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ok I want your thoughts: fave songs the mutant boys like to fuck to? very important

OHHHH SHIT (sorry this took so long i basically made mini playlists for the boys)


two weeks///fka twigs, you can///body language, rasberry beret///prince, urgent///foreigner


lovers and friends///lil jon and the east side boyz, all i want///rossi, dangerous woman///ariana grande, freak like me///adina howard


lullaby///the cure, supermassive black hole///muse, bang a gong (get it on)///t. rex, kiss it better///rihanna


the morning///the weeknd, desire///meg myers, bad woman///arctic monekys, the thrill///miguel, do you wanna touch me///joan jett


TOUCH///troye sivan, flesh///simon curtis, primetime///janelle monae feat. miguel, motivation/// kelly rowland, fallingforyou///the 1975


verse///rhye, pull me down///mikky ekko, closer///kings of leon, simple things///miguel


get on your knees///nicki minaj feat. ariana grande, million///tink, dim all the lights///donna summer


worship///brandyn burnette, earned it///the weeknd, crazy in love (remix)///beyonce, sex calls///harrison brome


cherry pie///warrant, pour some sugar on me///def leppard, closer///nine inch nails, whole lotta love///led zepplin,


Dating Alex Summers Moodboard.

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Mutant Abilities

Pairing: Charles Xavier x fem!Reader

Summary: Charles uses his powers to talk to you while you’re dancing, but this isn’t any basic conversation.

Warning: nsfw!!! dirty talk, car sex, dom!charles, smut basically

Word Count: 1,023

A/N: Legit have no idea which movie this is set during, but Charles isn’t in his wheelchair.

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It was a good thing you could control how big the explosion was so not too much damage was done. It was still rather impressive though.

“Sweet” Sean said jumping out from the hiding place you had forced the other mutants to go to “wish I could do that”.

“Trust me you don’t” you muttered. It was a dangerous power that you had to admit you were a bit scared of.

“Are you kidding?” Raven said eyes wide “you’re awesome”.

“She’s right” Alex said the others nodding in agreement. You smiled. It was nice to have people who didn’t see you as a freak, that weren’t scared of you.

Favourite Thing About You- X-men First Class Preference

His Favourite Thing About You (I don’t own any of the gifs)

Charles Xavier
He loves your little quirks. Any little habits you have like tilting your head or twirling your hair. They’re beautiful and fascinating to him. He especially likes to watch you when you’re thinking hard about something.

Erik Lehnsherr
He loves your imperfections, as cheesy as it sounds. Anything that makes you unique in his eyes. Any freckles, birthmarks, scars etc. He loves finding new things on your body which he didn’t know where there before.

Alex Summers
He loves your laugh, it can always brighten his day. He will do almost anything to make you laugh.

Sean Cassidy
Seans favourite thing about you is your legs. He likes the way you sit when you talk to him, how you’ll shift your legs after a certain amount of time, crossing or uncrossing them.

Hank McCoy
The way you talk. He loves how you speak faster when you’re excited and the way you bite your lip when you’re listening to something important. He thinks it’s incredibly cute when you trip over or mispronounce a word. For this reason, he loves to have you in the lab with him when he’s working. You could be talking about absolutely anything, he just loves to hear your voice.

X-Men Preference: How you kiss


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Charles Xavier x Reader - Acceptance

Your Mutation: Light green skin, Control plants
Prompt: #90 “Who gave you that black eye?!”
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 880
Rating: PG
Warnings: platonic!charles, drama, teasing
Notes: takes place after first class, au where everyone knew about mutants already

It wasn’t like you wanted to fight with someone. It just kind of…happened. You had gone out with Hank, Sean and Alex when Hank had accidentally gone Beast. Hank was super flustered because he’s, well, Hank. He attempted to get everyone to leave afterwards, but you insisted you all stayed at the mall.

“Hank, just because I didn’t leave with Raven and Erik doesn’t mean I don’t agree with them sometimes. You have no reason to hide yourself. Mutant and proud.” You smiled. Hank started to cheer up at the four of you strolled around the mall. As expected, you got a few stares; I mean it wasn’t that often that people saw a green girl, a blue guy and two normal looking boys strolling around the mall together.

Human and mutant tensions were already running high and, admittedly, this wasn’t the smartest idea. You don’t know why you expected that the humans would try to respect you; of course they didn’t.

“Mutie freaks!” You heard someone yell at all of you. Hank growled, but you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Ignore it. They don’t deserve to get a reaction out of us.” You said calmly to the boys. They nodded in agreement as you arrived at the food court. Both you and Hank sat down at one of the tables as Sean and Alex went to grab food. His skin began to bubble and move as Beast went away and ‘normal’ Hank appeared. You smiled at him; Hank felt much more comfortable in his ‘normal’ skin, which was sad. You hoped he would gain confidence in his beast form soon.

“Hey, mutie freaks! What’s wrong with you guys?” Someone said, pointing and laughing. You saw Hank flush with embarrassment.

“Hey, assholes! We have nothing to be ashamed of.” You yelled back. Hank never understood how you could be so fearless.

“Yeah, well you should be ashamed! There’s something wrong with your DNA!” One of the teenagers snickered. You tensed; it wasn’t fair that they could go around and talk to mutants like this. Alex and Sean walked back over just in time. Sean placed his hand on your shoulder to make sure you didn’t leap forward and punch someone.

“Leave us alone, we aren’t causing any trouble. We just want to eat and enjoy a day out.” Alex sighed.

“Yeah, but for all we know you’re planning some mutie terrorist attack on all of us! Get out of here and go back to whatever planet you came from!” One of the boys shouted at you. That was it; you had to do something. A vine appeared in the cracks of the floor and tied the boys to their spots.

“Hey, what the- let us go!” One of them began to struggle.

“Don’t call us mutie freaks! We’re people just like you!” You got louder, walking over to them. The boys tried to stop you, but they couldn’t when you were this angry. Before you got another word in, one of them punched you square in the face. It was almost as if the food court let out a collective gasp as you were hit. The vines around their legs dropped and they went to run before they were stopped by mall security.

“Is she okay?” One of the officers asked. Alex gave a small nod as he helped you up. The cop walked over and whispered to you and the boys.

“Listen, my wife is a mutant and… the fact that my child could face this prejudice someday… it makes me sick. If you come here and anyone gives you trouble again, come down to security and ask for Todd. Have a nice day.” The officer said. And that is how you ended up home with a black eye. Alex was helping you to the door; your vision was partially impaired and you had almost fallen walking out of the mall. You saw Charles out of your good eye as you entered the house.

“What happened?! Oh my god, (Y/N), who gave you that black eye?!” Charles exclaimed, wheeling over to you.

“Bunch of stupid teenagers. They called us mutie freaks. I wasn’t going to stand by and let them bully us.” You explained. Charles sighed and took your hand, leading you to a seat. The other boys left to do who knows what, leaving you alone with Charles.

“(Y/N), you need to control your anger better. Humans will always judge, but the first step towards acceptance of mutants by humans is being kind to each other. You must learn to ignore what they say.” Charles said.

“You don’t understand. You can pass as a human, you aren’t me or Hank. I can’t go out and get food without having someone yell at me for having green skin. Until the day that I see humans supporting mutants… I don’t know if the regular world is safe for me, Charles.” You blurted out.

“I-I understand to the best of my ability. I’m so sorry that you feel this way. Someday… I think the world will be ready for how amazing you and Hank and other mutants are.” Charles gave you a soft smile.

“Thank you, Charles.”

“No problem. Now, let’s get some ice on that eye.”

This was so much fun to write and I love platonic!charles. I hope y’all enjoyed! Requests are currently closed.


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“Charles is going to kill us when he gets back” you laughed taking a sip of your drink.

“Probably” Raven giggled as she danced with Angel.

“He won’t be if he doesn’t catch us” Alex reminded “what he doesn’t know won’t kill him”.