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Hi Cassie! How are you? Can I ask you what do you think about Sebastian? How did you get the inspiration for this character? I always wondered if you liked him as a character or not Thank you so much, love you!

I got the inspiration for Sebastian while reading a book about child murderers. Not people who murder children, but children who murder. The book mused on the idea of children as essentially amoral in that morals and values develop over time, but I was more interested in the ideas it posed about some people simply being born without a moral compass at all: without the ability to know right from wrong. That they just didn’t have it. And what did that mean for them: what do you do with a twelve or even sixteen year old who doesn’t know what good or bad is, and never will? What are morals and conscience: are they ingrained, socially taught? Etc.

So Sebastian developed as a character with no sense of right or wrong, no conscience and no morals. He never had them and he never would. Because it’s a fantasy series, I used the metaphor of demon blood: that it had erased his ability to make moral choices. 

People often ask if I like a character or not. Sometimes I do in the sense that I’d want to hang out with them, but I would not want to hang out with Sebastian. However I found him interesting and therefore enjoyable to write: unless you’re writing didactic moral fiction, you enjoy characters for what they tell you about people, not really in the sense to which you find them morally upright or morally lacking. Sebastian was interesting because he couldn’t tell right from wrong; he wanted to be loved, but didn’t know how to deserve love or give it. He was jealous that his father loved Jace and not him, but lacked the ability to understand why. He wasn’t bad because of a bad experience or a bad childhood – I thought that would have been trite and overdone, and not really true to the inspiration for the character. He just had this terrifying blank space where for most people, conscience lies.

It was a dark and sometimes frightening experience, writing Sebastian. It sometimes felt like getting very close to a vast cold empty space. So did I like him? I think he’s an effective villain, and the story would suffer without him. I think I learned from him about evil and about goodness. I think in the end in the end I mourned along with the characters for the Sebastian that never existed, the one who didn’t have demon blood and could have been someone good. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley, but one of the the points of stories is to take you safely down those dark alleys of the heart and soul, the ones that are too dangerous and frightening and heartbreaking to explore in real life.


1x13  //  3x09


Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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All the MK characters are beautiful, especially Erron Black, bless him. ^3^

Love to Hate You (part 6)

Words: 2.8k

Summary: Lucifer is back and offered a deal.

Warnings: Super cheesy fluff. Lots of angst and feels.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to get out. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, just send me and ask or DM.


“Luci?” Your own voice betrayed you as it wavered. You had wanted to seem indifferent or even unhappy to see him; but he could sense you felt differently.

“I know, Sweetheart. I missed you too.” His wide smile and saccharine tone set you on edge immediately. You knew he was off his leash now that Chuck had skipped town again.

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Note:  Happy Father’s Day!  Happy Pride!

“Uncle Raj, will you help me get something for Daddy and Papa?” Cassie asked her uncle while he was over for dinner with her parents.  Both Leonard and Sheldon were in the kitchen cleaning up, so Cassie decided to use the moment alone with Raj to ask for the favor.

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Today i was reading about the accident Eric had with his nose during the shooting in the librady. At some point his nose was bleeding ,and a student overheard Eric saying to Dylan he’d shot himself in the nose and Dylan asking him something like ‘’why’d do that?’’ and here in Zero Hour Documentary you can see it happens after he shoots Cassie. I still wonder if that’s how it really happened or? What do you think..anyone here knows something more about this? 

First-Hand Adorableness

Fandom - Supernatural

Characters - Dean, Gabriel, Cas

Summary - Cas rarely stops telling Gabriel about Dean. Gabriel wants to witness this so called ‘adorableness’ first hand.

Words - 776

Dean lay on the motel bed, his earphones in, eyes closed, Metallica blasting into his ears. He didn’t hear the sudden flutter of wings, and suddenly feeling something surround him did NOT cause him to let out a small scream and fall off of the bed, of course.

“What the-” Dean groaned from the floor, reaching over to grab his phone and earphones back, not registering a certain trickster grinning at him from the bed, wings outstretched behind him, glowing and golden.

“Hey Dean-o!”

Dean turned his head towards the sound of greeting. “Gabriel? That was your wings on me? It was YOU?”

“No. I just coincidentally happened to turn up directly after whatever you’re referring to happened. Yes, it was me. Anymore stupid questions?”

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  • Elena: You need them to think you're stronger than you actually are.
  • Nate: That's what you do.
  • Elena: Me? Oh, no. My power is no illusion.
  • Elena: I can fucking demolish you.
Shut Up | Castiel x Trans!Male Reader (Top Surgery Only)

Warnings: Fluffy Smut

Words: 1643


(Y/N) POV:

It was late, near midnight, when Back in Black by AC/DC came on the tiny radio placed on a bedside table. Dean and I both hopped up, dancing together like goof-balls. Singing off key and playing air guitars dramatically. Sam was on the couch, bursting with laughter at the sight of us, Cas, who was sat on the opposite side of the couch was just sitting stiffly, eyes on me as I let out a laugh of my own.

When the song ended I collapsed on the couch with a huff, “We should go out. There’s no way I’m falling asleep tonight.” I said excitedly, my eyes shining like a child. Dean immediately agreed and before I knew it I was dragging Cas by his coat to the backseat of the Impala. After we arrived and slid into a comfortable, worn, red booth I rested my head on Cas’ shoulder. I glanced up to see a soft pink color dust his neck and cheeks.

“Cassie,” I said, shooting out the nickname that always got him flustered, “what do you do for fun? Up in heaven I mean.”

He cleared his throat softly before speaking. “Angels do not have time for fun. We do as we are commanded. I rarely indulge in human activities.”

I furrowed my brows and glances as Sam and Dean with confusion. Never doing anything but what you’re told? Where’s the fun in that?

“It’s true,” Dean said with a smile, “I had to go out and get him laid, like, three times. The guy is centuries old and before me he was a virgin!” He laughed and I let my jaw drop dramatically.

You, the sexy angel from above, never had sex?!’ I teased with a laugh. Cas avoided my gaze and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Even in the experiences Dean has put me in, it was not pleasurable. The women he chose never felt right. They were weird.” I laughed in response to his reddening cheeks.

“They were weird? How so, Cassie?”

“The women always…did this thing at the end…” His eyebrows furrowed as he thought back to  his experience, “they’d ask if I came which was very confusing because obviously I had arrived, I was there with them. And they were always very…wide, a-and loose. It was…not nice.”

“Dean Winchester did you hire cheap floozies for him?!” Dean laughed heartily in response, putting his arms up defensively, “I just figured they’d give him a good time. He never told me any of that! Geez, Cas, I thought they’d at least let you come!”

Again, Cas’ eyebrows furrowed with confusion and he began to speak,

“I’m confused again! I don’t get-”

“Cas!” I exclaimed, “I’ll explain it too you later, okay? Come dance with me!” I pulled him up and dragged him on the dance floor, flinging my arms around his neck.

“I-I’ve never danced, I don’t know how…”

“Cas” I said softly, trying to end his mumbling.

“Angels don’t do this a-and I don’t know where my hands go…”

Cas” I sang his name out softly, but still failed to get his attention.

“Plus, I don’t want to cause you humiliation in front of the other humans and-”

“CAS!” I shouted, he stopped and looked at me curiously, I leaned up on my tip toes to mumble in his ear.

“Just shut up and I’ll show you.” I pressed a kiss to his cheek and led his hands to my waist.

We swayed softly, his eyes locked on his feet as he tried to keep his balance, he looked adorable. His cheeks were painted with a dark blush and his tongue was out slightly in concentration. After the song ended I laced my fingers around Cas’ and let him adjust and twist his fingers until they fit correctly around mine.

Once back at the hotel, I went to my room and took a quick shower. I let my thoughts wander to the thought of Cas and the cheap women Dean has sent him home with. I felt my eyes furrow when I though if what he’d told us. They were all loose, and wide? Could vaginas be wide? I shivered once, mine certainly wasn’t. I slid on my boxers and one of Dean’s shirts and walked out into the main room. Cas was standing in the middle of the room, causing me to let out a yelp of fright.

“Cas! You scared the shit out of me.”

“Yes, well uhm,” He spoke soft, reaching up to loosen in already loose hanging tie, “I was talking with Sam and Dean and they suggested that this would be a decent route to take.” He stepped towards me and grabbed the sides of my head, pulling me forward into an awkward, sloppy kiss. I let it happen, allowing Cas to slow down, find his own pace. He tasted like cherries. He dragged his hands down my sides and rested one on the small of my back, the other coming back to the side of my face.

Once he pulled away he looked a my eyes, gauging how I felt. He must’ve decided that I was happy, because before I knew it we were both on the bed. I looked up at him and his curious eyes, letting a giggle slip from my lips.

“May I ask what is so humorous?’ He said in that gravelly voice of his.

"You’ve got no idea what you’re doing, baby.” I said softly, letting my eyes flicker to his lips before going back to his eyes.

“I don’t understand why you’re referring to me as a human infant.” He said, that beautiful blush scattering on his skin again.

“It’s a term of endearment, Cassie, now stand up.” He stood and I scooted to the edge of the bed to reach his body.

“You sure you wanna do this, baby?” I whispers sweetly, not wanting Cas to regret this later.

He looked down at my, flustered. nodding ferociously.

“Alright. We’re gonna start by taking our clothes off, okay Cassie. Slowly, intimately.” I slid his trench coat and suit jacket of his shoulders softly. I glanced up at him to see his cheeks were stained red, his chest heaving in anticipation and anxiety. I ran my fingers up his torso before plucking the first button out of its place on Cas’ shirt.

“Hey,” I whispered softly, “it’s okay, Cassie. You don’t have to be nervous, just do what feels right okay?”

He looked at me with those puppy-dog eyes I love and nodded again, lifting his hands slowly to press on my shoulders, pressing me down on the bed before sliding me up it so my whole body was situated in the center of the mattress. He climbed on top of me, one knee between my thighs, the other on my side. He held himself up for a minute, observing me, before pressing his lips against mine and trailing his hand up my hip, my stomach, my chest, dragging my shirt up with it.

I reached up again, after he’d pulled my shirt off, finishing the unbuttoning of his own and tossed it on the floor before reconnecting our lips. I didn’t have any bottoms on so he stood on his knees and undid his belt, and tossed it over his shoulder. When he went to take off his pants he got one leg stuck around his ankle, loosing his balance he collapsed on top of me. I lead out a fit of laughter, finding it adorable how nervous and clumsy this little angel was. He joined in on my laughter and shot me one of his rare smiles before asking for help out of his pants.

Once we straightened that situation out, he climbed back on top of me slowly, trailing soft kissed down my jawbone as I twisted my fingers intricately through his already messy hair. We both rid ourselves of our boxers and he looked at me worriedly as he pressed his soft head against my entrance. I nodded at him, indicating it was okay, and brought him back down in another kiss for reassurance.

As soon as he entered me, we both groaned in unison. His length slipping into me flawlessly, never failing to hit all those spots that drove me out of control.

“Aa-h, (Y/N), I’ve never…they’ve never been…mmm…so tight! Warm!” He dropped his jaw, letting moans run freely from his mouth now. He pressed his forehead against my own and began rocking his hips at a hard, desperate pace.

“God, Cas!” I whined softly, running my lips down his neck and sinking my teeth into his collarbone. He reacted with another groan as his pace quickened with the boost the bite had given him.

Before I knew it, my legs were around his waist, we were both begging each other for more, never getting enough of each other.

“(Y/N)…I feel…stomach feels funny I’m–”

“Just keep going baby! You’ll like it I promise.” I whined, feeling my own climax teetering on the edge of the cliff I so desperately wanted to plunge off of.

As Cas’ hips began to stutter, I let out one last moan, reaching a mind blowing orgasm around his cock.

Castiel!” I shouted in ecstasy as I felt him reach his own finish. He pulled out softly, watching his come drip out of me. He collapsed to the side, falling on his back, breathing heavily.

“What on Earth was that?” He asked, still sounding dazed.

“That was your very first orgasm, Cassie.” I said softly, rubbing soft circles on his belly.

“Can I have on of those with you again?” He asked, his eyes twinkling like a child.

“Of course, Cassie!” I cooed, pressing my lips against his for the hundredth time that night.

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This is a question for you Cassie: what did you do during the series? Like, did you animate or voice act, or help with the writing..

I did a single voice. Connors keeps asking me to do more but. I-i just can’t. Not after bunga. I started writing help after episode 38 and beyond. I Also storyboarded the entirety of episode 50 which is something I’m extremely proud of.

The ABCs: A Riverdale Fanfiction-Five

Introduction/AN: Longer than I originally thought it was going to be but we get into a little bit of cool stuff in this part!

Word Count: 1,315

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Chapter Summary: Jughead isn’t excited about being invited to the A party but is the reason more than what meets the eye?

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five: The Summer’s First Memory

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Jason Todd: Loyalty

Imagine having a close relationship with Jason but still being with Young Justice and the team being completely dumbfounded when he comes to save you.

Warnings: Swearing


A relaxing evening - finally!
The team didn’t need you yet but you figured they’d call you in soon meaning these few moments of peace were taken very seriously so when your phone disrupts those precious moments you’re already dreading answering it.
Fortunately it wasn’t Nightwing informing you about a mission, instead it was Roy Harper asking for your aid on behalf of the Outlaws - Jason insisting if you were busy he’d handle it himself.

Reluctantly you agreed, Jason was a close friend after all and you were ecstatic to find out he came back from the dead. As a result you’d formed a friendship with the Outlaws after helping Jason out a few times, with that friendship came an invitation to join them but unfortunately you had to hold off on accepting until you found an appropriate way to leave Young Justice.
The Outlaws understood despite Jason’s argument of  “Fuck ‘em, just join us - they’ll figure it out eventually.”
“Where are you Roy?” You sighed grabbing your suit and weapons whilst listening to Roy’s directions.

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Killing To Save




As soon as you came back, he knew something was wrong.

You… weren’t you.

Outwardly, yes, you looked the exact same. And the way you were acting would’ve fooled most people.

But your soul wasn’t yours anymore.

In fact, it wasn’t even there.

“Why are you staring at me?” There was a smile on your face, but it didn’t translate to your eyes. Your voice was light, but there was an edge to it, really questioning him—how dare he intrude on your life?

“Just… trying to figure you out.”

You chuckled, eyes still cold. “Silly angel… you know me.”

“I would like to think so.”

Finally, a light appeared in your eye, but it wasn’t one Cas was used to seeing. There was something… seductive about it.

In the blink of an eye, you were up and straddling Cas’ lap. He was very surprised, to say the least. You leaned down, pressing your lips against his with a ferocity he hadn’t seen from you, ever. Your fingers dragged their way through his hair, scratching his scalp. Your tongue was prodding his lips, trying its hardest to invade.

“Y/N,” Cas said, finally breaking free from your grip. “What are you doing?”

“Come on, Cassie,” you whispered, rolling your hips against him. “Make love to me. I know you want to. And I want you to.”

“I… I don’t…”

“Come on,” you said again, leaning forward and whispering directly in his ear. “Aren’t you attracted to me?”

“Physical attraction is overrated.”

“Well, I know you’re attracted to my soul.”

‘I was,’ Cas thought. ‘Once upon a time.’

“Please, Cas,” you purred in his ear. “We’ve danced around each other too long. Let’s take this next step.”

Cas couldn’t take any more of this.

You let out a small moan when his hands landed on your waist but that moan turned to a hurt gasp when Cas picked you up and tossed you onto the empty cushion next to him. He jumped up from the couch and stepped away, looking at you over his shoulder.

“Where are you going?” you asked, a small pout on your face.

“I have to go.”

“Well, hurry back. I’ll keep the bed warm for you.”

Cas’ skin crawled as you winked at him. He disappeared, no real destination in mind, just the desire, nay, the need to get OUT.

He found himself in a small, wooded area, on the edge of a great cliff. Looking over the edge, he saw a river streaming along far below him. The air was heavy with the scent of rain and wildflower. This is where he always ended up when he needed to think.

He closed his eyes, trying to push away the memory of the times he’d brought you here, how your eyes had lit up upon seeing the natural beauty of the area.

Castiel slowly reached into his coat, pulling out the angel blade. This weapon had helped him destroy numerous creatures in the past; would it help him destroy the one he’d grown attached to?

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Cas turned, finding you standing behind him. There was a smirk on your face, your eyes burning like embers—hot and dangerous.

Your eyes flicked down to the blade. “I see you’ve come prepared.”

“I don’t want to use this.”

You rolled your eyes. “Come on. Man up, Cassie.” You stepped forward. “Let’s stop beating around the bush. You know I’m not Y/N.”

Cas was quiet for a moment before simply nodding.

“So what are we going to do about that?”

Now it was Cas’ time to surprise you. He reached out and threw you to the ground, hand on your throat. Crouching next to you, he pressed a knee to your sternum.

Your smirk grew. “Do it. Kill me. Kill the girl you fell in love with.”

Cas faltered; could he actually do this?


Startled, Cas nearly let go. Looking into your eyes, he could see another change had taken place—you were you; however small of a piece there was had broken through.

You stared up at him, unblinking. Slowly reaching up, your fingers wrapped around his wrist. “Do it, Cas. Please. I can’t live like this.”

Cas didn’t want to.

But if it was your final wish…

Slowly, Cas reached forward, pressing two of his fingers of his free hand on your forehead.

Nate, Elena & Cassie - The Ways You Said “I Love You” [#14]

Prompt for @onthestupidtrain. I like to suffer :))))))

#14 - A Whisper in the Ear

She’s so like her mother that it hurts to watch her sometimes.

They’re sitting at the edge of the water, waiting for the sun come up and their day to fully start. His coffee is forgotten next to him—Cassie is all he sees.

She’s digging around in the sand, forming wet chunks of it together in her small fists in favour of eating her crackers. The blobs of sand are piled beside her, and she manages to form a small mountain of them before she spots something shiny by her foot and tosses her handful of sand aside.

“Eh?” she asks, and holds it up to his nose for questioning. It’s green and smooth and translucent, and he takes it from her to hold it up to the first rays of sunlight.

“It’s sea glass,” he tells her, and her eyes widen when she watches the light refract through it. Her hands reach up to grab at it and he gives it back to her. Cassie inspects it for a moment, brows scrunched, before slipping it into the small pocket of her shorts, the place where she stores all of her treasures. She continues to look for more, shoving her hands into the damp sand and giggling when it sticks to her skin.

He runs a hand through her blond hair, watching her play and explore and learn. She’s so much like you, he whispers to himself, too quiet for even Cassie to hear. He finds that he talks to Elena a lot lately, especially when it’s quiet like this. God, she would have loved you.

He watches her dig, plunging her fingers into the sand and giggling when the waves lap at her skin. It’d been a good decision to move, he decides. To get a fresh start, for both of them.


“What did you find?” he asks, blinking hard and coming out of his thoughts, and Cassie holds up her prize to him.

It’s a small seashell, deeply grooved and no larger than his thumb. The inside of it is pearled, and shines all kinds of purples and blue and greens in the yellow morning light.

“Seashell,” he says to her, and she frowns at it.

“See-see,” she repeats, nodding to herself. “See-see.” She pockets this find too, and then braces her hands on the ground, intending to stand up—she needed to get in her daily treasure hunting before they began their day.

“Where do you think you’re going, huh?” He grabs a hold of her before she can walk away from him, and she bursts into giggles and squeals when he lies on his back and holds her up in the air above him. “Huh?”

She’s grinning and laughing down at him, sand falling onto his shirt as she claps her hands in delight and makes contented baby noises. Her fingers wrap around his arms for support and her legs kick out behind her before he brings his knees up for her to rest on.

“We’re going to the store today once I’m done my coffee,” he tells her, and she stares down at him in wonder. “We’re going to buy groceries, and then we’re going to go see Sully. He’s got a toy for you,” Nate adds, but the significance of that is still lost on her. She’s just grinning down at him, her toothless smile gummy and curious. “And then we’re going to grab lunch with him. How does that sound?”

She babbles a response, looking serious in a one year-old kind of way, and he brings her down to rest her on his ribs. Cassie starts to pull at the buttons on his shirt almost immediately, murmuring to herself, while he wipes the sand off her face. She stares at him with her mother’s deep brown eyes, and he can almost feel Elena lying next to him in the sand, watching their daughter.

“She’s so much like you, ‘lena,” he repeats aloud. There’s no one around to hear him except for Cassie, but he’s confident she’ll keep his secret. “I wish you could see her.” He touches his daughter’s cheek, wiping away a stray grain, and the ring on his finger shines in the dawn. “You’re so smart already, Cass. Smart like your mom.”

She might not understand the words, but he knew she could sense the general gravity of the conversation, or at least his tone. She makes grabby hands at him and tries to lie down, and he brings her close to his chest. He presses his face into her blond hair, taking in that unique baby smell she had.

“She loves you, Cass,” he whispers to her, rocking gently. “She would’ve loved to meet you.”

Cassie is silent, but her fingers fist at the material of his shirt, and he holds her close as the sun fully rises over the ocean. It’s quiet here, in front of their new home, but a peaceful quiet. It’s a peace that’s theirs, one they’re going to make together. One with no ghosts between them.

“I miss you, ‘lena,” he whispers into Cassie’s hair, who’s pulling on the hem of his shirt and breathing softly. “Wish you could’ve been here.”

MK Ship Intros Part 2


Takeda: Please keep your hands to yourself in public.
Kenshi: That was an accident.
Takeda: I’m still scarred for life.

D'vorah: This one does not understand.
Kenshi: Understand what?
D'vorah: If there is no reproduction there is no need to mate.

Kenshi: You have something to say?
Liu Kang: I expected better of you.
Kenshi: To think that I once respected you.

Cassie: You two make a cute couple.
Scorpion: Kenshi is better than I deserve.
Cassie: Just stop, I’m getting a cavity.

Scorpion: The false queen.
Mileena: Its a pity the swordsman got you first.
Scorpion: Its a mystery why I haven’t killed you yet.

Quan Chi: Come back to me Scorpion.
Scorpion: I am no longer a slave, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: And yet you serve the blind warrior.

Scorpion: Why do you challenge me?
Kenshi: I like to keep you on your toes.
Scorpion: As you wish.

Kenshi: A pity that I am no poet.
Scorpion: Why is that?
Kenshi: Only poetry can do you justice.



Jacqui: Really Cass?
Cassie: What? He’s hot.
Jacqui: Eh, true enough.

Cassie: Better get used to seeing me around.
Kotal Kahn: My enthusiasm is boundless.
Cassie: Wow, didn’t know you had the gift of sass.

Jax: Your parents are gonna throw a fit.
Cassie: They can’t ground me.
Jax: No, but they can beat your ass.

Erron Black: I have a feeling that you don’t like me.
Johnny Cage: I’m going to rip your dick off and give it to my dog as a chew toy.
Erron Black: Yup. I was right.

Liu Kang: You are not worthy of the daughter of Cage and Blade.
Erron Black: At least I don’t find her worth dependent on her parents.
Liu Kang: You have no respect for lineage.

Erron Black: Go back to whatever hell you crawled out from.
Mileena: Is that anyway to speak to a beautiful woman?
Erron Black: I’ve seen a beautiful woman, and you’re not her.

Cassie: On your knees cowboy.
Erron Black: Don’t I get dinner first?
Cassie: Oh, I’m giving you something to eat alright.

Erron Black: What do I get if I beat you?
Cassie: You get to top.
Erron Black: Works for me.



Kung Jin: Don’t say a word.
Cassie: You must’ve saved a lot of horses by riding that cowboy.
Kung Jin: Fuck you.

Kung Lao: You have a poor choice in suitors.
Kung Jin: Because he’s a man?
Kung Lao: Because he’s a scoundrel.

Kung Jin: Ugh, what do you what?
Reptile: I grow weary of seeing you.
Kung Jin: I grow weary of smelling you.

Johnny Cage: Hurt him and I kick your ass.
Erron Black: You’re not his dad.
Johnny Cage: Doesn’t mean that I don’t care for the punk.

Erron Black: You got something to say?
Liu Kang: You’re encouraging Kung Jin’s unnatural behavior.
Erron Black: As of right now all of my bullets have your name on them.

Tanya: You stole the Shaolin from me:
Erron Black: He was never yours to begin with.
Tanya: He will be soon enough.

Erron Black: Care to dance, Junior?
Kung Jin: Sorry but square dancing isn’t my thing.
Erron Black: I had something a little different in mind.

Kung Jin: 亲爱的…
Erron Black: Care to repeat that in English?
Kung Jin: Not a chance.


Here’s the second batch of my shippy intros, I love doing these~

亲爱的 = My love

Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU

I barfed up a Miami Rick fic outline featuring poolboy Morty. I’m probably never going to finish this but I still wanted to post it somewhere so here you go!

(warning: a lot of this is just outlining and some of it is actual scenes and then most of it is just bad grammar and me writing about my feelings)

edit: oh look it’s chapter one

shopping excerpt 

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A Family One Day? (Sam Drake x Reader) Fluff

Originally posted by rikkisixx

A/N Because I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to practice more with fluff. And apparently I’m up to date with my Uni work (HOW?! I HAVE NO IDEA) so I took time out of my day to finish this…cause I’m having trouble with those prompts…hurr


“Morning! x”

My phone buzzed on the bedside table. Another ‘good morning’ text from Sam while he’s on another journey with Nate and Sully. I groaned a muffled “No…” and bury my face more into the pillow. It buzzed again. Sighing loudly, I lifted my head and pick up my phone; one eye closed and the other slightly open.

“Get up missy! x”

The text reads, I chuckled.

“I don’t have to be up till 10, leave me be! xx” you text back. Dropping the phone and flopping onto my back, my eyes start going heavy again. The phone goes once again.

“If you don’t get up, I’ll start phoning and keep phoning till you do! x”

“Oh please don’t. I’ve gotten used to not hearing your voice! ;P xx”

“Wow, that’s very rude…x”

“I love you too! xx”

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