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What I want from QOAAD
• resilient Ty/Kit who are ready to make their fallen third musketeer proud while simultaneously realizing their feelings for each other
• more Watson/Holmes references bc they are pure gold
• more cute scenes with Tavvy/Max/Rafael (hello parabatri!)
• Jace/Emma training together/Jace realizing Emma is right on his heels for the title of “best Shadowhunter of all time”
• Jem and Tessa realizing they should have been more present in the lives of Emma and the Blackthorns.
• Julian and Mark plotting against Jaime Rosales for his secret friendship with Dru.
• an official “I love you” to Julian from Emma (& CANON JEMMA, obviously)
• also I’m not saying Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy BUT Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy. (Preferably shower sex to keep up with the wet theme but I’m not picky)
• justice for Helen and Aline who have been screwed over and deserve better
• Aline, Cristina or Diego as head of the Los Angeles Institute (I only say Diego because it would be perfect for Zara to think she has power when we all know the Rosales brothers are planning to overthrow her)
• the quote “there is nothing more important than love, and no law higher” proving itself to be true
• Zara Dearborn’s head on a gold platter, (and by gold platter I mean Cortana)
• no more major *permanent* deaths pls
• hero Dru proving that she deserves to be taken seriously as a Shadowhunter.

What I don’t want from QOAAD
• anything major to happen to TMI/TID characters that overshadows the plot (aka wedding, death, pregnancy, etc. This story is not about them).
• irredeemable anti-hero Julian: the young Blackthorn’s have no one and need him.
• any disrespect to Livia Blackthorn’s memory
• more Julian/Emma angst…(we got two whole books of it already, not including CoHF and TFTSA I mean c'mon)
• canon kitty relationship (don’t fight me they’re getting their own series & we have so much time)
• powerful cohort (it reflects American politics/conservatism so much and I just want to believe that life in books is better)
• Emma and Jules being forced to choose between their parabatai bond and being in love

please tell me why I legit have a whole idea for a 10 episode spin-off miniseries with Stiles and Lydia settled down in Beacon Hills running Martin-Stilinski Detective Agency (which is basically a coverup for We Keep The Supernatural Shit Under Wraps But Will Also Dig Up Dirt On Your Enemies For You) with their daughter as the main character and special appearances from Scott and Kira and their kids and Corey and Mason and their little one SOMEONE STOP ME


Emma Carstairs / Julian Blackthorn;

“I used to read Law books,” he said, drawing away from her. “the parts about parabatai. I read them a million times. There’s never been a case of a pair of parabatai who fell in love and got caught and were forgiven. Only horror stories (…) But the horror stories are only about the ones who got caught” He breathed in deep, holding her gaze. “If we’re careful,we won’t be.”

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Whatever happened to the forthright Sam who kept on at Dean until he acknowledged his feelings for Cassie? I feel like we need him back. Also, Dean tells him to get in the car the same way he does in 10x05 i.e. "get in the car because you're forcing me to deal with things I really don't want to" XD

Well, the writers wanted Dean to shag Cassie in that episode, so they made Sam expositionally “know”.

They set up Cassie, Lisa and Jo as being the three things that make up the perfect partner for Dean:

Cassie: passion enough that it frustrates the hell out of him and makes him bicker / argue until they fall into bed

Jo: a hunter, capable of looking after themselves, strong willed

Lisa: caring, tender, realistic but always loving of Dean and soft


Now the writers want Dean to come out and reveal his deep emotions for Cas but they want to drag it out. So we get more subtle references that are basically still exactly the same, as you say, just more subtle and spread out…

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Q&A stuff, pub schedule

magic-magnus-heaven-sin said: Hey Cassie! Is it true that there is going to be a set of short stories leading up to TLH, much like TFSA or TBC?

That was the plan. However. Right now my publishing schedule is in chaotic flux. It’s changing as we speak, and probably every book is getting a new release date, and some books will be switched around. So brace yourself; it’s likely short stories are coming, but right now the actual dates for the books need to be confirmed and then I’ll post a schedule of what you can expect.

nymeriavipe said:Hi Cassie, I have only one question, what are the “Dark Artifices”? Will we know them someday?

Yes, the Dark Artifices will be identified in Book Three. 

1irene-and-the-world-of-gold6 said:Hey Cassie!!! Ummm I was thinking about that one snippet where Lucie tells Cordelia that James is in love and Cordelia is just like, Cordelia: WHAT!! Andthen Lucie said that he won’t say with who, “he’s Jamie and he never tells us anything,” and I was wondering if James and Lucie’s relationship is like Anna and Elsa’s (from Frozen) though not the part where Elsa locks herself in her room, leaving Anna to sing alone, more like how Elsa is distant and doesn’t really talk about like her life etc.

I don’t think of James as distant from his family, at least not most of the time. He’s quite close with Lucie and a friendly, funny practical-joking brother. He isn’t obsessed with taking care of her like Julian, because he has perfectly competent parents who take good care of both of them. I would say that if you’ve read The Midnight Heir you know James is keeping the fact that he’s in love from his family, and he has complicated but significant reasons to do that. Since he isn’t telling them about it, (or really the fact that any relationship with this person exists in his life at all) that creates a distance between him and his family, because there’s this important emotional thing he can’t talk about. But he isn’t distant from them in general.

dont-say-stupid-things said: Cassie! Thank you so much for giving us that Kierark short story! Thank you!!! <3 Is there any way it can be turn into a printed short story (for everyone)? Is there any possibility of a compilation of all these short stories to come out as a book? Thank you. I love Kieran with all my heart and soul. <3

Maybe as part of a collection? There’s no distribution mechanism for printed stories that are that short, bookstores don’t carry them etc. Though I write these stories for free out of love for you fine folk, I’d like to bind them up into an anthology someday so the money could go to charity.

Imagined character intros for MKX: Part 2

Johnny Cage: Are you getting angry?
Kotal Kahn: Is it not obvious?
Johnny Cage: Thought you would turn green or something …

Jax Briggs: I heard Top Gear wants you on their show.
Johnny Cage: As a presenter, right?
Jax Briggs: As the Stig - the silent role.

Kung Lao: What are you doing here, Johnny Cage?
Johnny Cage: All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.
Kung Lao: Fighting with me will make you a dead boy.

Cassie Cage: Can Jacqui come out and play?
Jax Briggs: She’s got prior commitments.
Cassie Cage: No sweat, you’ll do instead.

Johnny Cage: You remind me of a song.
Mileena: Enlighten me before I end you.
Johnny Cage: The theme from “Jaws”.

Takeda: Did Jacqui say anything about me?
Cassie Cage: Why bother asking when you could’ve read my mind?
Takeda: There’s not enough for me to work with.

Kung Jin: Hey, Tacky.
Takeda: You did not just insult my style.
Kung Jin: Didn’t think you had any style.

Jacqui: Hey, Soul Sister.
Ermac: Do you mock us, child?
Jacqui: Surely you’re packing at least one female soul?

Johnny Cage: What’s the gist, Legolas?
Kung Jin: You’re in my way, Mr Cage.

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First off, I wanna say sorry for spamming you with likes/reblogs all the time, I just really agree with 99% of the stuff you say... Now back to my ask... This might seem a lil random, but I've started rewatching SPN from the first season (when I rewatched b4, I skipped till s4) and I just seen s1ep13 "Route 666" and noticed a crap ton of Destiel parallels to Dean and Cassie (IMO I guess cause Im not very good at meta) but I was wondering if you could look into it and tell me your thoughts on it?


Man, I LOVE the parallels between Cassie and Cas… it’s like they were setting Cassie up as the ‘almost’ love interest for a future love interest to be compared to…and showing the ‘tells’ that Dean cares about someone and how Sam reacts to them… ahem, I think that’s exactly what they were doing…

source: @marilynmay. Seriously. Cas is like Cassie “I’m you but stronger”…

I wrote a post not that long ago where I said: 

By season 12 Cas is Cassie, they argue cos they care, Dean is pissed he’s always leaving and Cas thinking he’s doing the the right thing for Dean.

The Cassie/Dean argument - sex scene: 

Angrily in each other’s faces

Cassie: I thought it was what you wanted.

Dean: Well it wasn’t.

Cassie: I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Dean: Well you did.

Cassie: I’m sorry!

Dean: Yeah me too.

They stare at each other, then start making out furiously. Camera switches to them falling into bed, making love…


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Once a sick kid, and now a soldier, the possibility of imminent death is something Steve's had to grow accustomed to. Turns out, a sacred, somewhat odd nightly ritual, helps him cope.

It had been strange at first, after the serum, to find out how deep a ‘deep breath’ really was.  

He was lying on his back in his bed in Stark Tower and no matter where or when he was, nothing was as comfortable and as comforting as that last breath before winding down into his nightly ritual.  

His mother had started it; he never remembered a time when she didn’t sit with him, hand on his back and breathing slow and deep with him before mentioning three things she was grateful for and one happy memory, before another three deep breaths.  Sometimes, they were grateful it was sunny, and sometimes they were grateful they were Irish and sometimes they had such nice neighbors.  Sometimes it was bigger things, being grateful for being able to eat dinner or have heat.  They were always grateful, Sarah would always say, for second chances.  A new one, every day, my dear, was what she always said every evening.  

Steve took in his third deep, deep breath and held it for a slow count to ten before releasing it slowly.  Eyes still closed, he thought for only a few moments before murmuring to himself:

“I’m grateful for the trust of my teammates.  I’m grateful for belonging.  I’m grateful for second chances; a new one, every day.”

He paused again for several moments before continuing:

“Singing in the car with Rhodey after his PT appointment this week made me really happy, because I didn’t think he’d smile or laugh for a couple days.  It was a rough appointment and I admire him and he can really sing him some Sly and the Family Stone.”

Steve went quiet, taking three more slow, deep breaths, and drifting off to sleep.    


ryder being a dork of gargantuan proportions or more like ‘listen, I’d die for her’


part 1, part 2 (you are here), part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, based on @skygemspeaks​‘s prompt

The conversation they eventually had to have with the children is hardly easy, and it takes a long time for the idea that Mama and Papa aren’t coming home to really sink in with Alisa.

She doesn’t take the news well, of course. She demands to know why her uncles won’t let her and he brother go home and see their parents, and throws a tantrum when they try to explain why that isn’t really possible. She resolutely refuses to talk to them for days at a time, beyond telling them when she’s hungry.

Lev is a little easier, still too small to fully grasp the concept of time, but he has times when he’ll wail inconsolably for hours because Yuuri and Victor’s arms aren’t the arms of his parents. Luckily, these instances are few and far between.

They had already been thinking about moving to Tokyo to have easier access to the larger rinks for their students. But now that they’re parents (and isn’t that just a word and a half) and they have the option, they want to send the kids to the best schools available. Alisa is going to be starting primary school soon, and they refuse to make that transition harder than it has to be by putting her into a mediocre school.

Alisa and Victor heal, slowly but surely. They bond through skating, which she always had an interest in. She’s wobbly at first, of course, but she takes to the ice as naturally as Victor did at that age.

While the two of them goof off on the rink every day after Yuri finishes practice, Yuuri sits on the floor with Lev, rolling a small ball back and forth and making up silly games.

In fact, it’s at the rink that Lev says his first word.

He’s sitting by the bleachers with Yuri, since Yuuri is across the rink with Victor while they talk through some logistics for dinner, since Yuri is going to stay over tonight.

Yuri’s voice rings out to them from the other side of the rink. “Oi! You assho– idiots might want to get over here.”

Victor is immediately on alert, having dealt with Lev getting too curious for his own good and hurting himself too many times to count in the six months they’ve had him. He and Yuuri bolt over and Alisa glides to their side of the rink, practicing her stopping.

His worries give way to elation when Lev’s voice peals out a petulant-sounding “Papa.”

He and Yuuri coo at the same time, then look at each other.

“Which one of us is he asking for?” Yuuri wonders.

Victor thinks Lev is asking for him, Yuuri thinks the opposite. They bicker for a few minutes before Lev gurgles unhappily.

“Papa!” he says more urgently, reaching for Victor. He grins triumphantly at his husband, who rolls his eyes fondly.

As it happens, Lev just had a dirty diaper. Yuri laughs in Victor’s face about that for years.

The kids grow up and it’s hard to believe how fast time flies. It feels like Victor blinks and Lev is just starting out in middle school. Alisa is placing in the junior figure skating league, making a name for herself globally as the next Yuri Plisetsky, the new top student working under the Victor Nikiforov.

The Victor Nikiforov was barely 29 when they brought Alisa and Lev home for good, and now, sending thirteen year old Lev to a well-rounded middle school in Tokyo, he’s feeling a bit old and weepy.

Well, the weepy bit may have something to do with the fact that he and Yuuri can’t be there to send him off because of Alisa’s competition. Yuri is driving him to school at least for today since Lev is, frankly, terrible with directions, and the rest of his family won’t be home for another week and a half. All three of them are video chatting him to make up for it, despite the ungodly time of morning in Spain right now.

“Don’t worry about it, Dad!” Lev says brightly, expertly navigating the kitchen as the laptop sits static on the counter. He moves in and out of range of the camera sometimes, but generally stays where they can see him. “You can still make it to the conferences in a few months, nothing happens the first week anyway.”

“It’s still important,” Victor pouts.

Yuuri smacks him gently before turning back to the camera. “Are you excited, at the very least?”

“Oh yeah! Apparently this school has great sports programs, and it’s super close to home, and..” he rambles on in true Lev fashion, wondering for the third year in a row if he’s going to be the tallest boy in his grade again. Victor is sure he is; Lev hits growth spurts more than any other child he’s ever seen. He’s nearly as tall as his Uncle Yuri now, and he’s only thirteen.

When he starts fretting about his grades, as he tends to at the beginning of every year, it’s Yuuri that speaks up softly. “You’ll do fine, Lev. You’re a smart boy, and you care about your studies. That’s a good combination.”

Lev beams at him with that smile that makes him so loved by so many, and a natural in the spotlight. “Thanks, Dad.”

People frequently tell Victor how much Lev resembles what he was like at that age. He never fails to correct them; while Victor was always charismatic, he was rarely happy. It took him a long time to be able to have the level of genuinity that Lev comes across naturally.

Something slams in the background and Lev giggles. “Uncle Yuri is awake. Gotta go, guys!”

“We love you!” the three of them chorus, as they always do.

Lev beams at them. “I love you too!”

Just before he hangs up, Victor, Yuuri, and Alisa can hear Yuri grumbling loudly from the other room.

It had taken them (Victor, mostly) a long time to be able to leave either of their kids alone for longer than a night or two, even with Yuri staying behind to watch them. But when Alisa had started qualifying for skating competitions and travelling, Victor and Yuuri needed to go with her, as her coaches. That meant full weeks of time when Lev was forced to stay home with Yuri so he didn’t miss school.

Victor still doesn’t like it, but they’ve all gotten more used to it. Too used to it. He doesn’t like thinking about how easily Lev manages their kitchen on his own now, or how Yuri spends more time at their house than their own.

They spend as much time together as they can when they’re all home, though, and that seems to be enough, for now. It’s not forever. He swears it.

Lev waves cheerfully at his uncle and holds out a cup of coffee as a peace offering. 

Yuri grumbles, but accepts it. “You’ve been awake too long, kid.”

“I’m excited!” He turns back to the stove and pokes at his eggs gently. They’re nearly done.

“You packed last night, right?” Yuri is the furthest thing from fatherly– Lev is still Victor and Yuuri’s kid, but he’s been watching Lev grow up too; he knows the tricks by now, especially now that he has a cup of coffee in hand. 

Lev nods and moves his food to his plate carefully. He knows Yuri well enough to know that he won’t eat anything.

The way his hands shake a bit is a dead giveaway to how nervous he really is about this new school, but Yuri can’t do much about that without overstepping his bounds. He sips his coffee and waits for Lev to finish eating so he can load the both of them in the car and get his surrogate nephew to prison school, Yuri meant school.

“Hey, kid,” he says as Lev turns to descend the stairs to his new school.

Lev turns around in surprise. “Yeah?”

Yuri chews the inside of his cheek uncertainly. “You’ll do fine. If anyone gives you shit for being tall this year, kick their ass.”

He gets a startled laugh in response. “You know I won’t. But thanks, Uncle Yura. I’ll see you later.”

Lev’s long legs take him through the door before Yuri has a chance to respond.