cassie powers

Hello, I have sex with Mark Blackthorn. What about you?
—  Kieran, Prince of Faerie, son of the King, Prince of the Frost Court, Keeper of the Cold Way, Wild Hunter, Sword of the Host and Mark’s lover.

Dru: hey Julian!! How’s the best brother in the world doing?

Julian: alright what did you do?

Dru: pfft nothing! Can’t a sister show some love! Honestly Julian that is so ru–

[loud crash in the background]

I need Cassie to tell us Tavvy won't die. She pulled some shit with Max Lightwood I, we can't let baby Blackthorn die.

Dru and Ty are confirmed safe but what about TAVVY? The baby of the family. We’ve lost too many Blackthorns, we can’t lose any others.

Who do you think is gonna be Dru’s love interest? Jaime or Ash?

I personally prefer the couple between Dru and Ash… I mean, imagine if we’re right and Ash is Sebastian’s son! That would be dramatically awesome and super interesting!

okay so I know we still have a long way to go and many years but just the thought of the shadowhunter chronicles ending in the wicked powers makes me SO SAD like I know all good stories must come to an end BUT I DONT WANT THEM TO END OKAY! but I also know Cassie will give us the perfect ending and shatter our hearts to the point of no return and honestly she can do that and I would thank her like thanks for giving me one final beautifully written heartbreak

oh and also I just have a huge feeling that there will be heavenly fire involved again in the upcoming books like Cassie thinks she’s sneaky BUT NOPE I SEE RIGHT THROUGH HER SHE CANT FOOL ME