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I've been struggling with regaining lost muse for months now. Do you guys have any tips or help on how to regain it? Watching a movie or listening to music doesn't help me.

Losing your muse really is the worst, but happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our mood, possibly real life issues, stress or our mental health. Please always remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body. If it tells you to go to sleep, although you’re writing this super awesome thread you can’t get enough of, go to sleep. Our brain needs a rest after all. Watching movies or music never helped me too. I even took a break of half a year from roleplaying and it helped me. I came back with fresh energy and ideas, however not everyone likes to do that. What also is important, that you don’t stress yourself. Don’t pressure yourself! However here are some guides, links and websites that hopefully help you: