cassie makes useless text posts

okay i fucking warned you assholes i don’t have tumblr savior nor do i want it but for every post that have negativity towards pewdiepie i’m going to unfollow you and shit on your face

it’s not his fucking fault 50% of his fans are complete assholes, okay? he’s a fucking youtuber. if you don’t like his sense of humor fuck off and go watch someone else

i’ve been a bro for a year now and his jokes are fucking harmless. leave him alone. it’s the fucking assholes of the broarmy you should be ashamed of.

go ahead and call me out or give me hate i don’t fucking care

i’m a fan of pewdiepie and i always will be.

  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: i set fire to the rain
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: i watched it burn as i weeped on the floor
  • ♌ nepurrta: ILL TOUCH YOUR FACE
  • ♌ nepurrta: *pap*
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: omg
  • ♌ nepurrta: song complete
  • ♌ nepurrta: achievement unlocked
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: boner
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: wink wonk
  • ♌ nepurrta: lksdjhfjkdhg
  • ♌ nepurrta: thas not ok boners cant have rugs
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: oh
  • ♌ nepurrta: SUFUCK
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: wait
  • ✖Sassy Kanaynay✖: what???
  • ♌ nepurrta: RUGS CANT HAVE BONERS
  • ♌ nepurrta: AUSAHJKFKJSDHF
  • ♌ nepurrta: IM
  • ♌ nepurrta: CRYING