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Inktober Week #2 Update

So I’m back again with another Inktober update! If you haven’t seen the last one, you can see the pieces in this post, and also read a bit about my absence on here! I’ve covered days 1-7 in that post!

DAY 8 

I’m pretty sure this illustration of @shaelinwrites‘ character Jenson is my second favourite for the entirety of this month! I don’t want to burst my own bubble, buuut, I’m really happy with the line-work and the general concept of the wing and shtuff :) Also may or may not have been inspired by Freddie Highmore’s aesthetic because look at that outfit thooo. Done with a calligraphy pen + ink.

DAY 9:

Some more fanart for @shaelinwrites! These are her characters Cassie and Clay, and I think this is my favourite piece for the month by far! In person it’s actually quite big, and it also has a background, which I usually don’t do so aggghh, i’m really thrilled with the outcome. I believe it took me around 5 hours to complete though! Also the symbolism I managed to shove in with Cassie smoking a match…I’m just very happy with this piece :) Done with a calligraphy pen + ink. 

DAY 10:

Hello world, meet The Terminator. This is Roman from my Shrink series, and although he’s fairly simple, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Robert Laby is my faceclaim for him, and although he’s half robot man (not really), I definitely didn’t capture metal properly. In my pencil work + still life drawings, metal and glass are my favourites, but I decided not to be so elaborate with ink because I’m lazy…Roman’s robot features also don’t really look like this, but oh well lol. Done with a calligraphy pen + ink.

DAY 10.5: 

So on day 10, I didn’t actually realize it was world mental health day until later in the evening, so I did another piece! It’s a concept I initially was going to pursue in my art class last year, but I’m glad I saved it! Done with a calligraphy pen + ink.

DAY 11: 

So for day 11, I actually forgot about my Inktober piece for the whole day until around 10pm. I then panicked, and out came Alex Roosevelt from Shrink. This was done with a Faber Castell PIIT artist pen, and although it’s very simple, is one of my favourites for the month! Roosevelt is a very whiny character, so this is his But Hawthorne! I’m trying to sleep face. 

those pajamas tho

“Well can you pretty freaking please sleep?”

DAY 12:

This one is of my character Oliver Griffith, also from Shrink + Wither. He’s slightly weird looking, buuut other than that, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I also did this with those Faber Castell PIIT artist pens! 

DAY 13: 

It was around here when I realized I was getting sick of this challenge! It’s a concept I came up with early on in the month, based on this excerpt (which I’ve already shared)

Because pain doesn’t disappear, but moves out of its previous home, only to shove its way into another mind to grow and thrive. Pain is like an unruly house-guest, weaving through doors and sleeping on couches as time passes on. When the walls of the mind begin to decay, collapse, pain flees, packs its things, and makes a new home in the brains of the vulnerable

Again, I’m not really one to draw actual scenes/backgrounds (basically anything other than faces), so I had a lot of fun messing around with the perspective. It’s not perfect, but I like the effect! Also done with a Faber Castell PIIT artist pen.

DAY 14: 

This was a big ol experiment! It’s of one of my new characters Dana, and it’s done in Winsor and Newton white ink! I’ve seen some people use white ink on dark paper/backgrounds this month, and decided to give it a whirl! 

But that’s basically it for week two, I’ll try to have week three up soon! I really want to apologize on here again for my absence in the actual writing community, I feel like my blog has been centred around my art lately! But more writing-related posts are coming like I’ve said in the past, so thank you for the patience! 


goodreads choice and wedding comic

justasimplefan said: What is about the “wedding clip art” everyone is talking about? I never saw it, and as I shipp herongraystair 4 life, I think is something I would be all fangirl happy feelings about. Love from Brazil :)

howdoisay said: Hi Cassie!! I was wondering, since not all the books came with the comic strip at the end of COHF, can you show us the “official” artwork pic please? The Jessa wedding and Clace with Jules and Emma.. I actually don’t know if is already available, but I didn’t find so i decided to ask you ><’ Btw I’m completely, deeply, crazily immersed in the Shadowhunter world! The poems, quotes, Cassandra Jean artwork, everything, thanks for all this amazing work! xo

The Iron Trial got 3rd place for best middle grade while City of Heavenly Fire WON for best YA fantasy on Goodreads Awards! I’m so happy! Congrats Cassie!!! — ritahavenraven

I know! Very excited — very happy about City of Heavenly Fire winning, and delighted to have Iron Trial come 3rd behind Blood of Olympus and Wimpy Kid, both part of two of the biggest franchises in all of kids’ publishing. Pretty good for a first book. :) 

I thought to say thank you all for your votes and for being so enthusiastic, I’d post the “Herongraystairs” wedding comic that was at the end of UK copies of City of Heavenly Fire. 

Back shortly as soon as I can figure out how to upload the comic!


What’s OldCass Is NewCass
from Batman and Robin Eternal 07 2016-01

mitch123k said:
I seem to remember Cass wearing a dress like the one in B&RE 7 earlier, at a Wayne party? You know, before Ew!52. Am I imagining things or was this a reference?

Indeed, that dress does look very familiar! There were 3 call backs to OldCass in today’s BRE:

1) The simple black dress in BRE07 is similar to the tight black dress Cassie wore back in Batgirl v1-51 2004-06. Cass is very happy with this loose fitting black dress and she also has a gold necklace she fiddles with during the ballet.

2) Cass performed a beautiful dance for Azrael as his Christmas gift way back in Azrael v1-61 2000-02. Now, Cass is mesmerized by the ballet dancing:
…you should see Cass with these dancers. It’s something holy. The way they move– must be like poetry for her.

3) The very first picture we ever see of Cass is her handing Babs an apple in Batman 567 1999-07 during No Man’s Land when an apple was worth it’s weight in gold. Here we see Cass munching on popcorn and kindly offering some to Harper who smiles back at her.

Happiness with her dress and necklace
Joy at watching the ballet
Generosity by offering Harper her food

Thank you Genevieve Valentine!!!