cassie hack and vlad


“Hack/Slash, Inc. What kind of killer can we stomp for you today?”


Cassie Hack - Alexandra Daddario.
Vlad - Dave Bautista.
The Lunch Lady - Kathy Bates.
Chris Krank - Jay Baruchel.
Lisa Elsten - Rose Leslie.
Samhain - Tyler Hoechlin.
Cat Curio - Chloe Moretz.

I’m forgetting some people but whatever.

This definitely needs to be a show. And according to a good friend of mine, Starz might be making one.   

Hack/Slash: The Movie

In almost every slasher movie there’s one girl who makes it all the way to the end. She’s the survivor…the Final Girl.

Meet Cassie Hack (Alexandra Daddario), the lone survivor of an attack by the vicious slasher known as the Lunch Lady, a killer who happened to be Cassie’s mother. Now, Cassie and her monstrous partner Vlad (Derek Mears) travel the country, hunting down and killing slashers before they can leave a trail of blood and terror.