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{Final Chapter: PART 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; N/A.

“And in the end, he had everything he had only ever hoped of having; her, only her - for the rest of time.”

Warning: Although this chapter doesn’t have an M rating, there are some scenes of slight mature/sexual content.

This is the final chapter to this series! If you would like to read my author’s note, I have placed it at the end of this post after the chapter for those who wish to see it~ Thank you, and I hope you enjoy IWSY’s final chapter ^^

{Part 1} // {Part 29} {Final Chapter: Part 30}

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You know what pisses me off the most about the PaleyFest fuckery, though.

Yes, it’s infuriating that the Executive Producer on a show would rather blame his cast for the show’s ratings as opposed to perhaps his (and his colleagues’) own involvement in that happening. Guggenheim proved a long time ago that he is an absolute waste of space like that who has absolutely no respect for his audience and his product.

What’s driving me absolutely INSANE is that they had the audacity to say that in front of Stephen Amell and David Ramsey. What’s more it was an answer to a question posed by David Ramsey (”why don’t we get soda on Arrow like they do on Flash?” - to which Fucktard Extraordinaire answered “maybe if Arrow’s ratings were higher you would”).


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Stephen and David bust their asses for this show. Stephen easily does a lot of the promoting by himself and in his own free time because the CW can’t be fucked to care about Arrow. He constantly ties his charity initiatives to the show. His various appearances on other shows (American Ninja Warrior, WWE, etc) always mention that he’s on Arrow.

Stephen is so protective and so proud of the show and naturally so, because despite of all its misgivings and missteps, he plays the titular character and he’s at the helm of this shindig.

David has never had one bad thing to say about anyone even when his character was pushed to the sidelines and ignored despite common logic (as in they’d put Diggle on comms and send 2 newbies to the field to fight some super tough villain that not even the entire team arrow could take down). His arcs recently have been super sluggish and just more of one and the same (guilt guilt guilt). Yet David has nothing but love for everyone and is always excited to talk about and promote John Diggle and the team.

These two men have stuck by Arrow in its stupidest, most illogical times. They never once went - yeah that’s bullshit. The writers fucked up on this or that. Or if they did voice their displeasure they tried to do it as gently as possible with more grace than these stupid fucking executive producers deserve.

And then to have these same EPs cackle and have Gustin and Benoist join in on the laughter as if it were some fucking joke as opposed to a passive-aggresive insult to the work David, Stephen, Emily, Willa and Paul have been doing for the past 5 years (as well as of course any other actor who has been on Arrow or is involved with it). All of them have busted their asses for YEARS for this show and have tried to do their best with shitty writing. Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards have had to deal with actual fucking bullies and harassment because of the fictional characters they play, as well.

The fact that it comes from the same people responsible for Season 3 and Season 4B….. I mean, the fucking audacity.

Newsflash dumbasses: Your cast is the only good thing you have left. Your cast is not the problem. You’re the fucking problem.

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“I have no intention of breaking down her prejudices. I want her to believe in God and virtue and the sanctity of marriage, and still not be able to stop herself.” Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Donmar Warehouse/National Theatre Live, 2016)

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Neal is so weak. He's a theif, wishy washy, passive-aggressive, whiny and self-pitying. I don't don't like Captain Swan either, but Neal is even worse.

I could not agree less, Nonnie. Neal Cassidy is in no way a weak character. He survived by himself in a land where everyone kept trying to kill him for decades, escaped to our world and built himself a life with no help from anyone, showing incredible resilience and strength. Yes, he left Emma, but that wasn’t from weakness, it was because he was scared of seeing his father again (and rightly so).

I have no idea why you would call him wishy-washy either, this is the man who, as soon as he discovered he had a son, committed to Henry 110%, packing up his entire life to be with his kid, making sure Henry knew her was there for him. He trading his life for the Darlings without hesitation. He has never been shown to go back-and-forth when making decisions, always knowing what he must do and following it through.

Whiny? When? I honestly cannot think of a single instance where Neal Cassidy was “whiny”, even as a child when his father was The Dark One and he would have had just cause to be “whiny”. If anything, Neal always readily accepted his circumstances and made the best of them.

And self-pitying? Well, first of all, if anyone on the show had reason to be self-pitying, it was Neal. Mother abandoned him, father became the Dark One and started killing people in Neal’s name, father then abandoned him, thrown into a new world where he found a new family and then sacrificed himself for them, ended up in yet another world where he was betrayed by someone he trusted and then hunted by a psychopath for decades before finally coming to our world, finding the love of his life, and losing her. So if Neal were self-pitying, I think he’s earned it, but he’s not. He’s optimistic and hopeful and just tries his best and tries to make the best of his sucky situations.

Neal Cassidy is one of the best and most selfless characters on the mess of a show that is OUAT, and his death will forever be a travesty. So, sorry Nonnie, but you’d probably best unfollow me if you really hate Neal that much, as this blog will always be 110% pro-Neal Cassidy.


Preacher + text posts (3/?) - CASSIDY EDITION²

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Loving Danger // Bucky x OC Reader

Pairing: Bisexual!Bucky Barnes x Pansexual!WOC OC 
(Jax “Danger” Cassidy), Brief Luke Cage x Danger (platonic), Bucky x J“D”C x OC (Eva Carter) (for sexy times)
Word Count: 4.2k+
Warning: EXPLICIT Language, Fluff, Humor, Filthy Smut. That signature Foster Slow Burn.
Honestly guys, I’m just gonna tag this Jax Cassidy because she’s a walking warning sign, fuckin hell. You’ve been warned. I have no control over what she does/says. Nobody does.  
Summary: Danger couldn’t quite forgive Bucky for getting the both of them caught during their attempted prison break. Goddamn that man’s incessant need to please Sometimes revenge isn’t the best thing to solve a problem. Jax Cassidy is walking temptation, very few can resist her.

A/N: This was supposed to be a goddamn 500 word one shot for the Adventures of Danger and Bucky one shot series but I HAVE NO FREAKING SELF – CONTROL. So here you go. 4k+ words of filthy debauchery. Goddamnit Jax Cassidy. You should thank Kate bc she’s the reason you’re all getting this way earlier than I intended. Also I chose this gif because that fucking man bun haunts me. 

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OK OK SO I just finished reading to catch a swan and. I'm so picky about my Neal fic bc I'm a survivor of abuse and I see so much of myself in him, it's difficult to read a lot of stuff when I feel it doesn't do his background justice. But you've done it SO WELL I haven't gotten this excited about reading fic in like a year. I love how much he understands why he was abused but is still allowed to be angry and resentful and Not A Good Victim while firmly being a Survivor. Just wanted to say that

First off, this is probably one of the best messages I’ve gotten about a fic and you seriously made me tear up.  This means so much to me, thank you.

Secondly, I just realized I write Neal as a coping mechanism to deal with the abuse in my childhood, so thank you for helping me come to that interesting revelation!  No wonder I’m so protective of him and got so pissed when he was killed off…

I’m picky about my Neal fic too, especially fic that whitewashes the relationship between him and Rumplestiltskin.  I think they will always have something of a prickly relationship with each other and I think a part of Neal will always have that bitterness and anger there, even if he gains closure.  He is very much Not A Good Victim, in the same way Henry wasn’t (though they sort of erased that in later seasons, unfortunately) with Regina.  I like complicated relationships and probably one of my favorite Neal scenes was when Gold was dying and we see Neal say quietly, “I’m still angry” before embracing his father.  That just encapsulates so much of Neal.  He’s allowed to be pissed, he’s allowed to be furious.  He’s also allowed to be sad that his father is dying.  He’s allowed to grieve and mourn while still being hateful and angry.