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Cazadores de Sombras: Ciudad de las Almas Perdidas

cc: I think that you’re giving jace too much as a character. he’s meant to be sexy and a good shadow hunter, nothing more. 

sh writers: but how about instead of him just being a ‘hot fighter’, we see his inter turmoil surrounding his father, we see how much he grows to care for clary, and see how much he loves and cares about his friends. 

cc: *sweats nervously*, well what about alec? I think you’re going in the wrong direction with him. 

sh writers: what direction? the fact we’re giving him screen time, rather than making him nonexistent. we’ll show how scared he is of his own sexuality, grow his relationship with magnus, show fans how he came out rather than never speaking about it bar a couple of lines.

cc: *sweats nervously*, who’s this lydia person? I didn’t write her. 

sh writers: well we wanted to add a dynamic clave envoy who shows that though the clave may seem hard, they do it for a reason. and we want to add her to the malec storyline to flesh out alecs character even more. 

cc: *sweats nervously* I would love to be more involved in the show! I’ve been supportive from the start. 

sh writers: you mean when you encouraged fans to get a producer fired? when you made references to the fact you didn’t like the show or the changes? when you told twitter uses you would never do stuff we did in the show? 

cc: *sweats nervously*

sh writers: and what do you plan to bring on board? incest/rape/LGBT characters being ignored/abuse relationships? 

cc: *sweats nervously* well…so can I write an episode? 

sh writers: should you tell her or should I? 

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Kieran Hunter (The Shadowhunter Chronicles)

“I am saying the choices we make in captivity are not always the choices we make in freedom. And thus we question them. We cannot help it“

Hello, I love Kieran Hunter with all my heart. What about you?
—  me; every day of my life.

Dear friend @gastonsbiceps tagged me to show my WIPS! Or as I like to call them “The One Day’s” (Go read her fics NOW!)

Featuring here:

  1. Gaston’s biceps LOL hahahahaha guess you can claim this one xD [this is as NSFW as I will ever get with him…]
  2. Scott Lang being the father I adore
  3. Greed’s Clothes exchange P2
  4. Eobard and Hunter timeline piece (from kids to death u.u)

Ohhh and I tag… @eobards @thebustystclair @acapelladitty and maybe @darklitria  

show me your bits guys! 


Not to be overdramatic about the whole Kieran and Mark situation but Kierark has the word ARK in it, as in:

1. an actual ship that sails (referring to Noa’s Ark)
2. something that supplies safety and protection


And judging by her reaction, she knew what I was talking about.

Can I just say how much I love all the Kieran lovers here on tumblr and on twitter? You guys are all such a nice and lovely group, everyone is so supportive, kind and polite. Seriously, Honestly the best part of the Shadowhunters fandom. 

I’ve never seen a fandom like that before!