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Okay, since my birthday is coming up soon, and Tumblr is being epicly stupid, I decided to just post this early as a early birthday gift. :) I turn 21 soon, and I want to thank everyone on this site. I hope you like the Marvel gif. :) That’s the courtesy of my very special gif maker friend, Krissy, winterwldow!

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  • Evangeline and Tristan try to talk to Cassie.

“Auntie Sandra?” A small voice chimed.

Tristan July was Cassie’s nephew. Eleven years old and so full of life. He stood rather tall, next to his younger sister, Evangeline. The little girl was only five, but she was smarter than any kid on the block. She would come out with genius questions for a child of her age, and then go and jump in a puddle of mud. Like all children, they craved attention and two days away from their parents was beginning to take its tole.

“What’s up, kid?” Cassie mumbled, not looking up from her magazine. She’d avoided the children as much as possible, during their two day stay so far. She wasn’t much of a carer. Her whole life revolved around taking care of number one. The thought of being responsible for another person’s life was too much for the blonde to even comprehend.

“… Do you hate us?” The young boy asked, looking up at his aunt with deep brown eyes: ones that could melt a thousand souls. The question was so innocent and gentle, that it moved Cassie a little. She didn’t hate these children, but the topic itself had given Cassandra pause to think.

She let the magazine fall down on the table, and knelt down to their height. “No, of course I don’t hate you. Why would you think that, sweetheart?” 

Evangeline took her thumb out of her mouth to speak. “Because daddy said that you hate everyone and everything. That’s why we’re here. He said that you need to learn that other people care about you and that there are other people to look after, besides yourself. He said that we could have sweets if we were on our best behavior. Please, don’t be angry. Daddy made us promise not to tell.” The five year old girl blurted in a single sentence, drowning out particular letters in a babyish manner.

Cassie went to stand once more, taking her niece in her arms carefully. She sat back down on the couch, offering her nephew the seat next to her - Evangeline settled on her lap.

“I’m not angry, honey.” The blonde said, her voice softening. After all the trouble these kids had caused in the past, something made Cassie forgive them. Numerous times had the children gotten her into trouble with her brother, after short weekend visits. “Your father’s right.“ She nodded, before continuing. "I do hate everything and I shouldn’t, but sometimes… adults don’t know what to do with themselves. I don’t hate you though. I guess… People always leave. I’m used to being alone.”

Evangeline wrapped her tiny arms around Cassandra’s neck and hugged the woman gently. It had been a long time since anyone had actually hugged the brutal dance teacher, and it took Cassie by surprise. A few moments passed before she actually responded, and gave the little girl a warm hug.

“We love you, Auntie Sandra. We’re not going anywhere.” Tristan grinned, joining in the cuddle. For the first time in months, Cassandra smiled happily. Family would always be there, she was sure of that.