutely, make your relationship so concrete.

   The dream started like it always did; you were trying to travel somewhere far and you were running late for whatever mode of transportation was going to get you there. It changed, then. Taking the Megabus to the train station turned into taking an unidentifiable convoy to an unidentifiable place. Fear started to settle in you, and for good reason. All of a sudden you couldn’t recognize who was in the vehicle with you, or the passing outside. It was farmland but that quickly turned into a bridge being surrounded by water and that’s when it kicked in. That’s when your aquaphobia made itself known. You weren’t even touching the water and it had already begun to feel Ike the air was leaving your lungs.

   “Where are we going?” You managed to squeak out.

   No one responded. No one turned their heads to look at you. Lemmings, you thought.

   “Can anyone hear me?”

   Someone sitting behind the driver, a man, began to turn his head around. It moved so slowly, at some point you were concerned about how far he’d turn it. What was he, an owl?

   The two of you made eye contact but he didn’t blink, didn’t talk. It was almost like he wasn’t even breathing. But his eyes never left yours. They almost had a familiar feel to them, but eerie. The way he wasn’t blinking definitely wasn’t helping.  

   Then he stood up.

   The man turned so he was still within his seat space but his whole body was facing you, You couldn’t quite see his clothes or all the features on is face but you could make out the eyes and the emotion they held.

   No, They didn’t hold emotion. Nothing in him held emotion, of this you could tell. You could sense overwhelming dread as he made his way to the aisle of the bus you were still on, that was still going down the road. He was coming right for you but you couldn’t move, couldn’t get up, not that you had anywhere you could go anyway. He stopped right in front of your seat.

   You swallowed and tried to move towards the window but he grabbed your wrist and held it tight. Oh yeah, you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It didn’t help that he had a tight grip, maybe even cutting off your circulation. You still couldn’t look away.

   His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at you. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

   You inhaled sharply and his grip somehow increased. But that’s when you saw it.

   This is it, you thought. This is where I leave Spencer, and I’ll never be able to see or talk or touch him again. No! He doesn’t even know I love him!

   “Let me go!” You yelled and squirmed, but his hand wouldn’t release you. “I have to tell Spencer! I won’t be like you! I need to tell him!”

   You took a sharp and haggard breath as you sat up. You were in your bed, under your own sheets. After grasping reality, you ran your hands over your face and counted backward from 10. Numbers helped, sometimes. Numbers and food.

   Your stomach growling led you to swing your legs over the side of the bed and out of the bedroom. Before you made it ten steps, you could hear his voice coming from the kitchen talking to someone else. When you didn’t hear anyone else, you deduced that Spencer was on the phone. You decided to eavesdrop, give your heart some more time to let up on the hammering.

   “I’m sure, Morgan.” A brief pause as you heard him clinking around in the cupboards.

   “Yeah, she was upstairs taking a nap when I got in. I figured a quick cup of coffee would suffice and a sticky note. I probably won’t even wake her.” Water running, most likely into the coffee pot to fill the filter.

   A shattering of glass was heard before you heard your boyfriend briefly swear. “And that was my favorite mug. Darn it.”

   “You breaking her things, man?” Derek’s voice could be heard, he must have put his phone on speaker to clean up the mess.

   “It was an accident. I loved this mug. The coffee never got cold, like magic.”

   “If you believed in magic. What’s the total damage, anyway? You basically live there. It could be considered your mug.”

   Spencer sighed. “Yeah that sounds good on paper, but it’s not my property. It’s hers. I like to respect it as I respect her.”

   “By dropping it on the linoleum?” The other man chuckled.

   “It was an accident. Besides…I’d never want to drop Leah or hurt her.” Then Spencer gave an almost whisper. “She’s everything to me.”

 “You really love her, don’t you?”

  “Is it that obvious?” A smack could be heard. “Don’t answer that. I know it is. I want it to be. I-I want…”

   “What, Reid? What do you want?”

   “I want- I want to be able to tell her that.”

   “You haven’t!? She doesn’t know? You mean to tell me that you’ve been seeing each other for almost half a year and you’re basically living in her house, and you haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet!?”

   “Aw, Derek. I didn’t know you felt that way.”


   “I know I’m sorry! I-I just… I don’t… I…” He took a deep breath. “I know it’s unlikely but she hasn’t said it either so there’s always a chance that she doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t want the thought that all of this has been for nothing. If I say it and it’s not reciprocated then…then it’ll destroy me.”

   “Listen to me when I tell you that you have nothing to be worried about. Y/N loves you just as much as you love her. There’s nothing to fear there, man. Just say it.”

   Taking the matter into your own hands, you walk around the wall separating the hallway and the kitchen. You walk up to your unsuspecting boyfriend and grab his face, pushing your lips against his.

   “I love you, Spencer. Always.”

   He didn’t dare do anything besides blink and if your heart weren’t still hammering from the dream and everything that followed you would have giggled at his dumbfound expression.

   “Well, that’s my cue. Thank God.” Derek said his goodbyes and then hung up.

   Your eyes never left Spencer, and his eyes never left you.

   “I love you, too.” At that, he grabbed your waist and pulled your lips back on to his.

Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader- Blazin’ BY (Part 5)

Word Count: 970

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warning: A pinch of angst

Quickly walking to the parking lot with your hand still gripping Alethia’s hand, you kept your eyes peeled for your dad, uncle, or Cassie.  The Impala was still parked near your Blazer, letting you know that at least your dad hadn’t stormed out yet.  Cautiously approaching your car, you shoved your keys into the lock of the driver side door with your spare hand, swiftly unlocking it.

“Get in,” you whispered, releasing Alethia’s hand.  “They’ll hear the engine, so we need to get out of here fast.”

She nodded, climbing in and sliding to the passenger side seat.  Tossing your duffel bag into the second row of seats, you sat down and buckled your seat belt.

“You need to wiggle the buckle in,” you told Alethia, who was struggling to put her seat belt on.

She did as you suggested, wiggling the buckle until a click could be heard.  Chuckling, you slammed your door shut and shoved your keys into the ignition, watching the motel entrance carefully.  Twisting them, your engine started loudly.  Instantly putting your car in reverse, you backed into the street and put it in drive.  Slamming your foot on the gas, you sped away from the motel without looking back.

“Where are we going?” Alethia asked, looking over to you.

“We’re gonna head to my safehouse, well, the only safehouse I have,” you answered, turning right.  “Only Cassie knows where it is, and I highly doubt he’d tell anyone where it is without my permission.  It’s in California.”

“That’s a long drive,” she said, looking down at her hands.

“You’d be surprised how short it’ll seem,” you smiled.  “There’s a box below your seat that has some cassette tapes, you can pick one out.  Most of them are compilations I made.”

Alethia reached down, pulling a Star Wars box out.  Lifting it to her lap, she removed the top and scanned through the tapes.  You returned your eyes to the road, turning left.

“What is Red Hot Chili Peppers?” Alethia asked, pulling out a cassette tape.

“It’s a band, one of my favorites actually,” you answered, turning onto the highway.  “Do you want to listen to it?”

She nodded, removing the tape from the case and handing it to you.  You chuckled and shoved it into the cassette slot below the radio, pressing play and returning your hand to the wheel.  Scar Tissue started playing through the speakers, making you instantly join in.

“Scar tissue that I wish you saw, sarcastic mister know it all~” you sang, tapping the beat of the song on the steering wheel.

Pressing your foot on the gas more, you accelerated Old Yeller to sixty five miles per hour, not wanting anyone to crash into your car.  You weren’t worried about your beast of a vehicle, you were worried about the sorry cars that would crash into you.  Those cars were built to crumple and take on the impact, your car was built to withstand the impact.  Your dad, adoptive dad, had driven into a mountain in this car, bouncing off of it and receiving a small dent.

“Your phone is ringing,” Alethia informed you, knocking you out of your reminiscing.

“Thanks,” you said, digging your phone out of your pocket and glancing at the caller ID.

Clenching your jaw when you saw Vincent Vega on the screen, you took in a deep breath and answered it.

“This is (Y/N)’s phone, she’s emotionally drained right now, so please call again,” you said, focusing on the road.

“Very funny, (Y/N),” Dean said angrily.  “Where are you?”

“I’m not with you, that’s for sure,” you answered, rolling your eyes.

“I don’t need this teenager crap right now, (Y/N),” he said.  “I just found out you’re my daughter and you just leave?”

“I just met my biological father for the first time and I left, because running away from my feelings is the best thing I do,” you spat.  “It’s hard on a kid, y’know, meeting the person who was responsible for bringing me into this messed up world and for making me lose my parents.  I’m not going to apologize for not staying, I’m going to apologize for not being the kid you wanted.  You’ll find me when I want you to find me.”

Dean sighed, “Fine, I won’t go looking, just tell me where you’re going to be.  Please, (Y/N).”

“Cassie knows where I’m heading,” you said.  “Ask him where my safe house is.”

You hung up and shoved your phone back into your pocket.  Tightening your grip on the steering wheel, you slightly increased the volume of your speakers.

“Was that your father?” Alethia asked quietly, still looking through your cassette tape collection.

“Yup,” you replied, changing lanes.  “Recently discovered biological father seems to me a more appropriate term for him.”

She pulled out another tape, “Can I put this one on?”

You looked over, instantly smiling when you saw what she had picked out.  ‘(Y/N)’s Classic Rock Favorites’ was messily scribbled onto the case, the year 2009 written under it.  Nodding, you returned your attention to the road.  Alethia paused the current cassette in the slot, carefully replacing it with the new one she chose.  Your smile grew when you heard the first song come on.

“What is this song called?” Alethia asked, looking over to you.

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” you answered, “it was written by a band called Queen.”

“It is nice,” she commented, cautiously placing your box near her feet.  “Do you enjoy music?”

“Music is my religion,” you responded.  “It’s the only thing that has been there for me ever since I was introduced to the Hunter’s life.”

“So it’s important to you,” she said, leaning against the window.  “Music is your escape from this world.”

“Yes, it is.”

N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S Pt.9 // Fanfic

Modern Friends AU // Nessian

The One With The Wedding 

A/N: Thanks for sticking with the story despite all the drama and heartbreak. I would like to apologize to those who started this story because it was a fluff story and a break from the angst. Sorry. :) 

“You don’t have to come to the rehearsal dinner. You don’t even have to come to the wedding,” Feyre says, from the vanity chair while Nesta braided her hair into an updo. “We could come up with a great excuse.” 

Nesta shook her head, “No, this is going to kill me but I think I would regret it if I wasn’t there for him. I would want him to come to my wedding if it was reversed.” 

Feyre reached up to grab her sisters hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You know there someone out there for you, right? Cassian just wasn’t the one,” she states. 

Nesta smiled at her sister through the mirror in a reassuring way but she knew Cassian was the one. She knew she had missed her chance and she was going to have to live with that the rest of her life. 

“Feyre, Nesta, it’s time to go. We wouldn’t want to be late,” Rhys yells from downstairs. Nesta finishes up her sisters hair quickly and they make there way downstairs together. Rhys seems surprised to see Nesta ready but quickly composes himself again. “Darling, you look stunning, as do you Nesta.” 

“Thanks Rhys,” Nesta replies, everyone stands around awkwardly so she gestures towards the door. “Are we going?” 

The car ride is silent. Rhys and Feyre sit up front quietly whispering to each other and Mor, who is usually talking, is either staring out the window or down at her hands. 

“I am glad you all came,” Cassian says, but he’s looking directly at Nesta when he says it. Since that morning in her apartment, she slowly stopped helping with the wedding preparations, glancing around the room she assumes Claire must have finally helped since it was everything Cassian said he didn’t want in a wedding.

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Rhys says, clapping his friend on the back before guiding his wife to where they were assigned to sit. Mor had already disappeared. 

“You look great,” he says, stepping closer towards Nesta. “I didn’t think you would show up.” 

“Why?” Nesta asks sweetly, forcing herself not to add one of us actually thinks we’re friends.  “I wouldn’t want to miss your big day especially since I help with some of it. What cake did you guys decided to go with? the Lemon vanilla?” 

“No, actually, I went with the chocolate mousse,” he says, and she raises an eyebrow in surprise. “I figured I should have at least one thing I like at this wedding.” 

“You don’t seem that thrilled. It’s the day before your wedding night, you should be beyond happy,” she says. Cassian doesn’t have time to reply because Claire comes up next to him and snakes her arms around his waist. 

“There you are, Cassie, I was wondering where you ran off too,” she smiles, leaning up to kiss his cheek leaving a bright red lip stain, when she turns to Nesta, Cassian discreetly wipes at it trying to get it off. “Nicole, right? Cassian’s neighbor? I am glad you were able to come. We didn’t know if we were going to have a seat for you since your just a neighbor but Cassian here really wanted you to be here.” 

“Thanks, I appriciate it,” she says through clench teeth. “I should probably go find my sis-,”

“Your single, right?” Claire asks, Nesta nods before flickering her eyes towards Cassian who looks just as confused as she feels. “My cousin is here and I think you two would be perfect. I have to introduce you to him. Hes right over there.” 

Nesta follows where Claire is pointing and sees an man, who’s probably in his forties. He’s short, stout, and balding. “You two would look so cute together,” Claire says before perking up when a tall blonde fellow walks through the door. “Oh that’s my boyfriend from highschool! I wanna go say hi!” she announces before exiting the conversation. 

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t introduce you,” Cassian says. 

“I should go find my seat,” she says, walking away from Cassian before he can say anything else. She needed a glass of wine before having another conversation with anyone else. 

“Thank you all so much for coming,” Claire says into the microphone. It was only the rehearsal dinner but you would think it was the wedding since it seemed everyone had been inviting. “I should call it a night so I can have all the beauty sleep I need before the big day tomorrow.” 

“You’re always beautiful,” Cassian calls out to her, she puts a hand on her heart and mouths “I love you.” Nesta rolls her eyes and turns back towards the open bar, holding up her empty glass and waits for the bartender to fill it before taking a sip. 

When Rhys and Feyre found her she was already on her fourth glass. “Oh Nes,” Feyre says, taking the glass from her sisters hand and putting it out of her reach. “Is this where you were the whole night?”

“No, in the beginning I talked with Cassian and his lovely bride to be,” Nesta replies with a roll of her eyes. “What does he see in her?” 

Feyre shushes her quickly looking around to see if anyone heard her while Rhys put her arm around his shoulder and helped her off the stool. She pushes him away gently, “I’ve had three and a half drinks. I am not drunk. I wouldn’t get drunk here.” 

“Do you want to stay at our place tonight so you don’t have to be alone?” Feyre asks. Or across the hallway from Cassian. 

“No thanks,” she retorts. She wasn’t a child she didn’t need to be looked after. “Can this day get any worse?” she exclaims, when they exit the building and its pouring down rain and remembering how far away Rhys had to park since we were late. 

“Why don’t you stay here and I’ll go get the car,” Rhys suggests. 

“Oh no, its okay. I love walking in the rain anyways,” Feyre says, taking her husbands hand.

Nesta scoffs, and rolls her eyes. “Well, I’ll be staying here where it’s nice and dry.” 

Feyre seems conflicted but a tug from her husbands hand has her leaving the building. Nesta leans up against the wall, staring out at the rain, waiting for the familiar car to pull up. “Ma’am,” someone says. She turns to see a janitor standing in the hallway. “I need to close the building.” She raises an eyebrow and looks out at the pouring rain before turning back towards him with an expectant look. “Sorry, ma’am,” he shrugs. 

She frowns, shooting a glare his way before exiting the building into the pouring rain. At least she wouldn’t have to stand outside for long, hopefully. 

“Nes?” she turns to see Cassian. “I am glad I ran into you. You left your purse inside.” He holds it out for her and she takes it gratefully. “Did you have a nice night?” 

Small talk. Their relationship had come to small talk. He sticks his hands in his pockets and looks at her. “Yes, it was great,” she replies with a smile. Smile through the lies. “How about you? Ready for your big day?” 

Anyone else wouldn’t have seen his smile falter but Nesta did and it gave her hope. “I just want to be married,” he replies. Married to who? Nesta can’t help but ask herself. “Well, I should be headed home. Do you need a ride?” 

“No,” she says quickly. Hurt flashes across his face so she adds, “Feyre and Rhys are driving me home.” 

“I can just take you. We live right across from each other,” he retorts. 

“I am actually staying at their house,” Nesta says, she wasn’t going to but it was the only thing she could think of on the spot. He nods, before giving a slight wave and turning on his heel. “Wait, can I ask you something?” 

He pauses, “Yeah of course.” 

“Why are you marrying Claire,” she blurts. His eyes widen in surprise. She’s surprised by it herself but she doesn’t try to take it back just stares at him waiting for an answer as they both stand there in the pouring rain with the only light a street light.

“Because I love her and I want to get married,” he replies smoothly. 

“So you just want to get married?” she inquired, raising an eyebrow accusingly. 

“Yes, but I want to get married to Claire. Why? What are you trying to start, Nes?” he asks. 

“I am not trying to start anything,” she retorts, turning towards the parking lot and hoping to see Rhys and Feyre so they could save her from this conversation. “I just want to make sure you are making the right decision.” 

“And you bring this up the night before my wedding?” he scoffs, kicking at a nonexistent pebble. 

“You know whats crappy? That after everything we’ve been through together you only think of me as your neighbor. It sucks. Do you know why it sucks so much? Because I think of you as so much more. I love you, Cas, and to you I am just your neighbor who knocked on your door at four in the morning for sugar.” 

He gaps at her and shes taking in quick breaths, her shoulders lifted from shoulders. “How selfish can you be, Nes?” She freezes, selfish? “It’s the night before my wedding. I am getting married in a less then ten hours and your telling me you love me?” 

She opens her mouth to speak, the angry tears rolling down her face and mixing with the rain. He shakes his head and the look on his face makes Nesta shut her mouth. “Do you know how long I have loved you? How long I waited for you to return my feelings? Two years. Now here you are telling me you love me the night before I am going to get married to someone else. That’s so selfish. Nesta. You should have just kept it to yourself.” 

“Kept it to myself? You would want me to never tell you that I love you?” Nesta asks, taking a step back as if his words had forced her back. “You would want be to live in silence the rest of my life?”

“Yes! That’s why your selfish! The whole world doesn’t revolve around you!” he yells, running a hand through his wet hair in exasperation. “I can’t have you here.” 

“What?” she asks softly, her voice cracking silently. “Cassian, I am sorry. I shouldn’t-”

“Just don’t come tomorrow, okay?” he says, before turning and walking away. Nesta watches as he leaves and with every step he takes she feels her heart break a little more. 

“You coming?” Feyre yells. She turns to see Feyre and Rhys looking at her in concern and realizes she has been staring at an empty sidewalk in a daze. She gets into the car and puts her seatbelt on quickly. 

“I am going back to your place,” she says. Rhys and Feyre share a look but they don’t mention the crack in her voice or the sniffling they hear the whole way home. 

person: [points at grisha paperbacks on shelf] so what’s the main love interest like??
me: a disease
me: no really his name is malaria

Dating Adult Sam Drake Would Include:

Originally posted by jaheesvorson

A/N: thought i would follow up the list i did of the teen sam with adult sam bc why the heck not, sorry i haven’t posted today i’ve been at Uni! Im working on requests dont worry! <3 I’m posting more up tonight! <3

Dating Teen Sam Drake List.

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers

Dating Adult Sam Drake would Include:

- Him having cute nicknames/petnames for you like; Doll, Dollface, sweetheart
- Him Saying ‘I love you’ all the time because he has to make up for fifteen years of not saying it to you. :’(
-Tracing over scars and tattoos subconsciously. 
- Him showing you his other tattoo ;) 
-You making fun of the way he pronounces some things with his Boston accent.
-Play Fighting/wrestling, because theres never a dull moment and it almost always leads to sex one way or another. Soz not soz.
- Again, SEX EVERYWHERE, I mean the poor guy was locked away for thirteen years he’s most certainly sex deprived and sexually frustrated. Gotta make up for lost time yknow. 
-Deciding to get Dogs instead of kids together, even though Sam is an absolute kid magnet, and they love him, dogs just seem better suited.
-Naming them something piratey like; Avery, Blackbeard, Edward, Bonny etc. 
-The most nonchalant and casual marriage proposal ever:

- “Well we have a house together and two dogs, I suppose we should think about getting married then?” 

-”Sounds like a plan.”

-Having a small quaint wedding, nothing too flashy but the whole gang will be there. 
-Getting to babysit Cassie together but doing a shit job at it because you two will feed her junk food and let her play violent games/watch violent movies:

-”I can’t believe you two let Cassie watch this!” 

-”ah c’mon she wanted to watch it, far be it for us to say no.” 

-”she has nightmares now, Sam.” 

-”oh. Shit. Our bad.” 

-Road trips, lots and lots of road trips.
-Family road trips! With Nate, Elena, Cassie and Vicki as well!
-Spontaneous holidays where you two can actually be touristy because you aren’t looking for treasure.
-Jealousy, yep, it’s still there. 
-Not getting up before 11A.M in your household no matter what. 
-Shower Sex, just saying…think about it ;) 
-Watching the Indiana Jones movies together basically all the time so much so you two act out your favourite scenes because you are both dorks.

#13: Batsis!Reader x Superboy

Prompt & Prompt credit to @unblockingwritersblock

Conner Kent hadn’t had the best experience with relationships. He had only ever loved one person, M’gann, who had betrayed his trust and recreated a trauma he had hoped to never go through again. He also never expected anyone to make him feel the way she did ever again, not until he met you. 

You were Batman’s prodigy and daughter, as talented at combat as your brother Dick and as smart as your other brother Tim. You hadn’t yet joined the Team, but that didn’t keep you from spending as much time as you could in Mount Justice. From the moment he met you he was enchanted by your beauty, kind heart, and your ability to kick his ass when you trained with the Team. He recognized what his feelings for you meant and wanted to act on them, but he didn’t know where to begin. 

Today the team was lounging around in Mount Justice, appreciating the free time they had before their next mission. You and the girls were busy making snacks in the kitchen, and much to Conner’s annoyance, Bart Allen kept flirting with you. 

“Hey, Y/N,” he said as he flitted by and grabbed a cookie off the tray you had just pulled out of the oven. “Bet you can’t guess who’s hotter than these cookies!” 

“You’re too young to be saying stuff like that,” you scolded him, but you smiled anyway. Conner knew that you only saw him as an adorable kid, but every time he sent a flirty comment your way it was a reminder of everything he couldn’t say to you, and it frustrated him more and more. 

“You look tense,” Dick commented as he came to stand next to him. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m calm.”

“No you’re not.”

“I am nothing but calm all the time.”

“Not when it comes to Y/N. You’re fifteen seconds away from starting a fight at all times anymore.” He looked to Bart, who had just given you another compliment. “Frankly I’m surprised you haven’t tried to kill him yet.”

“I would but I wouldn’t get very far,” Conner mumbled. He had done all he could when Impulse first showed up at Mount Justice. If the kid wasn’t so fast he would have grabbed him and thrown him back into his own time period long ago. 

“I know how you feel about my sister, Conner,” Dick said. “And you know I’m okay with it. All you have to do is go talk to her.”

“What would I even say?” Conner asked. 

“Honestly, all she would like you to do is say hi.”

Conner did a double take. “Wait, she wants me to talk to her?” 

Dick sighed. “You both are so clueless.” With that he walked away, leaving Conner wondering what he meant. Did Y/N feel the same way? Had she been waiting for him to make the first move this entire time?

He looked to where you stood next to Cassie and Barbara, entranced by your beautiful smile. When that smile turned to him, he took a deep breath and squared his shoulders was he walked over to you. 

“Hi, Y/N.” 

Rabbit Hole.

A/N: This is a pure Daddy!dean Easter fluff drabble. I just knew I would write something with Jensen and Dean the bunny. 

Pairing: Dean x reader 

Charlotte- 6 will be seven in October  Cassie-3  turning 4 in May Catherine just turned 3 in February and Bennett will be 8 months old. 

With the amount of “things”  Dean has seen in his day, he wouldn’t be the least surprised to hear that the Easter Bunny was real. Now, of course in the eyes of his four young children, the Easter bunny lived all the way out on Easter Island. 

Dean wants his kids to hold onto childhood as long as they can before they have to accept any type of responsibilities. Right now, Dean was just enjoying watching his girls and especially his littlest munchkin enjoying the little things of life. Dean sold his childhood the moment he ran out of that house with six month old Sammy in his arms wrapped up in a blanket many moons ago. 

All Dean could ever want for his kids is to lead normal lives, as you and him give them the most normal lives possible. You and Dean don’t really have to much to worry about giving Charlotte the talk about monsters quite yet. Dean solemnly swore if any harm were to come to you, his beautiful wife of any of his kids, it’ll be a blood bath. 

Off the record though, the funniest thing happened the other day as you tried to get everyone out the door in one piece. Dean had to take Cassie to playgroup for the day, and Charlotte to school. You walked them out because it was beginning to get warmer in the morning and gradually grow throughout the day. 

You had baby Bennett in your arms and Catherine holding your hand. Catherine had her thumb in your mouth. Catherine was your only baby that didn’t take a pacifier, and instead she chose to suck her thumb. She only did that when she was tired, for example she was just waking up so that explained a lot. 

But she never wanted to miss Daddy leaving in the morning. She didn’t care about sending off her two older sissies. It was all about Daddy to Catherine. “Bye bye Catherine. Girls, say goodbye to your sister and brother.” Dean held each of their hands as he lead them to the impala. “Bye Bennett, bye Catherine!” Charlotte called, as she skipped happily beside her Daddy. 

Then, Charlotte gasps loudly, causing everyone to ask what it was this time. “It’s the Easter bunny!” She cried excitedly. Cassie started asking where, tugging on Dean’s arm. You and Dean each made a face. Easter wasn’t until the sixteenth of next month and you just had gotten over St. Patrick’s Day.

“Lottie, honey I-I think that is a rabbit. The Easter bunny, hasn’t left Easter Island yet.” Dean explained as he knelt down to your two oldest daughters level. “Oh okay!” She shrugged, understanding completely. “So that’s not the Easter bunny?” Cassie asked sounding a little disappointed. “No, sweetie but he will be here soon.” Dean promised, from the bottom of his heart. 

“How soon?” Cassie questioned, raising an eyebrow. “Easter Sunday is the sixteenth of April.” Dean confirmed to his very inquisitive daughter. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Cassie was named after the angel of Castiel after all. “But that’s so far away!” She exclaimed over-dramatically. The drama bit she got from you. 

“I know, I know it seems that way now but when you think about it’s really not.” Dean chuckled a little. “How do you know that Daddy?” Cassie puckered her lips together. “I know that because I am your Daddy and I know all.” He wriggled his eyebrows and then gave Cassie an Eskimo kiss. 

She giggled at her Daddy, his long lashes tickling her cheeks pink. “Hey, I want a kiss too!” Charlotte poked Dean on the shoulder. He turned around and face his big girl and planted a kiss on her cheek. Dean heard his phone buzz in his pocket and saw what time it was and told the girls we were going to be late if you don’t hurry up. 

“Not if you go really fast, Daddy! Can we go really fast?” Cassie beamed, with a sparkle in her eye. “I don’t want to make any promises but…” Dean’s voice trailed off when you yelled loudly. 


 You were shaking your head, the tone in your voice indicated your were more than just a little ticked off. “Nothing darling, go on in the house. I’ll see you when I get home.” Dean only called you darling when he knew he was in trouble. “Yeah I’ll see you when you get home.” You muttered to yourself as you started heading back inside. 

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Winter Fun [Michael x MC]

Winter Fun
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine, I’m just borrowing them for a little while and will return them when I am done.

Author’s Notes- High School Story is the cutest and Michael is just the sweetest. He and my MC (Cassie) make the most adorable couple ever and I know I’m going to have right lots of cute fluff about them.

Rating- PG

Summary- Michael takes Cassie skating.

Words- 690

“So you have no idea where Michael is taking you?” Emma asked as she watched me rummage through my closet.

I shook my head, “he just told me to dress warmly.”

“But how warm?” Maria inquired with a frown. “I mean there’s a lot of difference between a sweater and a parka, for example. He should have given you more information.”

“It’s a date, Maria, not an expedition.” Myrna teased, “I’m sure Cassie can wing it.”

Maria, Emma, and Myrna had come over to hang out and to help me get ready for my date. Or more accurately to watch me get ready for my date.

“I’ll swear a sweater and bring a jacket just in case,” I said as I finally found what I was looking for. I pulled the pink sweater over my head. “What do you think?”

“Adorable!” Emma assured me. “I can’t believe you and Michael have been dating for almost three months.”

“Me either,” I admitted, taking one last look in the mirror. In some ways, it felt like just yesterday I had arrived at Berry High and met Michael and the others, but in others, it felt like I had known them my whole life.

“We should probably go before he gets here,” Maria said, packing up her bag. “Have fun, Cassie.”

“I will,” I promised as the girls headed out. Five minutes later, I heard a knock on the door and ran to answer it, but of course, my dad beat me to it. I got to the door in time to see him greeting Michael with a big smile and one of his cheesy dad jokes. I groaned, but Michael laughed politely.

“Have fun guys,” my dad told us with a grin.

“Before we go, do you have skates?” Michael asked me.

I nodded. “Yeah.” I smiled, as the realization dawned on me. “Are we going skating?”

“No, I just want you to lug your skates along for exercise,” he teased.

“Smart aleck,” I told him, turning to rummage through the closet. I found my purple skate bag easily and grabbed it. “Ok, let’s go.”

A short while later, we arrived at the outdoor rink that wasn’t far from my house and found it practically deserted.

“I used to come here a lot,” Michael told me as we laced up our skates.

“When you played hockey?” I asked quietly, thinking of what he’d told me.

He shrugged. “Yeah. My dad and I would come here, I mean for him it was all about hockey, but… I liked the time together, even if I hated hockey.”

I squeezed his hand. “I can understand that.”

“This isn’t your first time on skates,” Michael commented once we were on the ice.

I laughed, “No, I took lessons as a kid. I stopped a couple years ago, though.” Around the time of my parent’s divorce, actually, but I didn’t want to get into that.

Thankfully, Michael was not one to push and he just nodded and held out a hand. “I guess you don’t need a hand then.”

“No, but I’ll never say no to holding your hand,” I told him as we linked our fingers.

We skated around the rink together, hand in hand. We separated long enough to each show off for the other a little, but in the end, we just wanted to be together. I don’t know how long we were out there, except I knew I was starting to really feel the cold.

Michael led me off the ice, “let’s go get you warm.”

I smiled up at him. “That sounds good,” I agreed.

“I guess, milkshakes probably aren’t a good idea then,” he said with a grin.

“Maybe something a little warmer,” I agreed as I unlaced my skates and put my boots back.

“Hot chocolate it is,” Michael promised, leaning over to press a quick kiss to my lips before taking my hand again.

I smiled as we walked towards his mom’s car, just enjoying being with him. There was just something so comforting about being with Michael and there was no else in the world I’d rather be.

-          End

Avengers Preference #2

How they cheer you up when you’re upset

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Steve Rogers/Captain America:

You and Steve always cuddle when you’re upset. He listens to you talk about what’s wrong and he holds you. He always ends up giving you a big pep talk about all the great things about you. He compliments your talents, personality, appearance. He loves to shower you in kindness, especially when you need it most.

Thor Odinson:

Thor will always go for a walk with you, no matter what time it is. You ask him about Asgard to distract yourself from your emotions until you’re ready to deal with them. After Thor rambles for a while, he always asks you what’s wrong. You always end up ranting to him and he just listens. You always feel so relieved once you finish talking to Thor, since you trust him the most.

Tony Stark/Iron Man:

Oddly enough, Tony is the best listener and gives the best advice. You always ask him if you two can talk on the roof when you’re upset. He always drops everything to talk with you. He listens to you and gives you advice, even when you don’t ask for it. 9 times out of 10 you will do what he suggests and the situation has never gone south since you started turning to Tony when you’re sad.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:

Wanda knows that, when you’re sad, you just need a distraction more than anything. You don’t like to talk about your feelings so Wanda doesn’t even bother to ask what’s going on until after the fact (unless it’s really serious). So, she’ll just start talking about Sokovia and Pietro and what it was like when they were kids. You usually focus on her and it distracts you, at least for a little bit.

Bruce Banner/Hulk:

He doesn’t like to make a big deal out of it when you’re upset. He doesn’t like to make a scene, and neither do you. When Bruce realizes you’re upset, he will casually ask if you want to do yoga with him. You’ve never said no yet. But yoga with Bruce usually means Bruce does yoga while you sit on the mat and rant. He doesn’t give advice, but it’s nice just being able to talk to someone.

Sam Wilson/Falcon:

Sam’s a funny guy, and you love his humor. He’s the best at realizing when you’re upset. Every time he senses you’re upset, no matter where you are, he sings your favorite song. He looks you in the eye and sings. It takes you off guard every time, but it makes you laugh and smile. It makes you feel happy to hear one of your favorite people singing your favorite song to cheer you up.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:

Pietro is the best shoulder to cry on. When you’re upset, he’ll pull you aside. He’ll ask you what’s wrong, he’ll hug you tightly, and he’ll listen. He let’s you cry on his chest and he talks mostly just to remind you that he’s there, listening to everything you have to say.

T’Challa/Black Panther:

T’Challa always looks out at the jungle with you while he hugs you from behind when you’re upset. He doesn’t even need to say anything. It just gives you a chance to think with a clear mind. He also does this to remind you that, no matter how sad you are, you will always have him to fall back on.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:

You don’t like to be babied or to be taken care of. You never wanted special treatment, even if you were sad. Bucky knows this, but he also doesn’t like to see you upset. So he keeps it simple. It doesn’t matter where you are or what’s going on. If Bucky senses that you’re feeling low, he will hold your hand. And he knows this works because you tend to squeeze his hand a little tighter when you’re sad. This tactic is simple, but it works.


Vision may not know much about humans, but he sure as hell knows when you’re upset, even a little bit. You had a habit of just laying in bed all day when you were sad, so Vision tried his best to make sure you were still well. He would (attempt to) make you your favorite meal, he would make sure you drinking lots of water, and he would make sure you were in good company.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:

Natasha never really knew how to comfort you when you were feeling down, but she hated to see you upset. But she does know that you’re a bit of an adventurer. So, no matter what time it was or where you were, the two of you would drive around and talked for hours. The driving and hearing Natasha talk really calmed you down.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye:

He made the two of you a fort out of blankets and pillows on “his nest”. The two of you watched your favorite movies and ate your favorite snacks. You were also a little bit surprised that he knew every word from every song from The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. Until you found out about his kids.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:

He found this old, broken gaming system. An SNES. He had all the old games, too, that he had to sort of fix himself. You were over at his place when he fixed it. He got it all set up and the two of you played Super Mario Bros. on two player mode until you felt like yourself again.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man:

Scott always takes you to see Cassie when you’re sad. Scott organizes these tea parties where the three of you and some teddy bears sit around, drink tea, and listen to Cassie’s innocent stories. Cassie always warms your heart with her kind heart and the funny one-liners she says throughout the day. The company of Scott and Cassie Lang never fails to make you happy.